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Канюк – неутомимый охотник на грызунов, саранчу и рептилий – Птицы России – Фильм 34

Канюк – неутомимый охотник на грызунов, саранчу и рептилий – Птицы России – Фильм 34

Anton Baranovsky Funny Animals Studio present Birds of Russia Buzzard is a tireless hunter Almost empty village on the edge of the Ryazan region (Russia). On the roof of one of the abandoned houses, a bird has been patiently sitting for a long time. This is a buzzard. It is on the hunt now. It looks out for rodents, which are abundant here. In the nest, chicks are waiting for him with a present. The most favorite food of buzzard are rodents. Buzzard benefits greatly by eating rodents. Buzzard eats 30 rodents in one day Buzzard eats 11,000 rodents per year. When a rodent is plentiful, a buzzard eats only them. Summer 2019. Locusts are also a favorite food for buzzards. Where buzzards live, there are few locusts. A buzzard can eat 200 locusts per day if there is no other food. Buzzards prey on poisonous snakes. Although snakes are beneficial, people are afraid of them and are therefore grateful to the buzzards for catching snakes near residential areas. The female feeds the chicks with a red viper. In the nest, another dead snake lies. The chick is eating a red viper. Chick eats a lizard. People think that buzzards can steal chickens and ducks. But they are wrong. Buzzard does not hunt domestic hens and ducks. The buzzard rarely hunts even small chicks of wild birds. After the chicks leave the nest, the buzzards begin to roam south. Along the way, they eat a lot of locusts and rodents. In winter, buzzards live in southern countries. Next spring, the buzzards will return to the places where they were born.

9 thoughts on “Канюк – неутомимый охотник на грызунов, саранчу и рептилий – Птицы России – Фильм 34”

  1. Птенцы канюка просто лапочки,когда подворачивается возможность за ними наблюдать в живую, всегда это делаю с удовольствием .

  2. Ура! Новая серия! Вы – отечественный National Geografik! 100000000000 подписчиков вам!

  3. Фильм КЛАСС!!! Вообще уважаю хищных птиц. Вот только они НЕ занимаются истреблением грызунов!!! Они просто регулируют их численность,принося пользу и нам,и природе. Они поддерживают равновесие в природе. А вот слово "Истребляют" относится ТОЛЬКО к людям. Они именно истребляют всё живое,не думая о последствиях.

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