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【ibisPaint】How to draw Fur

【ibisPaint】How to draw Fur

If subtitles overlap, please tap the maximize button. I will draw fur on the hat and clothes. Determine the position of the fur with white. Open the layer window and add a new layer on top of the illustration. Make white in color window. Open the brush window and select the “Air Brush (Particle L)”. If you want to fine the shape with an eraser, the brush shape of the “Eraser Tool” can be set to the same shape. Open the tool selection window and apply the “Gaussian Blur” from the “Filter”. I will continue to add fur. Open the layers window and add a new layer on top. It is difficult to understand if the color is white, make black in the color window. Open the brush window and select the “Grass(Goosegrass)” brush. Let’s use the right two brushes. It does not matter either way. If you add the fur evenly, it will finish neatly. If you want to adjust the position and shape, open the tool selection window and arrange it with the “Mesh Form” of “Move Tool”. Change color from black to white. Open the filter from the tool selection window. Select the “Change Drawing Color” and change it to white. Open the layers window and duplicate a layer you changed to white two times. Set the blending mode of the upper layer to the “Multiply”. Set the blending mode of the lower layer to the “Add”. Blur the two layers. From the tool Selection window, open the filter. Select the Gaussian blur to blur the whole. Blur the other layer in the same way. I’ll draw the shadows. Select the “Multiply” layer and turn on the alpha Lock. In the color window, make a light blue. If you want to save the color, press and hold and drag down to save it in the palette. Open the brush window and paint the shadows with the “Airbrush (Normal)”. I will draw the fur finely. Open the layers window and add a new layer at the top and lower the layer opacity. Open the brush window and select the “Dip Pen (Hard)”. Draw the fur with a thin brush. I will continue to add fur. Let’s separate the layers if they overlap. Because I want to show the fur ball in the back, I will add a new layer below and draw it. Even if the shape is different, the way is the same. Complete! Thank you for your watching!

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  1. 翻訳の協力をお願いします。

    Please cooperate with the translation.

  2. What are you even human if you can draw on a phone and with your finger how long did it take you help me oh mighty lord how do you do that😱😱😱

  3. I'm really glad that I installed ibis paint. It really made digital drawing so much easier! ありがとうございます!

  4. What does multiply and add do? I'm sorry, I just really want to learn. I got lost when you duplicate the layer twice and add different filters for each of the duplicate. I barely see the difference. 😅

  5. Hello, please forgive me ! but what happens to IBIS !? for some reason, he works for me! the LCD is buggy and the part becomes white when you turn on the mask ! but I reset the phone and delete the program and download again, but it does not work!!!!(((((((

  6. How do you make ibispaint to be on Englis bc mine is on korean idk what that language is and I don’t understand it and I hope you could make a video of “how to make ibispaint x on english” preatty plis bc I think this is not just happening to me..

  7. This is amazing I know I’m late but this is amazing and the girl you drew kinda looks like Nikki from the game love Nikki!

  8. พี่เป็นคนไทยหรือคนญี่ปุ่นคะ🐝🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭

  9. I’m at a very young age of drawing, Yet I have a lot of paintings from ibisPaint. Can you show me how you trace put the head, the chin, and the outline? I’m impressed of everyone’s drawing skills!

  10. This is helpful for people who draw fur on humans but could you teach us how to draw fur on like animals because I’m a noob at that.

    It’s really hard ._.
    ‘ ‘)

  11. Can someone please tell me what brush they used because it’s blurry for me please 💔😭💔😭💔

  12. Merry Christmas Misa! I love this! You always make me happy and relaxed when I get stressed or depressed. I love this tutorial!

  13. At first I didn’t believe you can draw all kinds of thing with hand in IbisPaint with a PHONE but my favorite gachatubers all does that so I freaked out ToT By the way! Tysm for this tutorial I was just wondering how to draw fluffy furs

  14. اريد ان اطلب طلب هو ارسمو لي رسمة فتاة تنضر للامام وتبدو انها تتكلم واريد تفاصيلها لطيفة وتكون شكلها فتاة بعمر ال12سنه وبشرتها بيضاء كالثلج وشعرها بني ترتدي تيشيرت وردي وتنورة وكالون واريد شعرها مفلول وطويل وسوف اتفاعل ب ٥٠حساب كالمعتاد زشكرا جدا

  15. So I made a playlist not many would know of, a tutorials playlist about gacha. But here's why I put this; When gacha people want to draw their character with fur, they can't…. So I put this!

  16. how come you can draw a good picture using only fingers? even if I use a stylus pen it won't be that good …

    😖😖 hiks… Sadly…

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