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カピバラの名前を当てよう!「笹チャレ」Challenge “Capybara name quiz”

カピバラの名前を当てよう!「笹チャレ」Challenge “Capybara name quiz”

Today we are in capybara exhibition area. Now you can do an interesting challenge here. It is called “bamboo challenge”. You can try one of two missions. Mission 1. Please tell the name of capybara indicated by a zoo keeper. Or mission 2. Please make the zoo keeper laugh. If you succeed one of these missions, you will get the “bamboo leaves” to feed capybara. How difficult do you think? Here are some tips Pictures of capybaras and their names are written on this board. It will make the mission easy. No. It is too difficult! She is “Hinase” Hinase Yeah Please tell her characteristics. She has very dignified eyes dignified eyes? Very sharp eyes. Not round. Not round eyes. And her body is whitish color. Oh, she is relatively whitish. It is not clear but… yeah, she is whitish. And a little hair is curled. Oh year, she has curled hair. She is “Hinase”. OK. I may be able to distinguish her. She is whitish. She is “Aoba”. Her face is relatively slim. Not long. But slim. And her eyes are round. Ummm, her face might be slim. And she has soft belly. Oh, she has soft belly. She is slim. Remember she is not big but slim capybara. She often scrub the bamboo leaves to eat. Ok so, it is easier if you have bamboo leaves. You can get some leaves if you succeed the mission. But you need one to succeed. You need to buy one. OK. She is “Momiji”. She is “Momiji”. OK. She is easy to distinguish. She has a boil on her nose. Oh yeah. Other capybara does not have one. Other does not and it is a very clear evidence to say “She is Momiji”.. It is very clear. If you watch this video, you can’t fail to answer right. Do not forget her name. She is “Momiji”. Today we introduced you three capybaras, but you could be asked about other capybara. If you asked about other, Please looked these pictures very carefully. It is the only one way you can do. Umm, unfortunately it is. But you could be asked about 3 capybara introduced today. You may be able to answer right. We are very happy if this video could be a help for you.

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