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トリアスふれあい動物園「どうぶつ露天風呂」Animal bath at Torius

トリアスふれあい動物園「どうぶつ露天風呂」Animal bath at Torius

We made a bath for animal here in Torius Petting Zoo. A lot of animals such as capybara come to take a bath. Let’s start. Animal bath in Torius Petting Zoo At first, African spurred tortoises. The bath make them warm and it promotes appetite and excretion Capybara You can see this animal bath twice a day. 11:00AM and 4:00 PM. Please come to see them relaxed in the bath. It is for zoo animals only. Please note that humans can not taka a bath here. There are more animals here in this zoo. Meerkat. Three children were born last year. It made the family more lively. The children eat a lot. They are very cute. Prairie dogs. They are a parent and the child and the child grew up well. The bigger one is the child in fact. Their cries are cute. Please come to meet them. And also porcupine, llama, american beaver etc. There are about 30 species of animals here. Open hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM. You must enter before 4:30 PM. It is open everyday. We are waiting for you coming.

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