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リスザルの赤ちゃんSquirrel monkey babies

リスザルの赤ちゃんSquirrel monkey babies

I am in the wood of monkeys. You can see something special now. Do they come close? Come. They may be a bit nervous. Come on. Let me buy some food. Babies are on the mothers back. Babies were born in this summer and autumn 12 babies. They are on their mothers back. If the mother come close to you, the baby will. They are getting used to meeting human. You can see them on the mothers back for a while. Please enjoy seeing them together now. It must be interesting. Sleeping? No, awake. When they were even younger, they slept longer. Now they are curious about everything they see. This one is curious about the camera. Please come to see them to Nagasaki Biopark. Oh, they are gone somewhere again.

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