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礼良|Cyber Kawaii fashionista LAYLA

礼良|Cyber Kawaii fashionista LAYLA

Hi I’m Layla Everyone calls me Laynacchi or Yoshistagram I hope you can remember me. Now I’m studying at the Bunka Fashion College I’m currently in the foundation of fashion technology course How did you start Harajuku fashion? I loved gyaru in my junior high years I was wearing very gyaru clothes in Shibuya style, but I started to make the style evolve into something more flashy in the end, I arrived to this point There is a guy called SHOUSHI going to the same school I found him on instagram, and respect him as a fashion icon I checked out the clothes he wears, and I inspired myself a lot from his neo street fashion trend now I am doing a cyber-like look Besides cyber, I wear Neo style basic colors And a also wear girly clothes sometimes Maybe once a week. What’s the theme of your fashion? Basically I like the Japanese culture of Gyaru there is always the gyaru theme in the background and I add my original taste depending on that day Today is cyber, it may be a gyaru tainted cyber look That’s how it is Other fashion styles I like the old school gyaru and Mamba style I want to try that at least once before I die What do you plan for the future? Since high school I’ve always told everyone I want to be a superstar Maybe in the fashion world or in the show business, I want to make my own path. I want to do modelling, and I want to be someone who sends out fashion vibes I hope I can make my own brand as well. Hobby My hobby is re-making I go and buy real cheap second hand clothes and re-make that Favorite Anime My favorite is Sailor Moon. I saw it when I was little, and when I saw it again lately, I really got into it On my days off I sometimes watch Sailor Moon all day There are many things in sailor moon you can only understand when you’re grown up. It’s a gender free animation which is quite interesting so I like it Where do you buy clothes A lot of them are bought in the backstreets of Harajuku and online What I wear a lot is… a Taiwanese brand called Damage It’s this one I really like this brand called Damage It has prints and designs you never see in other brands It’s really cool, and I don’t see many people wearing it in Japan I like it that it doesn’t overlap much with other people So I buy it a lot I do SNS such as Instagram and Twitter Please follow. Bye bye

79 thoughts on “礼良|Cyber Kawaii fashionista LAYLA”

  1. I love that kawaiipateen are inviting Japanese people of every spectrum to showcase their self! I love the exposure that gets through from this move 😀 Can't wait to see more of Layla!


  3. どうしても、鼻にピアス?っていうのかな?
    牛みたいに感じる( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )


  4. Eeeeh she's so cool 😮 I can't wait to see more of her !
    I think it's fun how in occident all the fashion kids say they had their Emo/Scene phase, and in Japan they all had their Gyaru phase 😀

  5. 😍😍😍 i really respect her view on sailor moon. sailor moon is empowering is various strange ways.

  6. すごくかわいいです!!



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