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Good afternoon. Thank you for purchasing our products. As we know, you had used the automatic machine in square type for Lamb Skewers over 10 years, and you chose our products as your new facilities in your restaurant. Actually, you are the first user of our products. I want to ask you what the main reason is to change the facilities. There are many strong points to use them. No-Stovepipe system is the best advantage frankly speaking, I am so worried about the fire disaster, the fire goes into the duck easily it can happen very often I also have these kinds of the situation over 10 times, there are no methods to prevent it if the fire goes into the duck once, then fire disaster or go out luckily. Does the fire go into these kinds of ducts? The fire jump up, then this part is blocked easily, and then we have to make it clean, frankly, the cleaning fee is high. The new product is better than the old product, it can cook the meat rapidly, and very easy to make it clean, we can finish the cleaning by wiping it once, and it is also very easy to make the inside clean, we can just wipe it with taking this up, something is dirty here in the old product, and it is very difficult to make it clean, but we don’t need to worry about it in the new product. The reaction from a guest is very nice, it can cook the meat faster 1~2min compared with old product, it means it can make more delicious meat, there are many strong points. Is the reaction from a guest better ? Yes, better than before, the guests have fun to use, it can keep the juicy well in the meat, so the guests are satisfied with it. What is the weakness of the new product? It is a little bad to take out the charcoals, It is a little bad to take out the charcoals, sometimes we can miss them. If you can upgrade it, the new product will be perfect. Thanks.

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