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카피바라 온천으로 유명한 일본 동물원 ‘이즈 사보텐 공원’ | Capybara Hot Springs | カピバラ温泉

카피바라 온천으로 유명한 일본 동물원 ‘이즈 사보텐 공원’ | Capybara Hot Springs | カピバラ温泉

famous for Capybara a Onsen I came to Izu Shaboten Zoo! Look! As soon as I entered the entrance There was a place to meet Capybara. It’s an animal famous for its affinity with the original Capybara. just as expected Animal super insect I was also spouting the affinity here. Cute ~ Feed freely It was possible to touch it. Hi ~ Baby, baby! Hi ~ So cute ~ Can I touch it? do not go I think it’s a good place to take a nap. With a cute capybara behind To meet other animal friends Wow ~ cute! With your little prairie dog friends. I met my Meerkat friends! Are you standing there in sentry work? I’m doing well. Look right! Right side! Before (laugh) From the entrance I was attacked by Mearcats and Capybara. I went a little further inside. I was able to meet more animal friends. Wow, really fast ~ Wow There was also a lake to meet on the boat. A new scared person Garatmarunmon! Throughout the park The birds were walking around freely. Honey, this is one way street! Because of you I think you’ll get one when you play honey. (New cry) Sorry! Can we go for a second? I’ll pass you, sweetheart. (Screaming) I have a child who is angry when I cross the road. I was a bit scared. Traffic jam is happening! I also met Wallaby friends. He was sitting there like something in the world. As you can see, it was my friends who originally slept like this. A specialty of Saboten Park! I arrived at the Capybara Hot Spring. Even before the hot spring performance starts, Capybara’s on the hot spring. No, it’s like a good hot spring. It’s a circulating hot spring! (laugh) Baby pig! An adult Capybara who knows how to bathe. I really like to take a bath. The visitors fed it. I ran out of the hot springs. There is no burial in front of thing which we eat hot spring favorite cape bar. Do you want to eat something more? There was a little time until the hot spring performance. I decided to go somewhere else. I’ll show you the spa after a while. I’m going to eat. Using Capybara Kitchen? (Mistake) Using Capybara? Capybara meat? No (laughs) Famous for capybara burgers We went to the animal restaurant in the woods. A large capybara doll placed at each table It was so cute. We had a bottle of beer and a capybara hamburger Ordered duck omelette Hai Ariga again Gozaimasu (Japanese) It’s a local beer on Izu Peninsula. Usami brewery Light and sweet flavor Is it delicious? Omelet with torso and potato salad head It’s duck omelette. I was cute. I cooked it beforehand and cooked rice. Especially the sprinkled sauce was not really tasty. it’s delicious! Carrots and broccoli (weeping) It tastes awful Capybara burgers It was patty like a franchise bulgogi burger. My husband managed to eat it. From the side No, Capybara Award! Well, Capybara’s bleeding. After a meal I went to see a huge bird-shaped indoor viewing place. There were various tropical animals. Your eyes are scary too ~ They fought so hard. (laugh) Sounds a little dirty. You’re asking for food? Can you feed? No! (expensive) There was a feeding bottle on one side and I was able to feed easily. Report otter She’s running in a dream. It feels like something came out of the escape cafe. (Creepy door sound) Look at the sound I opened something ironic iron door. There’s another space. what! You’re not just flying birds here, are you? Really? Oh ~ (screaming) I’m sorry for screaming. Birds like owls and owls I am flying freely We did not know we went in. I was so surprised. The meaning of Saboten in the park It’s a Japanese word for cactus. Also named as Cactus related exhibition hall It was big! It is Adoolbarbang! Nice to meet you. Pick a small cactus with chopsticks I was selling it with various pots. I thought it would be difficult to bring in the domestic We just watched. Finally, Capybara’s hot spring performance started! As the main event of Saboten Park There are a lot of tourists. Before a full-scale hot spring bath I fill up my stomach. I started getting hot water. A friend of Capybara who broke down for a while He just ran. Capybara, one and two, Before I get all the water It was so cute sitting in a warm place. Why is the ears flapping like this? Do you have kids who are always late? The water is full of water Like a bath You put peach flowers in it. Depending on the season, things changed in the bath. Please refer to the park homepage. Originally a copy Living in a warm climate An animal that likes to swim. The winter in Japan is cold, It’s a hard season because I can not swim. For this Capybara. The place where I invented winter hot spring bath This is Saboten Park. On a winter day that’s been 30 more years One sailor from Saboten Park I’ve got hot water for cleaning. I ran all of a sudden and watched Capybara soaking hands in hot water. You made me a hot spring. It’s called the beginning of Capybara Hot Springs. I closed my eyes and watched Capybara enjoying the hot spring. It’s amazing, cute, It was time to heal. In fact, it was more cute as a comic I also met the panda. Hi With pony friends I met some amazing goat friends. Very satisfied The end of all sightseeing! I’m at the gift shop. It’s a copy! At the gift shop Of course, the Capybara doll With candy and postcards like Capybara There were various animal products. Like a cake with capybara I was selling food. Does it taste so tasty? I just did it. Saboten Park It’s as wide as you think. It’s a park with lots of things to see. There were a lot of animals that could touch. Also, it is a park where you can enter a dog companion. With a dog There were a lot of people out there. By the way Whether the birds roam the road Those who are afraid of birds I think it might be a little tough. In a small space There were some poor kids who were locked up. I think that part should be improved. I think it’s good to be with young children because there are plenty of places to experience. Other than the hot springs of Capybara I went without expectation. There’s a lot more to see than I thought. There are so many places to experience I did not know the time was right. If you helped me, Please press Like it and subscribe! Bye~

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