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1 Month Castor Oil Edge Growth Challenge.

1 Month Castor Oil Edge Growth Challenge.

hi guys how you doing and here i can’t live kind of like a talk you know a uh… agle of gold trying to xiv unit achieve attain parents pretty much get to and conquer here now nines are greatly at their deductive reasoning but have
conformity intense alone and a half don’t let that happen from here uh… that some kind of a adult
arrangement springtime t_g_a_ now to help myself my hair actually my edges because they began to grant okay his baby so and yet and i want to hold out of the gate about
castel being able to help the edges and everything on so i’m going to be doing to try it of that’s eighty tights acceptance activities parents are in the uh… hauppauge com solos and these guys
siong to my ad national cancer institute uh… to say that because i anomaly
judge document anything stateside adam started right not to engage in a twelve
a change that so that is going to be kind of like reference documentation up a cracked uh… to help put my head is so gonna
sign off of my present imitation but i just so if you guys are interested please
stay tuned at a time said i don’t think i mean if you decide
to grab the edges and try again failed or is not working for them i haven’t even particularly myself at
that okay i want to dedicate myself to do all this challenge
is as thing out there but is actually in the eighties i’m gonna stop my head uh… challenge and the challenge myself but the passable challenge but that it’s going to be
disadvantages i think um… does the cold pressed
castor oil and entered the jamaican back castle as of yesterday i ordered my foot and my
friends jamaican castle overwrite anything which is quite a the president’s was
miserable a building down out of the description box pileggi uh… said i noted that i have my cold pressed
down cost a little which is the white one i got from asian shop so don’t write
one hundred at one time taping t_g_a_ so this is going to be on four months to
see how think it was a bit of documents in a
every single day still got help me i have to be taken pictures
uh… abdomen massaging humble difference not with that called press which is the white one uh… muncie powell how much my pay grade submitted one
month of may miss resnick morning and lines uh… microsite view myself i just can’t keep up to you
you know nervous i did a little bit denied and
everything i decided that nobody animal they had to skip somebody’s escape even
ornaments colpal repair and just like that but this is kind of economic self out
there come here that i put myself out there so that i want to see how it’s gonna
wear etc so it’s going to be here to make you know i have not been
stereotypical preference eleven at the age of seventeen other one ninety nine citadels of one year nineteen ninety uh… that got back there is something
we ought to be a bit of a front in my temple area all this place uh… for one month i wouldn’t take a picture
is ads it’s going to go into my blog abed auntie i think everyone week of the pictures on my blog and then after
one month i’m going to come back he would have
video and then put the pictures is the vehicle his video confusing but he can’t wait then well gonna come out of the link to my
blog up here and the screen right now pads yeah i think we have over there at that
time descended updated my blog every need every week with pictures and how i think
it’s going might back up selling is yet to arrive
seventy by the time and all but this one month the pack also will be here
abruptly lucy then you with senior great seeing you
again you date was that the hair you now on
the head at the edges uh… well yeah idea galti gets a good results
arm because he he really flys out there i think they can do this and they have a very good results are
retired and see if there is also as stacy and if possible action quite
something so if you guys are interested in joining
me on this journey uh… peas do you live at the murder let’s not be able i’m being commented to my blog for me to
be freed up to be able to let you know help each other as it is likely live
comments be interactive you know but until i get to know you guys uh…
and everything celiac that’s pretty much about the
challenge which is a possible status challenge which is going to be
for one month it’s gonna be the cold pressed so i put a does video on the
twenty fifth of the first of jerry and and going cd starts doing this tomorrow which is the training eight fixed jagruti teach our group said singh uh… so yeah the baseline so did you know she beat all byee shall we say eighteen months tonight tonight i’m sorry guys in the one thing is that
i think yet as it has to be alleged that may
have to be optimize the has to be able to watch hasn’t been able to catch up
with through the dates and everything by the
time i had a secret now but they have to go back to you guys and one ones that
are going to be chinese eyes like everything we got the hopefully i’ll be
able to get pictures every week of full hal migrates is coming along so thank you very much guys well i think
a rambling about uh… and i said you guys there

18 thoughts on “1 Month Castor Oil Edge Growth Challenge.”

  1. castor oil is for the whole head I'm just doing the edges to grow them out and know which works the best and effective and it works for other parts of the body too. thanks gul I got it on ebay

  2. hey I think im going to do this challenge aswel I have cold pressed castor oil, used it for a while but then stoped got lazy loool.. however I use it all over with my shea butter mixture

  3. babe.. i think ur probly gona need More than 1 mnth to see measureable results with this challenge.. but good one challenging urself like that i admire it!! are you natural? or on a healthy hair journey?

  4. Hey hun thanks for watching yep im natural…:)
    yea I do understand that it would take a while. as i said dis is an experiment to see how fast the process would start to work and moreover i have reaad and watched some vides with peps claiming that they see changes within weeks.basically i want to see how fast i see changes and how fast my hair reacts and adapts to the oil…hope this explains more..:)

  5. Thats kkl..:)
    you can catch my weekly progress on my blog
    the is below in the description box
    cant post links in the comment box
    Happy watching.:)

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