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10 Minute Highlight of HOLOLIVE ARK BOSS RAID [English CC]

10 Minute Highlight of HOLOLIVE ARK BOSS RAID [English CC]

Pekora: This preparation is already perfect Pekora: We can probably blow the boss up
with one shot of this Marine: How is that possible, stop kidding around Marine: It’s this kind of complacency that
usually gets us killed, please stop Marine: Someone hold onto a torch, it is better to illuminate all of us Marine: It will be really dark and we won’t be able to see Pekora: Indeed
Marine: It will be really dark and we won’t be able to see Pekora: So who shall become our guiding light? Marine: Speaking of guiding light,
it is definitely your Captain Watame: The light of hope Pekora: Emm, that is not right, it shouldn’t be Marine Marine: If it’s not Captain, then who is more suitable Pekora: Ehh~↑? Roboco: I can illuminate for everyone too Watame: Probably wa↗ta↘me↗ Marine: [Probably wa↗ta↘me↗] lol Pekora: Indeed
Roboco: Your fur will burn up, is that alright? Pekora: Within us here…
Watame: It will burn? Never mind then Pekora: Pekora is the most suited to be the light Pekora: that’s what I feel, how about that? Pekora: Look here, at this light Marine: Irritating…it’s so bright Marine: But currently, Pekora’s role is as the camerawoman for the stream Marine: if you died, then there will be no
purpose anymore Pekora: Right, that’s why Pekora will try to capture everyone into the view as much as possible Marine: That is it… Pekora: So, will you let Pekora be the light for everyone? Marine: PekoLight Pekora: I want to become PekoLight! Pekora: I will bring more torches then Marine: Roboco senpai is holding the rocket launcher…lol Marine: It seems really powerful with this calibre
Pekora: That’s dangerous Marine: The Captain… Roboco: I’m worried nothing will shoot out when I fire it Pekora: It will be an absolute disaster if you fire on anyone right here, right now! Marine: Eh Pekora, I haven’t played with this before, does it really fire after I click it? Pekora: It will Marine: Eh, pretty good. Watame get yours out too Watame: I am already holding it
Pekora: Hold on, is it alright if Pekora takes it out too Pekora: Hold on, is it alright if Pekora takes it out too Marine: Didn’t YOU want to be the PekoLight just now!? Pekora: Pekora wants to hold it too Marine: Sure enough this is still the case
Pekora: Nice peko Marine: After all, it is better that Captain should be the light. Alright I get it, ok ok ok, let’s head off now. Pekora: Eh scary! It feels like something bad will happen with Roboco senapi holding onto the rocket laucher! Marine: Powerful Roboco: It’s alright, probably…it will be fine Marine: Did she come along, are you here Watame? Pekora: Alright, let’s go peko! Marine: Let’s go peko, let’s go peko… Pekora: Eh, it’s scary!
Roboco: Ok, ok, ok, it’s so heavy Marine: Eh, hold on, there are bugs…There’s a scorpion! Pekora: Oh crap! Pekora: Ok, let’s go Pekora: Oh shit! Roboca: Ah! There’s a snake! Pekora: Ah! Hold on a sec!! [You were killed by Pekora Lv92] Pekora: Hold on! I’m sorry! I’m sorry peko! Roboco-san! Pekora: Please forgive me x3 Hold on… Marine: Let’s head back Aqua: Go ask if it is possible to enter right now Miko: Yeah, she died
Rushia: Why did she died… Kanata: Roboco senpai… Kanata: was killed by Pekora senpai Miko: by Pekora…look at them fighting
with each other so quickly! Marine: What are those in front over there? Pekora: Scary! Watame: Scary Pekora: Someone go pave the way ahead! Marine: Whoa! Hold on, there are lots of mobs!! Pekora: Oh crap, oh crap! (danger) Roboco: Oh no [Team mate Noel Lv69 was killed by Pekora]
Pekora: Ah! Oh shit! I killed Noel! Roboco: It could have been by somebody else Watame: Eh, is everything alright? Marine: Pekora just killed off Noel Marine: Friendly firing, seriously… Luna: Eh, what just happened? Luna: Who was just killed? Noel: Uuu-pe-, u-pe-san? Fubuki: Commander! Coco: Killed off by u-pe-… Luna: Who was the killer? Fubuki: Commander!!! Noel: U-pe-, u-pe-!! Marine: There are scorpions right in front Pekora: Ok peko, it’s dangerous, everyone look out! Marine: Ok! Roboco: It’s really scorpion Pekora: Ok! Marine: Nice~
Roboco: Nice~ Pekora: The teamwork for this Team 2 might be too impressive, right? Roboco: It’s super strong Roboco: Ouch!
Pekora: ok! Marine: Nice! Marine: I’m starting to fall for peko-chan…in love… Pekora: There’s still one more! Be careful! Pekora: There’s plenty more! Pekora: It might be quicker to use the rocket launcher Pekora: Let’s go! ok!
Roboco: Rocket… [Team mate Roboco Lv77 was killed by Watame Lv72]
[Team mate Watame Lv72 committed suicide]
Pekora: Ah! Hold on!! [Team mate Roboco Lv77 was killed by Watame Lv72]
[Team mate Watame Lv72 committed suicide] Marine: Oh shit! Watame… Roboco: I died too Miko: Crap! Aqua: What was that? Miko: It seemed to come from them Fubuki: Rocket launcher…wa! Luna: Eh, hold on! Noel: Everyone was killed! Luna: What happened? Were they fighting? Coco: What happened? Luna: Blown up…lol Watame: There are bugs… Pekora: It might be better if we stop attacking them, they might come over here Roboco: Is it better to not fight them? Pekora: If we don’t aggro them, there’s a chance we won’t get found out, that would be better Roboco: But they seem to be coming out Roboco: Looking from my angle, it seems really bad… Roboco: What does everyone think? If I use a rocket launcher from the top, will it work? Pekora: Is that alright, Roboco-san, we might not
be able to assist you Roboco: Dy…dying in a place like this Marine: If it’s Roboco senpai… Roboco: Ah, shit x5! Pekora: Hold on
Roboco: I’m really going to die in a place like this Pekora: Never mind
Marine: She died… Pekora: Use the rocket launcher then… Marine: But it’s not a full loss Roboco: Indeed Marine: The items are still down there
Pekora: That’s right Pekora: Ah what are you doing Pekora! Fubuki: They are fighting over there! Luna: They got beaten Coco: What is that there x2 Luna: Is there something there? Luna: It seems like it’s the fighting from there Fubuki: Ah, there’s a huge snake! Coco: That’s bad, that’s bad Luna: It’s pretty bad in here too Fubuki: U-pe-? Luna: She was killed? Coco: She commited suicide!! Fubuki: There are bats! Luna: Get out of here Coco: If we want to kill it… Noel: What’s this, there’s a monkey here Coco: Bat…
Noel: There’s a monkey Fubuki: Oh crap! There’s a bat Coco: Quick run! Fubuki: I can’t! Luna: Where do I run to? Coco: Could it be that I can get that? Luna: Can you get that? Coco: Ah, it’s Watame. Watame the beast! Coco: Am I the next target!? Stop it! Noel: Everyone is already dead! Coco: It hurts!! (Right now Team 1 is fighting bats while Team 2 are busy committing suicide) Miko: Ah, mistake
Aqua: Could it be that everyone died? Aqua: Everyone died!? Miko: You’re kidding! They died? Rushia: No way Aqua: Probably, the members of the other teams all died Aqua: Wait a sec, but will there be anyone who can supply me with some grappling hooks!? Aqua: Anyone!? Can anyone bring me
some grappling hooks! Miko: I’ll try my best… [Team made Pekora Lv92 committed suicide] Aqua: If we could reach till here
Miko: Bring something over Aqua: That would be the greatest Aqua: On the other side…wa! Aqua: It’s too strong! Miko: It’s real bad! There are so many! Aqua: They probably will come here too right? Miko: Coming~ Aqua: Ah, Kanata-chan Coco: Ah! Kanata! Miko: Kanata! Miko: Where is everyone fighting at? Coco: Where is the fight at?
Aqua: Would it be better if I fought the monsters as well Aqua: If I could fight first, I would wanna fight too Miko: Meat…where’s the meat Aqua: But I don’t have any rocket launchers Aqua: Will I need it? Aqua: No, hold on
Rushia: This… Aqua: If I insist on it, I will absolutely… Miko: Thank you!
Aqua: If I insist on it, I will absolutely… Rushia: Compared to grilled meat… Aqua: What should I do Aqua: Huh? What’s that sound Kanata: Miko senpai, do you have
enough grappling hooks? Kanata: Let me share some with you Miko: Ah, I want some Kanata: Here, have them Aqua: [Chairman is right below] Aqua: Hold on… Rushia: Miko senpai, is there no more food left? Miko: Food?
Aqua: Do you have grappling hook? Give me some Rushia: Yes, I dropped all on the ground just now
Aqua: Do you have grappling hook? Give me some Miko: Ah, I have it
Aqua: Do you have grappling hook? Give me some Miko: Hold on a moment Miko: Let me give some to you
Aqua: Chairman! Miko: And meat too
Aqua: Ah! Thank you! Rushia: Thanks
Aqua: Ah! Thank you! Rushia: Really Aqua: Scary! Aqua: Ah, be careful everyone! Miko: Ok Aqua: These crystals are a hindrance, I’ll get rid of them Rushia: That’s so scary, at the end everyone… Miko: Ouch! Dangerous! Miko: Ah! What’s going on!? Kanata: Miko senpai? Aqua: Are you alright?
Miko: Ah, you’ve gotta be kidding me!? Kanata: Watame…Watame… Kanata: Watame used the grappling hook
on Miko senpai Miko: No way! Stop that! Miko: Hold on, pull me in, pull me in! Miko: Are you kidding me! x2 Idiot! Miko: I could have died! Watame! Miko: Idiot! Miko: Felt like my lifespan just got shortened Aqua: You didn’t die right? x2 Miko: Still alive
Rushia: Still alive Miko: Still alive
Aqua: Are you alright? Aqua: Can you still go on? Miko: I can Pekora: Oh I see, that’s how you get up there? Watame: Eh? Pekora: Eh? Miko senpai Pekora: That’s bad peko, Miko senpai, LOL Watame: What do I do now… Marine: Hold on. The right…on the right side there’s a place to land, pull her over to the right Pekora: That’s right, over here Roboco: Eh, what? Miko senpai… Roboco: That’s bad Roboco: Nice nice Pekora: That just now was too hilarious, peko Pekora: That was too funny Coco: They seem to be quarelling about something Noel: [Miko: Idiot!] Noel: [Watame: I’m so sorry!] Noel: What’s going on x2
Coco: They seem to be in a different location from us Luna: What? Noel: They seem to be quarelling about something in chat Luna: What happened? Roboco: Ah, something is coming
Watame: Indeed Roboco: Oh shit!
Pekora: Eh, what thing? Roboco: We can’t return x2 Pekora: We can’t go back, peko Pekora: I will blow you up with my shotgun rockets Roboco: The shotgun rockets are doing damage
Marine: Everyone looks like they are dying Pekora: Let’s go! Amazing! Luna: Oh no Coco: I’m outta here Luna: It’s so huge! Noel: Do your best! Eh…what will happen if I go back in Coco: Damage 60…62?
Noel: Do your best! Eh…what will happen if I go back in Noel: Are you unable to hit it? Pekora: Eh! Chairman! Marine: It’s focused on you Roboco: That’s not right. Does it only aggro
the stuff that it could see in front of it Pekora: Frightening! Roboco: [Beware of 1 hit KO] It should be a 1 hit KO if the molten rock hits you right? Watame: Oh I see Pekora: Scary, peko Roboco: That thing is quite strong Roboco: It won’t do if we can’t remember
it’s attack pattern Pekora: It’s so dark here… Pekora: Ah! I fell down! Marine: Ah, Pekora fell down Miko: Ouch! Rushia: This is bad Miko: It burns! Miko: Hot, hot, hot…damn it, hot Kanata: Ah! Miko senpai!
Miko: I died! Rushia: (Died) together with Pekora Aqua: I can’t push that further
Rushia: What’s this, I can’t go back Rushia: Why is that? There’s a strong…(invisible wall) Aqua: Oh crap it’s gone Aqua: What is happening
Rushia: I’m stuck Rushia: Why is that…eh? It disappeared? Miko: It’s gone?
Rushia: At this point… Rushia: which direction shoud I exert the force on Aqua: [Right clicking will discard it] You can do that? Aqua: It broke Aqua: Eh, hold on, is the monster still there? Miko: I’ll play this for encouragement
(At this moment, Miko is playing the drums in holo-village and doesn’t know that the boss has disappeared) Aqua: Eh, it’s gone
Kanata: There isn’t any more path in front Rushia: Seems like it’s gone (HololiveARK Boss raid – Failed!!) Miko: Disappeared?

27 thoughts on “10 Minute Highlight of HOLOLIVE ARK BOSS RAID [English CC]”

  1. Miss the part where Roboco kills herself and Watame with the rocket launcher leaving Aqua alone who miraculously survived that

  2. Pekora – "It feels like something bad will happen with Roboco holding the rocket launcher"
    How little she knew that her premonition would come true.
    But the most dangerous one of all was Pekora herself.

  3. I've been telling everyone , Peko may look like an Idol but she's a mass murder , Killing everything in every game as she can Lol .

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