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12 Habits for Life

12 Habits for Life

*Upbeat Music Stop. Look at this! There’s a guy out here right now, and he’s jogging in the pouring rain. You got this dude! Hilarious I think the most frustrating thing about building habits and about self development in general. Is this idea that inspiration doesn’t always correlate to change So it doesn’t matter how motivated or inspired that you are It doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to do something about it. It doesn’t mean that you’re actually, actually gonna change your life So I wanted to talk about why you should start thinking long-term and stop trying to change everything about your life in a day *Upbeat music I enter most things in life with just a pinch of skepticism. That’s especially true of self-help I remember the first time I listened to my bootleg copy of Tony Robbins Awake the Giant Within Recording: I really respect you as the kind of person who really wants to change the quality of your life, and you’re committed to do something about it Matt: So stupid *Techno music I was hooked on self-help. It’s not all good most of it is corny, but I almost always finished the books feeling inspired and ready to change everything about my life The problem is I tried to take on too much at once I try to build six habits at the exact same time and that approach would always fail Then I started to view habit change as a series of experiments I’d commit to going to the gym for 30 days straight or I’d read a book every week for a year Some were more extreme than others. They didn’t always stick but my success ratio skyrocketed and they always pushed me to learn something new about myself So this year in an effort to try to learn more but also to make myself feel very uncomfortable I’m gonna be doing 12 30-day experiments. Some of those experiments will include quitting caffeine. As a daily coffee drinker for the last five years I’ve been dreading this one but I know that it’ll be healthy to take a little bit of a break. Cold showers for 30 days I’ve taken many cold showers in the past but I’ve never committed to doing it for this long and it makes me very nervous and I’ve already started this month by quitting sugar So I’ll be announcing these challenges on Twitter and Instagram Probably the day before the 30-day challenge, so at the end of every month and I want to encourage you guys to do this with me Now you don’t have to do every single one I understand that our lives are very busy and to take on some of these would be asking a lot but if there’s ones that appeal to you if there’s ones that Excite you or if there’s ones that you find Scare the shit out of you – like the cold showers – then I encourage you to do them along with me because I think together we can learn a lot. All right, so I completely understand that you might not want to develop the same exact habits that I’m building. You look at the cold showers and you’re scared. You’re a little bitch! That’s rude. I can’t say that I shouldn’t call you a bitch but You’re being a bitch, but no okay if you actually don’t want to do it, that’s totally fine That’s why I’ve actually come up with a list of 12 habits that you might want to build instead So these are the twelve habits that I’ve built that have had the greatest impact on my life and that I think might help you Exercise every day set a minimum amount of time to work out every day that you can actually follow through with. Everyone can set aside ten to fifteen minutes to go for a jog do a few push-ups or sit-ups. Eat more veggies Most days I make smoothies to get more veggies into my diet Even adding more veggies to one meal a day can make a big difference Read every day. Listen to an audiobook or do some light reading before bed You don’t have to read a book every week But the dense content you get from books is unlike any other medium Drink more water. The common recommendation is to drink 64 ounces or 2 liters of water per day. Stop buying new stuff You can learn a lot by stopping purchases for even 30 days You’ll break that habit loop of buying just for the dopamine hit or as a distraction mechanism. You’ll also likely save a lot of money Meditate I’ll be honest, I don’t meditate much, but it’s been a habit that I valued in the past Sam Harris has a meditation app called waking up which I’d recommend checking out Build a morning or nighttime routine This is a little bit more advanced but something that might be called a keystone habit You’re developing one habit that’s connected to many others What are three things that you can do every morning or night that will increase the quality of your life? Work on a passion project Take 30 minutes to write for your blog, start learning photography, or even learn an instrument Sometimes we get so focused on achievement that we’re not really focused on things that we actually enjoy or love Declutter Spend the month downsizing and cleaning out your junk drawers The minimalist created a really effective game called the minimalism game In it you get rid of one thing on the first day Two things on the second day three things on the third day all the way to date thirty You end up getting rid of a lot of shit Journal A daily journal can help you catch negative patterns or get a clearer vision on your goals I’ve carried one on and off for years and the act of getting my thoughts down has helped me a lot. Wake up early I wasn’t always an early riser I used to spend late nights working to get projects finished last minute But waking up early has helped me avoid procrastination and spend time with family and friends after 5:00 p.m. Quit social media I made a video last year about my 30-day social media detox That change continues to save me time every day and avoids me from falling into the comparison trap that I often find on Instagram and apps like it So you can scale up the difficulty on these habits you can scale them down if you want to do 5 minutes or 60 minutes for your exercise every day Have at it and come up with one that fits best with your life I usually recommend to start small keep it nice and easy five minutes is is great because most of the time we don’t do 5 minutes We say hey I’m gonna sit down and work for 5 minutes set a timer, you’re usually gonna work for way longer So don’t be overly ambitious that you completely destroy the entire process But this is something that I’m really excited about I’m really excited to explore and create these videos and share with you the lessons that I’ve learned so obviously stay subscribed to this channel To see those videos as they come out and of course I want to see you guys in the comments and I want to see the things that you are learning from some of these experiments and challenges yourself. Even if it’s something that you’ve done in the past Thank you guys so much for watching And of course if you want to support this ad-free channel There’s something you can do to help. You may have heard that I have a Patreon account at I’m making videos that I don’t release anywhere else. So far I’ve made 10 videos on filmmaking and creativity, 4 videos on lifestyle design 3 videos that are personal vlogs and 5 AMAs The main tier which is $12 gets you access to all of this content and it also helps to ensure that I can keep this channel ad free and keep doing what I’m doing here. So your support means so much to me, of course, if you don’t have the money, that’s totally okay I’m trying to make this as afordable as possible for people at the cost of a cup of coffee every week but if you can’t afford that or if right now you’re on a budget and you’re trying to save up money or pay off your debt I totally understand; I do not want you to feel pressured Continue to enjoy my videos ad free and guilt-free The fact that you subscribe and watch them is enough for me. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “12 Habits for Life”

  1. Oh boyy
    You know that you are on the good track when you realise that you seted up more than 50% of these habits.
    I did it in less than 3 months + i quited smoking.
    I tough it was impossible for me to achieve this level of sanity ! xD
    I've always tought that this kind of life was for try harders and lucky people until i realised that it is all a matter of will and personal work !
    Now i work harder than i ever did and i became as lucky as a rabbit foot would be hahaha

    Next step: getting rid of Youtube's time consemption.

    Much discipline, productivity and (most importantly) fun to all of you out there !

  2. 1. "trying to take on too much at once" ! I think thats is a landmine I have stepped on previously . And something else that has worked against me has also been "overdoing". I think I successfully incorporated this one habit in my life last year and then .. completely let go off it , because I obsessed over it too much instead of diversifying and adding new habits. I think it has also been important for me to find that sweet spot and drawing the line there.
    2. plus I think you ( or Ali Abdaal ) mentioned this in another video somewhere , "dont let go off that habit for more than 2 days in a row" . Or atleast do a little bit of that and keep the momentum going. I have found it immensely hard to restart a habit , so much more harder than it was the first time. I could have put in so little energy and kept it going but it feels like all the initial effort I put into cultivating that habit is now a completely throw away.

  3. I can’t wait to see how you approach life once you have kids. I love the idea and concept of self improvement and focusing on good habits. Throwing babies into the mix screws it all up! 😂 it would be really insightful to see how you apply these principals to being a new dad/parent.

  4. Самое забавное что если ты живёшь в России то первые две привычки у тебя навязываются сами – нет нормального кофе и нет горячей воды

  5. Thank you for this video! I already have all these habits in my daily life. It make me feel better about myself that I can do a lot and not wasting my day on nothing lol

  6. this is not because of this video since i just watched it but on may 24 of this year i started to replace all drinks with water and now i only drink water and have not been drinking anything else since that day. before that i was drinking alot of soda every single day and never any water. also lately i have been starting to go on long walks after getting a step counter and so far i love it.

  7. 64ounces of water is a myth… they completely made it up. Don’t push this myth lol. A healthy person already gets LOTS of fluid from foods.

  8. wow es exactamente lo que comencé a hacer hace unos cuantos meses y realmente tiene consecuencias sumamente positivas y felices! que casualidad que llegue acá. Gracias

  9. Thanks Matt, this is really helpful. For this past one year I have been so engrossed with my work until up to the point that I never talk to my old friends, family, going out, have time for myself and got a proper sleep. I used to run but I stop because 1 hour of sleep is so valuable to me. I got caught up with projects, deadlines, demanding clients and it’s painful for me to say that I pretty much married to my job. At just 23, I felt ancient. Your video helps me a lot!

  10. Hallo Matt, I really like your videos and your advices. Perhaps yo could further help people if you could expand your videos with topics like marriage and life with children!!!

  11. Alright … can you please talk about the coffee grinder / maker at 4:54 ? Looks cool; tried zoomin in to check details, but its fuzzy

  12. that guy should not be running in the rain.thats a good way to slip and fall and break something.wait till its not raining.

  13. cold showers are very unhealthy and very never dothat.i prefer soaking in a very hot tub of water.why would you prefer cold?

  14. Are you stealing this idea from the WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL Jordan B Peterson?

    These are great habits though. No hate 🙂 Keep plugging away my friend.

  15. i have a question, my phone doesnt allow me to delete youtube from my phone and it constantly distracts me every day, anyone got any ideas what to do?

  16. My habits that made me come.out if depression,anxitety and negetive thoughts are..:1) listening to self help books,2) stop listening to negetive news,3)a half an hr walk in the evening,4) ignoring negetive talks and gossips,5) practising journaling and gratitude 6) mindfulness,7)self motivation,8) saving more money,9) accepting a situation than complaining and condemning or judging..!😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍also all this was possible dur to the kind of quality books that I read over a period of time..and trust me a good book can definitely change life 🤗🤗🤗all the way from India.

  17. did you do a video on stop buying stuff? If you did could you provide the link? Thanks

  18. After I came back from a two week trip from Asia .. I took a break from Instagram and didn’t post anything for a month. I used to be obsessed with posting everyday now I don’t even care lol.

    I love waking up early in the mornings. I get to eat breakfast, make my bed and start my day early and get to work on time. It’s nice!

  19. Thank you,,, I can't say exactly how you've helped me or started to help me but thank you for all your content🌍🌟❤🔥

  20. you don't need anyone to motivate you, you want something just go and do it! that will save you lots of time, you can keep watching successful people telling you how they become successful…well that won't work for you, you have your own life your own abilities and your own skills. you are different! just work hard and stay consistent!

  21. Im on my way yo start changing something in my life. Something has done and a lot things i wanna change. Who else wanna share, maybe make a friendship and support each other on his way leave a comment below and lets fucking do it together.

  22. Cold showers in New England in January( when I’m reading this)…do you know what temperature the water comes out of the tap at….42F!

  23. I just found your videos today and I have lowkey been binge-watching them. and I noticed from a clip at the beginning of this video you live in Sydney – me too! your content is great and your attitude is so raw, relatable and inspiring. keep up the hard work – you've definitely earnt a new subscriber today thanks to your hard work yesterday! that's a great reminder to stay focused even if you're not reaping the rewards of your hard work today you never know what the pay off will be tomorrow. Can't wait to learn more about self-help with you!! (:

  24. Huge thanks for all your videos!
    I admire that you are keeping them ad free, definetly going to head over to your patreon!

  25. This is perfect 👌.. you know what I was supposed to do this in months but I was stucked. Now I got courage to do.. Tnx

  26. I recently viewed a video that talked about something called habit stacking, which I found really and have been trying that for a couple weeks.

  27. I felt like my whole life is about burnout. I started to read a lot of articles and guides from and i experienced that my opinion is was wrong… Everything is about mindset, so thanks for sharing this video! It really helped me a lot too!

  28. It’s amazing, that I get this video one month AFTER I reduced everything down to not doing anything and find out which of those things I want to do I really want to do!! Funny story: I’m still not really decided even though my decision should be quite obvious… BUT: seemingly I’m more productive than ever, because just naturally one after another sollte activities find their way into my life which is actually awesome!!

  29. Ok, Matt D'Avella, thanks for refining the 80/20. I will take these 12 Catagorys and build out Framwork (Action Steps) into the Notion app for all of them. Your videos are massive help!! I could go NUTS with this, what do you recommend?

  30. Good luck with quit sugar. I have already quit sugar over one year. I don't eat anything that has sugar added. actually I feel pretty good after that. and you goona be very sensitive to sweet food. a little bit sweet you will taste that and you will feel you don't want eat sugar anymore.

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