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120 Acres land for sale hunting deer turkey near neely henry lake ashville alabama

120 Acres land for sale hunting deer turkey near neely henry lake ashville alabama

Chad Camp: Hey everyone, this is Chad Camp. Are you looking for that ultimate recreational
property that you can use it in all seasons? Stay tuned and you’ll learn more about this
property. Hey everyone, this is Chad again. In this video, you’re gonna learn about 120
acres just south of Ashville, Alabama. Only 10 minutes from Neely Henry Lake, which
makes this a really unique track that you can enjoy all seasons of the year. This 120 acres, again, is off of Exit 166
in Ashville, just south of Ashville off 231 on Shell Creek Valley Road. This property is between Beaver Mountain and
Shell Creek Valley Road. You’re 10 minutes from Neely Henry Lake, 11000
acre lake. You’re only about 20 minutes from Rainbow
City in Gadsden for shopping all the bare necessities that you would want to have to
make a weekend trip, or to be able to bring the family out and enjoy the property, too. This property has over a mile of interior
roads on the property. A lot of the property hasn’t even been touched,
so there’s a lot of more opportunity to establish new trails for ATV riding, horseback riding,
or bike riding. It’s whatever opportunity you want to use
it for. There are currently five fields to hunt over,
one of those being a power line that stretches along the length of the property up to the
mountain, which leads me into another thing unique about this property. If you’re thinking about a home site or a
cabin site, that’s one of the best things that you absolutely could have. It’s because the power is there, which means
it allows you to be able to get off grid, be able to get off the road a lot further. This property does have an easement. It doesn’t have road front, but does have
an easement to the property, so all you’d really need to do is find that special spot,
build that cabin, tie off that power, and then bring water up that easement. Another thing that’s unique about this property
is deer and turkey. Shell Creek Valley has a lot of turkey in
the area, which is a good thing if you’re a turkey hunter. Another thing what’s special about this property
is the deer. The deer are a good size. They’re heavy deer. One of the things you need to know is the
property to the left of this property, back to the west, is another about 80 acres that’s
timber company owned land, so that might be something you could pick up a lease, maybe
even purchase later down the road. The property to the east of you is about 600
acres. They manage their deer. They don’t shoot anything and everything that
walks. They’re very particular. They would be good neighbors to have. In the links below, you’re gonna find another
video about 80 acres that we have. It’s right above this property. It’s the same owner, so really, you could
have nearly 200 acres if you wanted to. But again, if this is not for you, be sure
to like, share and subscribe to my channel. This may not be for you, but if it’s not for
you, please do that because it may help a friend, a family member, or maybe an associate
at work find the property of their dreams. But again, this could be a great place for
families to come together. You have multiple sites to build houses. You have more land to establish new fields
on the property. You can ride for a good ways, turn the family
loose and let them have a good time, but also, you’re not too far from Birmingham either. You’re only about 45 minutes from downtown
Birmingham, which makes it very assessable. Probably the biggest thing, and at the end
of this video you’re gonna see some points that I think is very important, the biggest
thing to me is this is under $2000.00 an acre. There’s not many places that you can be in
Birmingham in 45 minutes and be under $2000.00 an acre. That’s a very important thing. Again, if it’s not for you, be sure to like,
share and subscribe to my channel because it helps people find properties, and also
too, I appreciate you watching the video. Stay tuned for more videos and stay tuned
to find that other 80 acres, because it has unbelievable mountain views. You can see for miles. That might be something that’s interesting
to you or a friend. You could go up to 200 acres. Again, thanks again for following. Hope you have a great day. Thank you. 120 Acres land for sale hunting deer turkey
near… (Completed 01/14/19)
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