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15 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes! 2019

15 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes! 2019

Hey everybody, it is qcknd and welcome to my Halloween Special today, I’m going to show you all of the Halloween costumes. I wanted to be and came up with inexpensively or free what stuff are in my house just by portraying iconic characters I did have a scoops of Hawaii costume that maybe I’ll include in this if I need to title this video like 25 costumes but really I kind of just sat down and brainstorm costumes I’d always want it to be and that’s what they are today So I am going to show you basically a speed round of all the costumes. I want it to be this year And how you can achieve them yourself really basically inexpensively I’m super cheap. And I had a lot of fun making these costumes. My skill level is definitely intermediate girl So hang out with me today and I’ll talk you through all of the Halloween costumes. I Prepared for you guys for Instagram, whatever this year So the first costume I thought I was like what’s iconic, you know? What did I really enjoy and I saw once upon a time in Hollywood with Rosie this year and I really liked it so I thought I would go for like this hippie kind of Hollywood and I taught two takes on it one would be like the Manson family member when in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, they go to that like ranch You can kind of see that all of the outfits here are pretty cool. Pretty like 70s hippie So I just kind of like picked one of the girls who had clothes kind of like something I already have and Then I thought that I would do like a Margot Robbie edit and kind of make it a little bit more refined I have these bell-bottoms that I feel like really powerful in. So I just had this like 70s Hollywood edit I had these really big sunglasses and I just feel like this is something that like literally anyone can pull out of their closet and if they’re like Oh, you know I’m a character from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood people. Really I love that movie. It was very long so my next costume is Lady Gaga on the cover of Joanne this might you’ll really random, but I actually Watched the Lady Gaga documentary the one where her boobies are in it, and I really really really enjoyed it So I thought I would throw her in there I had this hat that I actually use again in this video and I just used like a little nude bra Because she is topless on the cover. So little nude bra and then you just like Hang out sideways. I had kind of a hard time getting her exactly, right? So if you were to pick this for just like an Instagram kind of flick a little practice I feel like a little mirror setup so you can get it just right obviously my hat is red and not pink So if you were doing this for Instagram, you could Photoshop it or something I don’t know how to use Photoshop but you know figure it out if you carry a lot But you know people consume Instagram content at like one fifth of a second. So I think you’ll be alright Next this was a pretty big year for 90s nostalgia and me I think I feel like if I’m not bringing it up in an episode of something I’m dedicating an episode of something to it So this year I grabbed a little Carmen Sandiego getup and it was really really easy um I just paired a yellow turtleneck with this oversized red Flannel that I have and I just belted it. It’s kind of all about the Hat and an element of mystery So if you can be mysterious and you also have a hat you can really just nail Carmen Sandiego So that was an easy costume for me Next iconically, so I had to have a little ariana grande moment So Ariana Grande’s costume was pretty easy for me because I already had knee-high boots So I just found a picture of her online that kind of coincided with some clothes. I already have the whole outfit was pretty much inspired by the fact that I had knee-high boots and a Felt tip eyeliner So I found this picture of her with Pete Davison where she’s eating this lollipop and I went absolutely nuts for this photo So I had an oversized mustard pullover and I just threw some Winged eyeliner and then just over Lydon my lips a little bit and put my hair in a ponytail if I wanted to go all out, I would probably get extensions or like brown extensions to have a major ponytail, but I’m not in a Halloween contest. It doesn’t really matter to me so I just gave myself a really high ponytail and made sure I put one of these little barrettes in my hair and That was my re-edit. I just like I just like Ariana Grande’s music. I Know tears love to cry Help helped me Next I was a comely witch where if you follow me on Instagram, you’re way ahead of the curve on this one So I had this t-shirt dress which kind of reminded me of Kiki’s Delivery Service and these hats they sell at the Dollar Tree I had this hat last year when I did my which look for outfits You can wear to work for Halloween work appropriate Halloween costume outfits if you want to check that out So I had this hat leftover from last year that I got from the dollar store so I thought I would dress it up and wear sort of like a stylish edit on a like Halloween look something that likes somebody who is maybe shy or Has to take the train to the Halloween party something a little dialed down that you can accessorize when you get there That was the headspace. I put my in myself in for comely witch so just this little t-shirt dress and then black lipstick I rarely reach for the black lipstick So I told myself You know wear the black lipstick be the witch you want to be? so I teased about it in one of my videos that I would use this turtleneck for my eat girl costume, but then Here we are. I think eagerly had a moment this year and I had my Girl transformation video that everybody hated but I really like it I think that eager lazar like a cool powerful like playing on internet culture that can sometimes feel like it’s dominated by boys So eagerly are cool and powerful and I have this wig so this was my girl take with the little barrettes and I Drew the hearts on no problem unlike my year old tutorial So I went for her and II girls are cute. They’re sassy they’re funny and I think if you weren’t a girl to the party, it might seem a little cheesy. You might seem pretty old But at the same time if you’re taking the train to the party, sometimes you just gotta wear normal clothes Next was Marla singer. I Had a true Fight Club, like what is it craving? I had a crazy Fight Club craving recently this year and it like I became obsessed with it all over again Which I feel like I felt out of it because liking Fight Club was like cliche and then I fell back into it Because everything’s there Marla singer is one of the coolest characters I’ve ever been infatuated with and Reintroducing myself to that movie and that book and that franchise was so fun. So earlier this Month, I was Marla singer just for an Instagram kind of moment and I asked you guys if you wanted me to recreate the look and it’s so easy that I didn’t wait for anybody to say Yes, I just didn’t so in order to capture Marla. It’s kind of hard to find pictures of her online So if you have Fight Club Maybe take some screenshots yourself of looks of hers you really like so I decided that she has a purple smokey eye and some like haphazard lipstick and Her hair. I have pretty long hair. So getting Marla’s hair. Perfect. Just took a ton of bobby pins my approach for Marla’s hair is to grab a piece of hair almost like you’re disgusted with it like yeah, and then when you have this little inner you pin it and I just did that for my entire head until my hair was short enough to look like Marla and I gave myself a little donut in the middle that she has and I just readjust stood it Over and over again until it looked the way I liked I feel like to channel Marla You can find an old pink dress at the thrift store If you bought that 11 dress a couple years ago You could use that like I think Marla the great thing about her is her energy is so chaotic maybe in Ares That you can kind of just dress any old way and just be Marla I think if you went to a party if you don’t smoke cigs, you’d probably have to tell people that you’re Marla, but once it’s out there once it’s there when people remember that that movies actually about She’s infectious human waste that was Marla singer. And I think all of us should be Marla singer for Halloween. I’m sorry Transitioning out of Marla I was able to Use basically that hair basically that makeup Opposite attitude to be Robert Smith. I Always wanted to be Robert Smith for Halloween He has been the angel in my ear for the last couple years and just the vibe was perfect once I was Marla, it was so easy to kind of just pick apart my hair and hairspray it and Just add makeup So Robert Smith’s makeup goes up to his brow bone So I just packed black eyeshadow on top of my Marla singer eyeshadow and then just blended it until my brow bone you don’t want to be better at makeup than Robert Smith so you can go into this like pretty haphazardly I Rarely wear black eyeshadow. You’ll almost rarely see me in a smoky eye. So Keeping that in mind. Don’t don’t be better at makeup than Robert Smith was fine I just used some red lipstick and I should have Underlined my lips because no shade. My lips are a little more fuller than Robert Smith So I feel like some of my pictures didn’t translate But I just want to Google Images and looked for outfits that he wore that maybe look like when they already and when I found this picture of him I was like Oh, I have that outfit So this is my Robert Smith look and I think if you showed to the party is Robert Smith You are iconic and everybody will like you next and this was seriously the easiest costume the hardest part of this costume was Collecting the props which there are two of two props total for this costume and it is a Rain jacket and a red balloon. Say it with me Georgie so I saw it with Rosie this year and it was super fun because I am a bill skarsgård stand through and through so I thought everybody is probably going to be penny wise this year and I just figured The Georgie costume was already so iconic When I went to Party City and asked for the red balloon like everybody already knew what I was talking about But it was honestly so easy you could recreate this costume for a couple bucks And that’s what I did taking these pictures were effortless because the costume makes itself. It is already so ingrained in pop culture That you can really just show up to the party in the rain jacket and the red balloon with whatever makeup or no makeup you Are already wearing and go for it. I decided against getting the green Rain boots just because I didn’t think it was super necessary. I think if you wanted to take this costume to the next level you could Like cut the sleeve off of the jacket and maybe just like have a bloody or whatever and just have your arm chillin inside of your jacket the rest of the night almost I have the Georgie cut off arm but you don’t have to do that. You could be Happy times Georgie remember remembering the good times. So once you have one rain jacket, it just reminds you of another character Right Patrick Bateman Patrick. Bateman is so iconic in my world I watched American Psycho at a very young age But it taught me to be refined it taught me how to use the band Booklist off of the Internet meant to capture The scene where he’s listening to the radio and he puts on that clear raincoat and then he kills the guy with the axe and It was it was so easy to recreate I think if he wanted to nail this Like if you were in a costume contest or if you wanted to nail this for Instagram the only thing I was really missing was a red tie I rated my boyfriend’s closet who has two nice shirts one dress pants and one tie that he So adorably calls his court clothes. I Don’t think Patrick Bateman be caught dead in a panel blue tie, but I made it work Because he does zip the raincoat all the way up to the top so you can barely see So it really just depends on which frame of the movie you are recreating But I think a red tie would have made this more obvious Because a lot of people thought that I was the kid from that mukbang channel But it’s super iconic and once you have the ax it makes all the difference So one thing my boyfriend was good for was the ax but if you don’t have an axe, I think if you held a business card It would be a really cute prop to have for the night for my hair I put my hair in a French twist sprayed it with water and then combed it back and picked it out of the bobby pins just to give it a little volume like Patrick Bateman and then I put a highlighter on because Patrick Bateman’s skin is Precious and beautiful and he invented Korean skincare. So Bill skarsgård Stan’s rise up this video is for you and me I wanted to recreate the kid from Castle Rock stream Castle Rock Castle Rock is a series on Hulu. I feel like it’s pretty underrated everyone I’ve talked to about it has not seen it or heard it but if you have a couple days left in October before watching this movie this video and You have Hulu I would really recommend streaming Castle Rock it is so so so good and mysterious and cliffhanger E And if you liked and lost it’s better in Formulaic ly I don’t know so I wanted to be you um bill scars cards character and I just love the henry beaver so I attempted this by taking out my Patrick Bateman hair re Styling it with a center part and then pulling it back again. He has this like bad-boy 90s haircut So that was super easy for me because my bangs are grown out So I was able to do that and just like sprayed my hair with water. I Have a dark under-eye circles. So whoever the makeup artist was for Casa la I woke up this way so I just wanted to be looming and tall so I put on some platform boots and just a flannel and kind of stood in a very looming way and Even if he’s not super recognizable at a costume party, I think Just trying to be a character that you personally really like in a show that might not be super popular amongst your friends is still Pretty fun, which brings me to? Wendy Wendy is a style icon. You can convince me otherwise The Shining is such a good movie I watched him when I was a kid But I recently showed it to my boyfriend for the very first time and fell in love with it all over again Looked really deep into fan theories now that we have YouTube and all of this stuff deleted scenes I think the shining is such a good movie and it’s it’s really long and confusing for the eleven-year-old who watched it originally me but I got older and I was like wendy is an icon and I’m not leaving my house ever again never going to the Poconos their haunted But you can tell me that the outfits that she serves in this Movie aren’t amazing. So I wanted to try to be Wendy I don’t have a bat and I don’t have a large knife in my house So I was kind of strapped for props but I did just grab a turtleneck and then she wears a green flannel over top and then she wears like coveralls so in the movie she’s wearing like Almost like a overall skirt or like an apron and I just borrowed a pair of my boyfriend’s coveralls so I think that this could either be a Really cute photo that you could take all year round, honestly but if you wanted to be her for like your Instagram for Halloween I think it was really easy to recreate I don’t have little bangs like her I think that Wendy is a super cool character and of you there’s a lot of ways to like I think Make her seem more iconic Especially if you had the bat or the knife or it could be really cute couples costume. You could be teeny But I really I’ve always wanted to just like I don’t know pretend to be here for five seconds So that was a lot of fun for me. Finally my Favorite costume is kind of inspired by this link. I know if it was a Halloween costume It was kind of just this image that was going around like two or three years ago. I’m like a sexy no face so I thought I would be a sexy Kodama the forest parent from Princess Mononoke and I had So much fun with this I feel like if there was a meme of the Kodama it would be like Sometimes they thick though because some of them are just like dummy thick so I wanted to be like a dummy thick version So I wanted to get like a waist trainer I’ve never had one and I thought like how can I like really like Kim Kardashian out this like code OMA and I’m often exactly translated like exactly how I wanted but I reached out to this company Liam Neeson for a I guess a girdle and they sent me one which is really really nice of them. It’s my very first one but I ordered this cream color full body suit including fingers and toes and Really just felt super exposed in that so the girl was super helpful and then I just created this mask and I just did that with cardboard and it was honestly so much fun. I think if you were going to wear this to a halt mean party you could cut out the mouth and put Pantyhose behind it and glue it so you could see through the mouth I Didn’t do that just because I knew I was making this costume just for a photo which you know There’s no problem there. I have so many costumes to choose from this year. I just have always wanted to like recreate that sexy No face, and I was like wait what if I Was this little this little beam but sexy so that was my attempt. I wore these like chunky Trainers just to have like a bad II kind of feel bad II touched to the whole look and I think I was super funny And I had a ton of fun anyway Let me know if this was helpful for you guys And if you are going to pick any of these Halloween costumes now or in the future You know, sometimes it’s just fun to get dressed up and get in the spirit for you know, Instagram or Twitter So I wanted to make costumes that were super easy Super affordable and ones that I could kind of just marathon and I had a lot of fun except my room is total chaos Right now complete chaos Happy to edit this and get a little bit of my space back, but I had so much fun Let me know what your favorite costume is. Definitely subscribe. It is your first time here check out my Halloween playlist I’m making Halloween content all month, but I’ve been on YouTube for many years and always try to serve for October So definitely check it out anyway and let me go so much until next time hit up my Instagram for all of the stills of all of these looks and I’ll check you out. Bye You

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