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2 Months Strategy to Crack NMAT 2019 by NMAT 99.29% ( Topper ) – How to crack NMAT in 2 months?

2 Months Strategy to Crack NMAT 2019 by NMAT 99.29% ( Topper ) – How to crack NMAT in 2 months?

hi everyone let’s now understand how to
give the in match strategy I hope by now all of you guys have already booked your
slots for the first NMAT exam I’ll quickly help you guys now understand how
you should go about planning for the next two months for your end mat the
agenda being to target a 230 plus making sure you’re getting into the NMIMS let’s first have a quick overview of the
NMAT exam so that we can plan our approach for each section in a much
better way so if you see the n mat exam is made up of three sections where you
have one step ability and 48 questions with 60 minutes time logical reasoning
another 40 questions 38 minutes time language skills
that’s your verbal ability 22 minutes for 32 questions overall if you see it
is an exam having 120 questions 120 minutes good thing is there is no
negative marking okay three marks for each correct question so your total is
going to be out of 360 okay and there is no negative marking cut-offs what I have
given you guys a rough idea is based on the analysis from the past five years
how the cut-offs have been for any NMIMS mumbai main campus the overall
cutoff is been in the range of 208 to 211 along with the overall cut off NMIMS also gives you each sectional cutoff so keep in mind you have to make
sure you score well in each of these sections the sectional cutoff for quants
is usually in the range of 70 to 75 logical reasoning is 65 to 70 and
language skills is 50 to 55 so you got to make sure you are meeting these
individual sectional cutters along with the overall cutoff now good part is that
we do not have any negative marking so you have to make sure you attempt all
120 questions but you have to look forward to
maximizing your score hence this is an exam which is testing you more on your
speed you know your strategy and your speed so it’s a entire ballgame about
handling your strategy very very well okay the one of the things which is done
of the exam if you are aware of is conducted over a period of three months
from October to December which is then slotted into Windows usually the window
ranges from 17 to 19 days for each window and across the window
normalization is done so choose your dates very wisely and then move ahead
and give your exams before we go ahead into understanding the strategy for you
or your study plan for the next two months it is very important to know what
is going to come in each section so when I talk about the first section which is
a quantitative ability and data interpretation let’s try and dissect
what are the major chapters from which the entire paper comes from this will
help us to structure your study plan and schedule in a much better way so if you
see the topic wise in Kwon’s quants is highly dominated by the arithmetic
section you have tons of questions nm iris loves arithmetic questions so do
not leave out even the basic and the easiest chapters like averages
percentages profit and loss simple interest you have direct questions
coming from them another set of questions which is very interesting is
your mixtures and allegations trust me that’s one of the most simplest chapters
but doing tons of formulas makes it complex for people use your common sense
this is a very interesting chapter then you have time speed distance which also
includes questions based on your circular races and tracks and boats and
streams and all of those kind of questions time and walk would have a
couple of questions probably from either work as the manners concept or from you
know pipe sense then the next important chunk of
questions which comes in are your numbers where in all your calculator
based questions which now no more come in cats like the remainder theorem and
all of them can easily be placed into your end mass because you do not have a
calculator in the end mat exam mind you guys remember that there is no
calculator in in math okay then you have basic questions coming from equations
which could range from identities especially questions based on you know
the functions of a root like imaginary roots and natural roots all your
quadratic equations concepts and then your identities as well as special
equations so that is what the equations comprises of then you have modern math
questions which come from permutation and combination and probability moreover
this is what the area comes from a couple of times you can also see in the
modern math section questions coming in from probably set theory and when title
not much not much but maybe one or two no harm in making sure you are doing all
of these chapters the next very important like all the exams of course
there can be no exam without having a question of geometry so geometry in
mensuration is there three to four questions but in n mat moreover then
direct formulas of geometry like all the angles that focuses more on mensuration
the most favorite type of question and when serration is where i give you that
i have a big sphere which i want to mold and melt and mold them into small cubes
so what you know was the volume what number of cubes etcetera basic questions
of mensuration for people who studied it would understand it free belts and now
since your data interpretation and data sufficiency this is a true test of your
patience here we just test your decision-making skills in terms of which
set are you leaving mind you guys member this is like a danger sign for
you 1d I set is mandatory for you to leave
make sure you do not waste too much of time solving it move on ahead to the
questions which are solvable it’s obvious we put such difficult questions
purposely so that you are spending dynamic wasting more time on to it
alright so di keep it towards the end and make
sure you are doing your calculated risk on should I spend time or should I not
spend by moving ahead to the most important set of questions which is a
logical reasoning so here unlike cat where the entire logical reasoning
section is dominated by analytical reasoning puzzles here it’s not going to
be that you cannot leave out any chapter when it comes to animals and in that
exams okay so all of these 40 questions are coming from all the various reasons
you got to make sure you are doing everyday at least 20 questions of
logical reasoning trust me this is your area to score as much as you can okay
now where do these questions come from majorly first you have your analytical
puzzles the arrangement questions can be circular arrangement or sitting
arrangement questions basically the linear arrangement okay then you have
matrix Trina but now what do I mean by matrix three variables is probably
questions like you know I can do there are five people who are going to five
different cities wearing five different color t-shirts you know and possessing a
different car so who is the one wearing the red t-shirt or who is going to
Bangalore in a safe design such kind of combination so these are called as
matrix with multiple variable questions the agenda is to to solve the passwords
basically a puzzle itself only then very important you see for build reasoning
this definitely needs a lot of practice they are very easy as long as you
understand and have a knack for solving such questions okay what other
reasoning questions you have statements and assumptions or cause and effect or
questions like what could be the cause of action that is taking strengthening
and weakening an argument or inference based you know the FL is it a fact is it
an inference it is a other judgment those type of questions this is very
important and remember this comes in the logical reasoning section and not in
verbal ability okay then moving on to the basic questions then love questions
from blood relations and syllogisms and also coding decoding by easy questions
come along with that if you have Direction sense and ranking test a
couple of questions coming in you could also have questions instead of
syllogisms sometimes coming in from the number series wherein I give you a
series of numbers and ask you what’s the next one a little bit questionable
basically testing your logical mindset there at last we have a couple of
questions coming from set theory and wind diagram the reason why set theory
and Venn diagram I did not mention it to you in terms of the modern math in the
quant section is because we see most of these questions in an math coming in
logical reasoning section rather than your quant section all right again the
danger part here you have to definitely leave the questions one person is meant
to pull you down okay so you have to let go of that one puzzle do not become
emotionally attached to your people you do not have to solve everything you have
to maximize your marks and Timon again saying that the objective is to attempt
the maximum number of questions correct so focus on that Malcolm is the most important and
favorite section for the vulnerability which in n Matt is called at the
language skills section all right now why is this the most interesting section
is here you have 32 questions and 22 minutes that means we have less than a
minute also to solve each of these questions right so you’ve got to be very
good with this if in a flow bill is not your strength walk your ass off for the
next two months and make it your strength because trust me guys you can
score a lot here in fact the best part is you have questions based on your
vocabulary coming in which is a major chunk of questions nearly up like you
know 15 to 20 questions this should be your door brainer like
you know you either know it or you don’t so the cells you save your time as well
also and going ahead the best ways to build your vocabulary is to go through
the book called s word power made easy I’m sure most of you guys would have
thought about it if not just Google out or you can check out the video on
YouTube as well from browser on Norman Lewis word power made easy which will
help you build your vocabulary then you have the very easy most scoring
questions of the close passage which is primarily nothing but our entire
paragraph with having four or five blanks and you got to put the best word
into it usually these questions are based on
prepositions or the usage of basic vocabulary questions which would fit in
there all right then comes the next thing which is your
critical reasoning which is again very important here you have more questions
coming on based on your assumptions strengthening or weakening then you have
para jungle one set probably sometimes we could have one or two questions of
critical reasoning and have two sets of parallel jumbled so make sure you
practice that in fact parallel jungles and your reading comprehension are two
things which are very important to prepare for cat so make sure you were
practicing a lot of these questions okay the ideal way of approaching this
section would be to first get as many marks as we can right
so leave your reading comprehensions towards the end because that takes up
your time you know it’s going to utilize a lot of your reading time so don’t
waste time on to that do the previous sections and then come to reading
comprehension towards the end okay in fact follow the order which I have
given you here itself your vocabulary then your critical reasoning pair
examples and finally comes your reading comprehension all right now let’s come
to the most important part which is your study pen how should you go about it
so for guys who have not yet started studying for the exams
joyeux pull your socks up and let’s make sure we are utilizing the next two
months really well so what you should do is in the next one month your focus has
to be fully on clearing your basics and concepts see understand this is an exam
which is focusing on your speed but you will have a good speed only when your
concepts are clear and your basic self thought and completely so make sure you
are finishing your basics the best way is you guys have your basic books the
orange ones so please finish the basic books of Kathleen force and the nment of
fishel guide to get a better clarity on how to prepare I would suggest to test
the waters by giving one mark in fact in this week itself give a mop
let’s see where you stand you get a fifty you get a hundred you get a 120
you get a 160 it’s alright we put at least you know plus we would get used to
the fact of sitting for three hours in one place and giving the exam alright
and you got to make sure you are training yourself to understand the time
or concept you because no other exam has such cut short timings as n mat has all
right so this one month continuous focus should be on that the next fifteen days
I would ask you to focus and first make a chart of your strengths and weaknesses
only what you do is just less down which are your strong topics which are your
weak topics then for the next 15 days we will pick up all the weak topics and
make sure you are sorting that up why because you cannot afford to leave
any chapters especially when it comes to n Matt so let’s understand our
weaknesses but remember the timeline this is going to be just for 15 days
because post 30th of September you should not be doing anything new no new
concepts no new theories whatever you know you know rest leave it now alright
so make sure you are doing that then we move on to October onwards the final
attempt here focus on giving as many marks as you can and analyzing your mocs
guys believe me it’s not easy to analyze your marks you have to spend a huge
amount of time on understanding how’s your performance your sexual performance
your time management everything alright plus training your mind to get used to
the fact seeing the timer on the screen which is time left time left time left
ok do not hit your panic buttons let’s get used to that all right I would
suggest that you must give 10 to 15 full length mock tests before you’re in math
for sure so I would advise people to give at least 2 atoms if not all the 3
adults but make sure within these attempts you have a considerable amount
of time and at least a week’s time to help understand yourself where could you
have gone wrong alright so keep that in mind definitely will help you do better this is a quick look at how to start
your own mind preparation so what we do is that we have this set of students who
we are mentoring at cap King when it comes to the NMAC program they are given
a weekly schedule right from the beginning towards the end what and how
should their approach be and preparing onto it if you have a close look at the
entire schedule you would feel that you know you have each days I have put in
set of logical reasoning questions like ice mentioned as one of the tips before
to you that it is very important to give the logical reasoning questions and give
it a lot of weighted okay now after this what are the other things
that you can do all right so now let’s try and understand what are the other
things that we can look at then you have your vocabulary based direct questions
for make sure are doing your normal Lewis book definitely on a daily basis
finish up the nominal oeis at the earliest it will be helpful for us once
you’re done with Norman Lewis sketch do some practice on your reading
comprehension and data interpretation on a daily basis now this is going to help
you not just in in math but also in your cat as well also because I’m pretty sure
almost all of you guys would be giving the other exams along with in math and I
would HIGHLY advise that as well also even if you have people who have got
fever like your dream is to get into an a-minus I would still say please aim for
all the colleges and give all the exams it will help you better alright
so follow this weekly kind of schedule you could get the further ahead
schedules what should be done next in each coming week once you have logged
onto the n mat Maximizer let me really help you to make sure that you are
aligning your mocs as well as the analysis and strategy to have a clear
line of sight with your plan of action and study preparation
all right thanks to the same kind of an approach probably I think we have 63
students who have gotten to any – of course of all various campuses but it’s
all based on the kind of strategy and approach trust me guys and Matt is not
difficult it is only a strategic oriented exam see primarily you’re going
to become managers and this is testing your all management skills right for my
decision-making – your time management skills and of
course your aptitude test as well also so make sure you are doing really well
focus on your strategy and time in fact if you the N Matt online students I
should be seeing you up next week again where we will conduct our live sessions
to tackle the strategy for each and every section and how do you balance out
your time while attempting the mock and stay glued we shall soon coming up
with how do you take the mocks and as well as analyze the mocks alright I hope
this video will help you guys to structure and start your plan of
preparation because it’s never too late but don’t wait too much don’t think if
you’d only want to do your MBA and a man is right now pick a date and get started
with your preparation for any doubts or questions you can reach out to my number
which I have shared I would prefer someone giving me a whatsapp or dropping
an email I shall help you ahead in making sure you are doing jolly well in
your and mat exams okay so thank you so much guys and all the best

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  1. The last two months of preparation, as you said are pretty crucial, also your strategy is really well thought out and easy to execute. Hopefully it will help out many of us, thank you so much for sharing.

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