9 thoughts on “2019 MOA Exhibition│CXP-ARK Quick Review│ICS Airsoft”

  1. Ilike the ics ark internals but I'm…… not dibbing the looks and etc, let me go into more detail about it.
    First thing is the handguard… yes lovely but it's basically the magpul akm hand guard in a medium length instead and I'm not liking the half rail cause my left arm is my weakest and I have to have a angled grip in either the middle of tiny bit back not all the way up in front.

    2nd is the balance of weight…. normal ak have full metal stock and etc cause the front and middle section wil be heavy to hold but this scar l and H stock… I dont think it will cut or make it really balancing as not only that you have a full metal mock charging system and rail cover which will increase its weight by tons.

    As much as I like the look and internals is it for me to use no but the gearbox and etc yeah I would gladly use them in my cyma cm31d

  2. This looks quite nice… I'd love to see more standard AKs (ex. AKM/AK-74/AK-100 series) with the features shown here (the QC spring and the full-travel bolt are especially appealing to me), but this looks really good in its current form! Good stuff overall.

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