98 thoughts on “2020 YT Soap Collab: Flower Power | Landscape Soap Making”

  1. I think my little house needed some windows, but I ran out of patience. LOL This video is about twice as long as usual. There's a timeline in the description box if you need it. Thanks so much for watching!

  2. Holly, I’ve always loved how your videos show that just the process alone of making soap is an art form. I could watch you make soap all day! This is an absolutely lovely soap, I think you did a fantastic job! ❤️

  3. Wow 😎👌👍😍it's wonderful your the best ever thanks a lot for this video love you ❤️God bless you 👼

  4. Awwww such a beautiful soap … Totally love it …. Yes even I think window would be so great on that house …. Nevertheless it's so beautiful … Love it

  5. lindo isso não é um sabão,é uma obra de arte, meus parebens voce é um gênio na arte de fazer lindos sabonetes…………………

  6. I am so proud of you I have a tear in my eye. This is an amazing video that I can tell you put your heart and soul into. I love your voice over! And let me just say I did not imagining you having a southern accent! I need to change the way I say, “Oil (insert Southern California accent 😂).” You say it so much cooler! Bravo and take a bow!!!!!!!

  7. Good evening Holly

    the viewing time does not matter, compare all your execution time for this table soap. Thank you

  8. Hola, buen día!! En cada jabón que haces, me sorprendo por cada obra de arte. Chulisimo jabón!! Digno de ponerlo en exhibición 😊.
    Y qué delicadeza y pulcritud al elaborarlo 👍. Saludos y felicidades 🏞️👍. Ah, y por la ventana, quien tenga imaginación, que la vea por un costado 😊😊

  9. Hello Beautiful! I love your videos they are so soothing. You have amazing editing skills..and soaping skills! You have so much more patience than I do. Beautiful! Great job!

  10. Oh Holly, your video is SO professionally done and the design and execution of your soap is outstanding. You gave wonderful information as well. What an amazing contribution to this collab/ Thank you and I'm SO happy you joined in. What a blessing. Hope you have a great day.

  11. Wow. Do you have a background in art. You have an amazing sense when it comes to picking and mixing colors I don't notice in other soap makers.😍

  12. Hi there, greeting from France. Thankyou for the beutiful technique.
    Im a new soaper, been doing it for sometimes. I hv a question on why do you choose to add ur essential oil before adding lye and not after the saponification ? Was it due to its affect to the trace? Thankyou in advance.

  13. Holly you are always so instructional and I love your ideas. This is a perfect idea for the flower power theme -Such a relaxing scene and the use of natural colors. Blessings to you 🌷

  14. I'm so glad you participated. Landscape soaps are my favorite to create, but also the most difficult and time consuming and I don't always have the time and/or patience. Thanks for posting this!

  15. I love watching you making soaps. It very relaxing and inspiring. I always envy people that can do landscaping soaps. This is very nice. If this is a contest, your the winner! Lol. Thanks you for sharing.

  16. This is so pretty! Would’ve been perfect for the landscape challenge. I think the house was great, but I can see what you mean, perhaps a taller door? Looks wonderful though.

  17. So inspiring! I always love watching your soap videos. Beautiful, functional and perfectly gorgeous!

  18. Hi Holly, I love this soap, you did a great job! You have a great talent, I could watch and listen to your videos for hours lol. Your voice is so calming and relaxing and I love your accent 😊🥰. Do you like milk soaps? I'm getting ready to make a double milk soap, but I'm afraid to let it go through gel stage, so should I put it right in the freezer after pouring it into the mold? Thank you for sharing your videos. 😊

  19. Every time I watch a video of yours i think it is the BEST now I know that this one is the VERY BEST!!! Listening to you talk and describe your talent makes me feel so at ease! May God continue to bless you and keep you soaping! Thank you Holly!!!!

  20. Wow! Amazing idea and beautiful job! Your soap is a true work of art!! You gave me so many new soaping ideas 💕 I'm always impressed by your videos.

  21. I really like your soap landscape house and tree, so cute! Thanks for sharing your process. Blessings💕

  22. Absolutely love it 😊 💗 it’s just perfect 👌 you made it look so easy to your a pro🤩🤩🤩

  23. Your soap is like a piece of art! What a delicate process of making soap! 🎨
    Your calmness and calm video are great, too! Well done!❤

  24. Thank you, Holy for yet another great video. Thanks for all that you share with us. I am new to soap making so just imagine how much I am learning from you. May He bless you and increase your provision, ameen.
    Love and greetings from Pretoria, South Africa😊

  25. You done an amazing job Holly. What a great looking soap! It wouldn't matter if you videos were an hour long i'd still watch them. May i ask what you do with your finished product? FYI I am not getting notifications from youtube. Not sure what is going on there just thought you'd like to know.

  26. I'm always in awe of your beautiful creations. Your video making skills are wonderful. Great job.

  27. As always, your talent and artistry leave me speechless! The soap turned out just beautiful and I so want to try out that pointinelle (sp??) technique! Thank you for sharing Holly!

  28. Your videos are always so relaxing and I love this landscape theme
    So amazing 🌸💖🌸💖🌸💖🌸

  29. Wow..what a perfectly planned and designed soap. I never missed any of your videos. I really admire your way of soap making. Your soap turned out so pretty💐💐 God bless you. ❤

  30. Another thing….where did you get your owl molds? They are so cute! Thanks Holly! I hope the TN twisters didn’t land in your area. That is heartbreaking what happened to Nashville!😢😭

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