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3D Papercut Capybara Lightbox | DIY PROJECTS

3D Papercut Capybara Lightbox | DIY PROJECTS

Hey everybody my project this week is making–
I don’t know what it’s specifically called–it’s like “light boxes” or “shadow
boxes” paper art. This is a project that I need to prepare a demo for since
I’m teaching a class of kids on how to make these so my boss pretty much just
asked me to prepare a demo. So this is the sketch that I have sketched out on a
piece of cardstock paper. The materials I need for this project is a
shadow box–I did not make this I bought it from a Japanese dollar store called
DAISO and drilled a hole in the back so I can wire in the LED lights which I
got from my sister who got it from Target and had extra from her project. I will try to find the link and put in the description down below if you
guys are interested in buying it! I know there’s a lot of other options as well
so I’ll try to find the links for those since I’m not entirely sure how
well this will work since there’s a lot of individual lights and I’m not sure how
they’re going to show through the paper I have transfer paper which is what’s going to help me transfer the sketch onto the other
pieces of cardstock so I can break them down into layers. Other than that, cutting
board. Exacto knife. That’s pretty much it. So I’m going to go ahead and get started on this So it actually turned out a little more
creepier than I expected but I’m just going to pretend that I did that purposely. Just pretend that’s my aesthetic now but no it’s not bad for a
first try and actually this project was pretty fun so I might do more of this
but I’m not sure. Alright I hope you all have a good week and I will see
you again soon. Depending on how quickly it takes me to
finish another project, so hopefully soon. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “3D Papercut Capybara Lightbox | DIY PROJECTS”

  1. Hay great video 👍 do you have a link to your drawing, so that we can download the image so we can trace it and make a Lightbox, thanks 💥

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