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42. Bwandungi studies her favourite villain -Jadis Queen of Narnia | Authortube

42. Bwandungi studies her favourite villain -Jadis Queen of Narnia | Authortube

Welcome back to my channel! If this is
your first time seeing any of my videos, my name is Bwandungi, and I am so glad
that you are here! I talk about books I talk about writing because I am on a
journey to publishing a story that I’m working on. 2018 has decided that it
doesn’t want to stick around so it’s rushing RUSHING out and we have to
contend with that because it’s fall. And every time fall approaches I’m just like
“Oh my God!! Everything has come to… like I don’t have any more time!” I need to do
stuff. But I do have a beautiful view outside my window. One of the other
things that I love, aside from sort of all the colors changing during the fall
in October, is all the wonderful things that are in the aisles of the stores for
Halloween decorations. Like the pumpkins and the little witches. I want one of
those little witches that sit on the shelf. I also really really am
attracted to the book ends you know the pile of books of curses and spells, and
the little bottles of potion. This one is poison and this one is like eyeball
juice or something. And it makes me feel like I’m walking into a potions class.
I’m expecting Snape to come through and it just puts me this wonderful “fantasy
state of mind.” I love love love Halloween and all the decorations that it brings.
And so as part of sort of the celebration of I’m going to be looking
at some of my favorite villains in literature and having a conversation
about them. And if you watched my last video it’s not just about what I liked
or didn’t like about the character, I’m going to try and do something a little
different where we are talking about how these villains work inside our stories
and the kinds of things that we can do to make them better what we can learn
from the different villains in the stories that we encounter. The first
villain that I have chosen is her Imperial Majesty Jadis
Queen of Narnia. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favorite stories. Me and my siblings read
our books until they were in tatters IN TATTERS and we all I know we all went
you know looking for that special cupboard in any house anywhere to see if
we could find our way to this fascinating Narnia place. Jadis is based
on The Snow Queen that was written by Hans Christian Andersen. Interestingly
enough he based this character on someone who spurned his romantic
advances called Jenny Lind and she was an opera singer. Jadis is descended of Adam’s first wife
Lilith. If you didn’t know, in Jewish folklore, Adam did not have just the one
wife, Eve. He started out with another wife called Lilith. Lilith was a demon or a
genie. I guess after the relationship with Adam didn’t work out, she went ahead
and found herself a giant husband and from that line was descended Jadis and
all her people. She was a seeker of magic she wanted to know all the magic that
there was, and in her search she came across the Deplorable Word which she
used in a battle against her sister while she was trying to overthrow her.
Her sister cheated and she went ahead and used the deplorable word that
destroyed the killed every living thing in Charn. Two kids come to her city and
wake her up by ringing a bell. In The Magician’s Nephew she gets dragged all
the way to London where she finds out her magic doesn’t work anymore and she
brandishes a lamppost that she literally pulled from the ground and beats police
officers with it while they’re trying to control her because she’s just going
wild in London. She gets dragged from London to a proto universe to a proto
world where a singing lion whose mouth is wide open. A giant lion with a giant
open mouth is singing magical words and as he sings things start coming into
being. She tries to kill it by throwing an iron bar at it. It hits the lion in
the face falls to the ground but nothing happens to the lion, but
she’s like “I’m not sticking around for this!” She finds an apple eats it
it turns her white and then she moves north and we don’t hear about her until
we get to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. So 900 years later she
overthrows the monarchy or possibly they just died out from some disease and she
had the opportunity to take the throne, we don’t know because there are no human
beings in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, we find that she has installed
herself as the Queen of Narnia and she has brought with her everlasting winter.
So far there has been a hundred years of winter. The everlasting snow idea comes
from Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen who comes from a place that
actually exists it’s a place called Spitzbergen in the Arctic Ocean where it
is like winter always. And at the end of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Jada
is killed and we don’t see her again. There are some people who believe that
the green lady who we find in the sixth book in The Silver Chair is Jadis but
it’s not Jadis and just happens to be another lady of the witches from
the north. Jadis is a very complex character. She is not flat by any means.
She’s very very static. She does not change over time, she doesn’t learn very
many lessons. When we meet her she is a power-hungry
entitled magician queen willing to destroy everything so that she can gain
power. When we meet her towards the end of her life she’s still a power-hungry
witch queen who’s willing to destroy everything so that she can gain power. On
the other hand she is just a very complex character whose motivations are
understandable. The first one is Survival. She’s been
taken from her land which is basically being destroyed by the gravity from the
Sun that is just expanding out of control, so she has to leave and when she
leaves she’s taken to London where her magic doesn’t work so she needs to
survive. And then she ends up in Narnia a place that is just being born she needs
to survive there as well. The second thing is she’s trying to
recover what she lost. She was a queen she had a kingdom there were all these
people who revered her she had a long history in her royal bloodline and she
was just trying to get that power back. The third thing is she wanted to rule
the world. If you’re the kind of person who believes that royal blood and magic
gives you the power to figure out what’s best for everyone then I guess that’s
okay. We can disagree but that’s your idea. The fourth thing is acceptance. She
couldn’t figure out why people could not accept her and that’s why she was
turning everybody into stone. She really just wanted people to bow down to her
and she gave them opportunities to do that and when they didn’t … Stone… Stone… The characteristics that define a good
villain are the following: Number One that she’s depicted as evil. Number Two
is that she would consider herself some kind of hero. Someone who’s trying to do
something good. This is how things are supposed to be and just let me do it
you’ll be fine! The third thing is that her motivation moves the story along
which it does. She’s trying to kill the kids especially in The Lion the Witch
and the Wardrobe whose very presence in Narnia means that she will be overthrown
and she doesn’t want that. Number four she has a code. You must be of royal
blood and you must have magic in order to rule and you must obey her. The first
thing that makes her a good villain is the fact that she has an awesome villain
wardrobe. This lady was like “Yo if I must be as white as salt and she’s I can work
with this. you know I can have a crown that looks
like ice and I can have me my white furs and I can have my long glittering
dress.” She worked the hell out of that. Loved it!
Tilda Swinton’s costume designer. The things that make her a bad villain are:
1. She works by herself like it’s been 900 years but for some reason she’s not
been able to sell her vision. Sure she has a police force and all this other
stuff but she has no one at her level to help her achieve her goals. 2. She has no
other trick in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe other than turning people
into stone. Like that was it. She didn’t even like throw a knife at somebody or
cut someone’s throat or something. Being this evil evil being all she did was
turn people into stone. It was a one hat trick and it was
overplayed. Point number 3 is that she did not love anything. It made it
difficult to identify with her as a person but she only had strong bad
feelings not strong good feelings. 4. She was made to be pure evil. People are not
just pure evil. 5. And she had no weaknesses other than the fact that she didn’t know
as old a magic as Aslan knew. She was still a strong military strategist she
could turn shit into stone. Those are five things that made her just a very
weak villain. I previously mentioned that she was my favorite villain and I think
I began to identify with her as an immigrant. Which is the strangest thing
to think about but she had been ejected from her… coz she couldn’t be there
anymore. The planet was being destroyed she had to leave where she was and go to
a different land but she had to figure out how to exist.
She also adjusted herself to suit her surroundings and figured things out very
quickly. When she got to London she figured out that her magic didn’t work.
So instead of her magic she decided to use her strength and she was described
as being seven feet tall and amazingly painfully beautiful. I’d love to see that!
She believed that she could get people to do things for her. She spent some time
in Narnia trying to hone her magical skills trying to figure
out what it is that she could use and I guess that’s what she used in order to
overthrow the monarchy in Narnia. Another reason that I identify with her is this
idea of loneliness. The fact that she had eaten an apple that was supposed to give
her eternal life. So when she sees Diggory she tells him, “Just eat the apple
and then we can go out and rule this world. We can figure things out.” I can
identify with that desire to have another person with you as you
experience eternal life. Who would want to do it alone? I wouldn’t! Which is
possibly why she had no good feelings for anyone. I’m jaded. I can’t imagine how
jaded I would be at like 1000 years old. The other reason why Jadis is one of
my favorite villains is her crown. That is just like… I want a crown now. I have
actually ordered crowns online so that I can wear them to feel majestic. Jadis
characteristics to learn from. I actually became more fascinated with Jadis as a
villain when I started looking at her backstory. Where she came from the things
she did. I became very fascinated with this story and so I wanted to examine
how I could use her story in order to inform what I’m doing with my own
villain. The first thing is no one loved her. No one bought into her story, no one
understood what her motivations were. She was unable to convince anyone. And I’m
not just saying about the people she terrorized the animals the hags and the
wolves and so on that she had with her fighting at the end of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. There is a cause to imagine that there were other people in
the north. Because the green lady came from the north. We eventually meet the
Telmarines. But she was unable to convince any one of her goals. No one
just did things with a passion for her because it was a passion. I have to find
a way for my villain to be loved. The people that he’s working with to have
such a passion for his vision. To buy into it so
strongly but even without him continuously present in their space and
they just… like, “We believe this guy and we will do whatever it takes.” Just a p…
that passion. That’s what I think I need to work into my villains story. The other
thing is in trying to figure out my villain I think I have a more complex
backstory for the villain than I do for the protagonist. And I have done the
character questionnaires you know the ones with like 10,000 questions about
the character? I actually have one and yet still the story of the villain is
much more complex than the story of the protagonist. Also for a different project
– not this particular one I think I am going to be very interested in writing
the story of a villain as the protagonist. So that’s all I had this
week I hope that you were able to learn some things yourself. Please go ahead and
tell me which villain is your favorite villain. Thank you so much for being here!
You stuck all the way to the end of the video and I’m so glad that you are here.
If you have not yet subscribed please subscribe, & like this video let me know
that this is the kind of content that you’re interested in seeing from my
channel. That’s it! Have a wonderful week have a wonderful day have a wonderful
night and I will see you in the next video when we discuss another villain! Bye!

6 thoughts on “42. Bwandungi studies her favourite villain -Jadis Queen of Narnia | Authortube”

  1. Feels like i live & think in a bubble 🙂 No villains in my world 🙂
    Always Interesting to hear about the stuff in your head 🙂 attracted to those pumpkins?? they actually scare me….

  2. Ooh great theme for Halloween season. I used to never think much about villains while planning novels and it left a great big whole where the opposition to the main characters should have been! Thinking about villains and what makes them effective has really improved my work. Love how you talked about the literary origins of modern villainry (Lilith, etc).

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