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48. River Soar Floods whilst I’m on it! Loughborough

48. River Soar Floods whilst I’m on it! Loughborough

Hi how you doing? Thank you very much for watching.
So this is the River Soar and at this junction, there’s a lock here and it turns into a bit
of a, a bit like a canal, but it’s still the river technically. And this is Zouch area. From
here I’ll carry on past some quite strong floodgates and a weir and I will head south
towards Loughborough today. Hopefully, fingers crossed it stays nice and dry although it
is a little bit windy so, we will see how we get on. This stretch has loads and loads
of moorings. The sides can be quite angled, so you’ve got to either have some big fenders
or allow your ropes to be a bit looser. Just across the field, there’s a car park. I’ve
left my car there for a number of days, no problems what so ever. Your’e quite a distance
from anywhere, any sort of towns or villages so theres no problems. Theres both two weirs here as well as a mechanical
one. And as you come around the corner you can feel the sort of, pull of water, sort
of trying to pull you towards the weir. So my tip is just stay on the port side. As the weirs here can get very powerful, this
section has a flood mooring scheme. If you’re heading north, one mile up stream there’s
a warning board and if the red light is flashing you must moor up at these emergency dolphins
and wait it out. For now though, the levels were fine. Once I reached Bishop Meadow Lock, my route
turns into a canal again, which is protected through the town of Loughborough. The large town has a wide range of supermarkets
and facilities within a short distance from the canal. In the wharf, which is the closest
boats can get to the town centre, there are bins, a water point, elsan and well maintained
and clean shower and toilets. {This corner is like the Ashby Canal.
Will I make it in one turn!} I wanted a quieter location, so carried on
south to just outside the town. Good morning to a rather, wet and soggy River
Soar. This is the canal part of the river just south of Loughborough. Today’s mission
is to get to Leicester because the river section of the River Soar is due to rise over the
weekend and there’s flooding predicted. The canal section ends just south of Loughborough
at Pillings Lock where it re-joins the River Soar. The river winds its way between Quorn
and Barrow upon Soar and to the east of Mountsorrel to Sileby lock. There’d been a lot of rain over the past
few days and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get out onto the river but the water
level was in the green so it was safe to travel. There’s a small quay just north of Mountsorrel
where five individually designed homes have the style of a traditional 19th-century
Dutch village. With open plan living and lots of energy-saving features, they face the
32 birth inland harbour. This impressive brick bridge was constructed
in 1860 and is Grade II listed. However after a series of inappropriate repair techniques,
the condition of the landmark is cause for concern. The recent repair work has accelerated
the decay rather than reduced it. Passing the bottom of the weir here, there
was a real sense of the water rising as the current against my narrowboat increased. In the short period of time that I came down
through Mountsorrel to Sileby, I’ve just got some fuel here, and the water level has risen
quite significantly. When I started, back on the River Soar it was very much in the
green. But I got to Mountsorrel and it was very much in the red. The weir here is overflowing like mad so I’ve
got to make the choice of letting the boat go, let it go across the canal and get up
through the lock and them moor up on the lock landing, because any further water rising, will affect
down here more than up there. To avoid the powerful swirls coming down from
the flooded weir I reversed slightly and then gave Alice a big burst of thrust which
pushed her across the current to the lock landing. The closer I got to the lock, the
stronger the current got. I passed through the lock ok though and moored
up until the levels dropped, on a calmer stretch just beyond the landing. If you’ve not already subscribed, please
do. It doesn’t cost you anything and by clicking the bell icon, you’ll be notified
about future releases. Until next time, see ya later.

100 thoughts on “48. River Soar Floods whilst I’m on it! Loughborough”

  1. Last time I stopped at Loughborough basin the showers were absolutely flooding with a leak. It had been like that for weeks apparently. Pleased they've sorted it. It's a handy stop over as there's Sainburys close by etc.

  2. As a rower, I was once claimed by the weir at Sileby, when it was very much in that mood. It made me very ill.

  3. I spent a lot of my childhood summers on the Llangollen Canal, do you have any plans to head that way? It would be lovely to see it again after many years now.

  4. Hey Jono, I'm a Canadian, but spent several summers of my youth in the Loughborough area. I had never seen it from the canal side though, Thanks for that!

  5. Wow Jono, great review. Feels like you made this video just for me as this section you passed through is definitely my old stomping ground. Thanks so much and keep up the great reporting work!

  6. Great Stuff Jono as always.. There seemed to be a few boats that were tied up in some fast flowing water. Not sure I could relax on a boat with that much flow around,,

  7. Nice video Jono, but your idea of flooding and what we had over here may be two different things. the St. John River rose here in Saint John to about 20 feet above normal, so we had a 100-year flood, with all the damage that goes with it. Luckily for me I live about 50 feet above the high tide level, up from the Harbour.

  8. Great video bro yes water can either be you friend or enemy, so always best to use caution either way. All the best

  9. Ahoi, Jono und Molly, schöne Aufnahmen, auch bei Regen. Bei Deiner guten Englishen Aussprache funktioniert die Übersetzung ins Deutsche wunderbar. Danke und Gruß Leo

    Ahoy, Jono and Molly, nice shots, even in the rain. With your good English pronunciation the translation into German works wonderfully. Thanks and greetings Leo

  10. That’s some exciting navigation Jono, amazing to think you have been doing this for just over a year, you have gained much knowledge beyond that in that time I feel.
    Mount Sorrel looks lovely.

  11. I think I would be cautious about saying where you have left your car, especially if you are posting the video while the car is still there.

  12. There are some really nice pubs around that stretch, so being held up by flooded Soar can be a blessing :-). I see the houses around Normanton are still as unaffordable as ever!

  13. The water gushing from the weir looked scary! I’m glad you got moored safely. How long did it take for the water level to drop? Thank you for another fantastic vlog x

  14. Hello Jono. We were in Loughborough this time last week thru Sunday for the Annual General Meeting of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. I highly recommend looking into the guild if you are at all interested in knot tying. We made it down to the basin to have a look at the narrow boats. Some of our members were moored up there including "Sloe Gin". If you happen to see her please pass on a cheerio from Cindy and Jim from Florida. Smooth turns!

  15. Jono, just how do you manage both a car AND a narrow boat? I would go mad going back and forth – or do you something else like a bicycle?

  16. Excellent! Really enjoyed the last few Vlogs Jono. I’ve been away for 3 weeks so catching up on my need to satisfy my canal phobia. 😉

  17. That's weird. I live in mountsorrel but have never seen it from the rivers perspective (apart from a bridge). Thanks for the view from a narrow boat!

  18. Thanks Jono, I do like the technical and engineering side of the canals very much, as well as the journeys they take you on. Things like lock operation, water levels, weirs and how they affect how you pilot your narrowboat.

    All good informative stuff, especially the historical stuff. More of this if you could please, Fascinating!

  19. I hear some British people speak their R's as W's… Is that a region thing? Because I don't hear that with all other British…

  20. Sileby is pronounced sigh- elll be great Chanel nice to learn about my local water ways 🙂 (not hate just trying to help)

  21. aww you passed right where I work. I'd have come out and said hello if I'd known. You wouldn't know it, but just before the canal in loughborough, there's a locomotive works in the industrial estate

  22. Wow, those canals run a lot longer than I thought they did. I only just recently learned about this from some other dudes video about how he left his job to do this full time. I thought it was a small ordeal.

  23. I missed this one. I’m glad I found it today. Things can change quite rapidly can’t they. Thanks again Jono! Love the adventures.

  24. Hi, how do you navigate the rivers and canals, are there apps that help you to navigate the safest route to your next destination?

  25. Though I've watched quite a few canal videos, I'm still confused as to what, exactly, is a weir. Is it what we call a spillway, in the U.S.? Is it a sudden sloped concrete connection between two levels, over which water runs at a shallow but rapid pace, prohibiting any form of boating across or through it?

  26. Update me on anything related to river soar upon roar/wharf if possible!!! Looking for relaxed natural north/south markets

  27. Sitting here watching your video and my Wife heard your voice and asked, “Oh, is that Molly’s Dad?” Sorry Jono, I guess we know who my Wife thinks is the real star of your show…

  28. Strong river currents there, looks pretty dangerous, hence the 108 Dislikes. I clicked 'Like' for the challenge though.

  29. What a lovely area. I wonder if any homes flood during rain storms if it gets too heavy for longer periods. Looks like the water rushed pretty strongly in a few places, thus, I wonder about flooding. I subscribed, though I live 5-6000 miles from Britain. 🙂

  30. A lovely video, thanks Jono. Sileby Mill can get a bit of a lick on, can't it ? One of my favourite fishing haunts. You sailed over pike up to 26 lb, there!

  31. Aaaww what a lovely dog like my old boy I lost some years ago :((( great video deciding atm about living on the canals and whether to get a narrowboat or a cruiser thats seagoing. My girlgriend has a home in Torquay so I would take the boat down there in summer on a coastal voyage! Liked and sub'd!!

  32. Random coincidence, just heard a phone call on radio one to soar tackle and suddenly this is in my recommendations? I was listening on the radio (not via phone but analogue radio in my garage) I've never even heard of the river soar till then. I think this confirms Google is listening even when our smart phones are idle.

  33. Hey captain Jono, what is the airdraft of your boat? How do you plan your tours, do you have special canal maps with all informations of the bridges? Did you ever have to go backwards?

  34. Hi Jono & Molly. Great video and I'll say I'm biased in this video (due to living in Sileby) that the area covered is Beautiful. The area is Prone to Flooding though which keeps me busy as Volunteer Flood Warden for Sileby & nearby area. keep it up.

  35. Great Video…… I live at Sawley Marina and I could take a wee in the soar and it will flood…..

  36. Hi, thanks for your vids I'm really enjoying them. You are very informative which is much appreciated! My apologies if you've addressed this in other vids, but how do you manage your car, the parking and retrieval of it, security, insurance etc? I'm researching getting my own liveaboard, I have a small motorcycle, and I'm contemplating my options! Thank you in anticipation. Best wishes

  37. For your information it's pronounced zoch. Not zoosh. I live in Normanton on soar. This is an awesome video to see👍👍👍

  38. Why do you use German? You don´t speak it, do you? It´s terrible, full of mistakes and wrong translations. Better leave it away. It only distracts from the wonderful videos.

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