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5 Things You Should Know About The FULL Moon (November 12, 2019)

5 Things You Should Know About The FULL Moon (November 12, 2019)

Hey, what’s going on my friend welcome to my youtube channel, my name is Victor and today I’m gonna share a few five things I think you should know about this powerful upcoming full moon on November 12 2019 this full moon as you probably already feel is extra transformative extra powerful extra intense extra Potent how many more adjectives can I come up with? I don’t know. Maybe you can help me out. It’s powerful Okay, and it’s because of the 11:11 gateway, that’s around me pretty much the exact same time and the main theme is there’s a very high degree a very high amount of spiritual transformation That’s taking place within You at this time and this is gonna be extremely perfectly timed and very relevant to the life You feel inspired and guided To create for yourself. It’s going to help you with the goals You want to achieve the things you want to do in the person you want to become all of these things all these ideas That come to you sometimes when you’re maybe lying awake at night that come into your mind About your future and resume down to the core. All those are real All those are like a given they’re going to happen. They’re in your card in this life, but the Upgraded version of you that knew you the real you is going to be the one That makes it all possible that makes it all happen so for all that to come into true through ition in your life what has to happen as a shift a change and you a change in me we have to transform and raise up to the version of ourself that again is capable of achieving all these brilliant things and more so my friend if You are going through a just a lot right now a lot of personal stuff Right now and you feel like your plans and your dreams are And Holden is difficult to make like real like like physical tangible progress. That’s okay That’s actually perfect. You’re right on track And what’s happening right now is like the important essential Foundational work that’s going to give way to all the practical action steps which are more like reflection to the transformation You’re making inside of yourself at this moment So as I always do my friend I will go ahead now and break down this reading into five more specific and digestible Themes that you can ground into your mind and ground into your being so that you can go forth in this powerful energy abundant with opportunity and just get the absolute most out of it and there’s a lot to get it’s a lot to Use so much potential. I can’t say it enough. And again now, I’m gonna go ahead and specify this all for you So it all makes sense beyond the vague introduction. I just gave you number one one word Thunderbolt, this is the Thunderbolt card. I’m not a tarot reader, but this card just happens to be perfectly fitting This is from the Osho Zen tarot deck and the the Thunderbolt card I believe correlates with the tower card And then like the traditional Tarot and a lot of people when they see that card they think oh God Oh hell is gonna break loose in my life and it’s not really like that what it really is. It’s a influx of clarity and in intensification and amplification of misalignments within yourself that will block you from all these dreams you have that need to come to the surface and be recognized and let Go of but the process of the Thunderbolt inner life experientially in that moment is not always pleasant But it’s essential and it’s extremely It’s extremely powerful. Okay, because this is a very high card in the whole tarot deck It means you’re getting very close to like the big payoffs the massive like noteworthy life transformations and the reason I bring this up is to say listen, if you feel if you feel like your your emotions, especially Emotions that are reflective of resistance to something in your life if these emotions feel more intense Than normal and you’re experiencing sometimes like waves of heightened Stress and just challenging emotional states in your life. Not only are they extremely positive and relevant and necessary just part of your expanding exploding process into forward awesomeness, but it’s normal so you don’t have to feel like You’re doing this wrong. You can’t do it wrong my friend. You don’t to feel like like you’re just sucking at life It’s like it’s just you’re we’re all going through it like an ascension Process something that not it really hasn’t happened before this way on the planet in all its really long history It’s never happened this way at this speed. We are the courageous one that this sort of were like, yeah, let’s Give this a shot. I think I could hang in there and this is what we’re doing. So Understand that understand what’s happening is a very profound and rare occurrence And if you have some days when you’re not feeling is Zen now and normal and little balance as you Would prefer to that’s okay It’s in a sense to be Expected and when you look at it like this when you look at it the way I described which is how I see it You can correlate it with and represent. It’s your self in an extremely positive way because it really is the more nutty you feel the more of all the angst you’re unloading and you’re you’re transcending so that for one you don’t have to feel that way any longer but most importantly you’re going to really be able to like like smoothly step into your new shoes and fulfill this destiny that you’re building towards in a very joyful and Expansive and kind of light-hearted way all this all this stuff inside you it’s it’s got to go and thank goodness It’s going it’s coming up what’s coming up is going out Number two, I wrote down physical symptoms of your emotional purification because this window of opportunity this astrological alignment is so powerful Oftentimes as we build up to it. There are physical symptoms of This release process. It’s this funderbolt card. There are physical manifestations of that beyond just the feelings of Emotions from time to time you might get you might feel sick at times like my friend Aaron Doughty my youtuber, buddy Lonnie you probably know him. This guy never gets sick. I don’t think I’ve ever Known him to have a cold ever since I’ve known him. He’s a very healthy guy and he was like throwing up He was like kids or some kind of crazy thing going on with him a few days ago. So When he gets sick, it’s like wow something must be in the air. I have a cold right now And ironically I’m a few days or tomorrow. Actually I leave for Costa Rica to do a plant medicine retreat and It’s funny because almost every time before I’m gonna do ayahuasca, which is what I’m gonna be doing I get sick and to me it started the kind of a correlation develop, right? I I view it as what I’m just saying to you. Is that sometimes before a big transformation? There are just physical symptoms of energies leaving our system so that we can really get the most out of it So if you’re feeling like a little bit compromised physically in some way or have any other sort of symptoms I’ve released like like flammer or vomiting or just you know We I don’t need to get into the graphic details. We all kind of can We can all we all know it’s symptoms of release really imply, okay? I’ll stop myself right there. My point is again if this is happening to you don’t have to think oh my goodness Why now? This is so unfortunate. You can say. Wow. It’s interesting It’s timed up with this powerful gateway that I intuitively sense is on the horizon. I know Big things are coming so I can place this these temporary fleeting symptoms in this context where I can view it in a very positive light and that can really smooth out the experience big time number three all of these types of experiences of release are leading somewhere beyond worth while Leading some we’re just truly amazing And I’ll represent that to you with the Donora the transformation card Okay, it’s like one of the top cards and the whole deck It might even be I’m not gonna not tarot expert but it’s there’s a there’s a very profound Spiritual transformation taking place inside of you right now In fact, I drew this card specifically the other day because I was running into roadblocks in my life with within my projects I’m trying to complete the these tangible Physical things I’m trying to complete that in my mind correlate with my forward progress I was running into all these problems with there and eventually I whenever whenever I’m really Feeling down and out I draw these tarot cards and this one popped up and when it popped up and immediately Represented to me like Viktor right now. You’re going through a very essential personal Spiritual transformation that is related to where you want to go. But what that means is it’s okay to kind of take a step back And maybe derail the plans your mind insists needs to take place and be more flexible and fluid and allow this transformation to ensue into such time when you know It’s perfect timing to act. Now. The thing is my friends. You probably have seen this in your own life is sometimes our life Though the way things tend to be these big things tend to manifest It can really seem like our life is getting down to the wire in like a practical sense it reminds me a long time ago when I I Quit my job to pursue this YouTube career. I pretty much ran out of money It really got down to like where we had like almost nothing We were the credit card debt and it was like man if I go if I go forward in this way another month we are Screwed but the timing was perfect just when I needed it I started to kind of make this upswing and like I can look back and say wow. That was so Perfectly time even though leading up to it, you know without that fort that that hindsight I was like man This is getting down to the wire but that’s even in itself is an opportunity to step back and choose To just have faith to choose to trust the intuitive nudges. You’re already getting This is not information. You don’t know my friend this let this be a confirmation for what you’re probably already telling yourself You’re right on track that this is a perfectly timed thing You are heading in amazing directions toward beautiful horizons and everything that’s happening Even if you can’t make sense of it in the moment It’s actually perfectly part of what’s going down over what you’re building towards let the pieces of the puzzle Take perfect form Okay, you are always on track and this is something You can choose to know whenever you want because there’s always an intuitive part of you that knows It’s all well and good and you can always drop into that number four This is more of a piece of advice that will help you tremendously during these specific types of energies Is this be like Bruce? Why but be like Bruce Lee my friend Bruce Lee. My man’s got this little cool book That was a gift and he says right here B I don’t know if you can see it be like water Okay again We are just we are changing and transforming to such an such a degree that Even though you and I are both smart and have plenty of past experiences in our life to kind of draw information from and it can lead us to the inclination to project how things need to go in the future because we think we can kind of Anticipate but we’re going through too big of a transformation that our minds are just lost they have no idea. Okay so it’s very important to to make plans to to set intentions of course, but to be very flexible very like like water and be aware when something you’re doing is causing you to kind of run up into a wall Okay. Don’t feel like a fly everything a fly stuck in your house It’ll just run into the window over over and over and over again doesn’t really realize that this isn’t working Even though this is smashing my freaking face. I’m gonna keep doing it because I’m so trapped in my minds Intention, okay We run and you might run into glass once but then you can step back and say okay I’m gonna try a different route because this is not the best way to go. You are so intuitive so empathically you can literally feel when something is right and the timing is right and there’s like energetic support Bringing you forward and when that’s not the case Step back and try again in a different way. There’s just they’re just such a an air of Transformation in the air and it really is again difficult to plan how you’re gonna go about your life You don’t need to you can feel your way forward you’ll avoid The the sword know is that you run into the glass obviously But you’ll also make progress really really quickly even in this Mercury retrograde time you can go forward very very quickly, but you gotta do it like Water you got to do it in a flexible way number five is to moreso remind you of what your intuition has been Feeling probably over the past several months That you are really building towards something Immaculate and it pertains to you like you’re building towards a new you in a new life that is reflective of your highest preferences and your most expanded visions of what’s possible you’re literally creating that right now and 2020 for you for those who are doing the work which it implies you if you watched my type of content okay, it means that you’re in this you’re like a forerunner a Pioneer in this this collective ascension just imagine billions of people and you weren’t at that absolutely at Foraging your way forward in at the front line going through the brunt of the energetic transformation energetic Realignment. Okay, and because you’re doing the work you’re gonna be one of the first ones to like really reap the rewards, okay? Yeah going first how it comes with his drawback says, you know It’s it’s it’s more it’s it’s it’s gonna be easier for folks that kind of follow in behind you But there is something that he said for me and the early bird to get the worm. You know, I’m saying it’s like 2020 is going to represent for that for you. Long story short that all this work all this physical release and there’s intense periods of emotional catharsis and all the other stuff Ups and downs in your life and symptoms that are so real, but you can’t talk about all the stuff Going on all this stuff. You’ve been going through is building you for an amazing 20 20 20 20 20 really goodness how to like step in To these new beautiful shoes of yours and really be upbeat. Um, Present and grounded in this new life you’re creating and just choose and my opinion I’d recommend trusting All that’s happening with you It’s like it’s perfect and don’t italy be look back at your journey has it not worked out in that way times of confusion times of weariness Always followed by huh. Aha moments. We look back and say wow that was Perfect. This is Perfect. You are perfectly on track for your dreams That’s my spiel my friends, and I hope it serves you Very well in your journey and your life That’s why I make these videos because a lot of times as a lot of you know I’m sort of a shy person and in person and It does sometimes take me mustering up a good amount of courage to put myself out there in this way but in my heart I know that this might help some so that’s my intention that this can help you in your Process then I did my job So anyways, my friends all the best of luck even though you don’t need any luck at all literally But it’s a nice thing to say much. Love to you all. See you all next time have an amazing day amazing month an amazing formula Namaste

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