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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently And Naturally

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently And Naturally

seven all-natural ways to keep mice from
getting inside your home a lot of people resort to mousetraps to get rid of mice
but have you ever considered natural ways to deter mice as soon as the cooler
weather start to hit chances are that every manner of living creature is
trying to find their way into the warm house bugs mice and rodents of all kinds
seek out warmth for survival many animal lovers are no longer happy with
traditional mousetraps as they are considered inhumane by some
unfortunately if you have a common rodent problem an exterminator and
traditional traps are all you can use now residents everywhere are seeking
natural ways to deter mice did you know that the average Mouse can fit through a
six millimeter gap in a wall they have a ferocious appetite consuming up to three
to four grams a day they often look for cereal grain droppings food scraps and
crumbs your first and best way to prevent mice from staying in your home
is by cleaning up after yourself as much as possible this means getting rid of
every possible source of food or crumb that is easily accessible to rodents in
this video we’ll show you seven all-natural ways to deter mice you will
love the great ways you can keep those annoying critters outside of your home
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from your number-one besties now keep watching for seven all-natural ways to
keep mice from getting inside your home number seven Tabasco sauce Tabasco sauce
you say yes you heard that right take any standard bottle of Tabasco sauce mix
it with hot water and some dish detergent and then add it to a spray
bottle walk around all the trouble areas around the foundation of your home and
spray the solution you can also take the hot sauce and add a few drops to any
large cracks that you think a critter might try to enter this is a great
natural way to deter mice using the odor in the spice of the sauce
number six high-end pepper if you see signs of mice
inside your home droppings scratching sound in the walls holes in your cereal
boxes take some bulk cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it over every
surface you think they might tread continue to do this until the signs
subside you can also take whole peppers and leave them around their nests if you
can find them did you know that there are certain ways you can check your home
as well as signs to look for that your home may have mice well have no fear
stick around until the end of the video to find out what signs to look for if
you have mice as well as what to do if you have them number 5 garlic not just a
vampire to turn garlic cloves are actually a great way to deter mice from
staying in your home you can chop up the garlic and mix it with water to form a
spray or you can leave entire cloves of garlic in your trouble areas number 4
dryer sheets not everyone can stand behind this natural deterrent as there
isn’t any scientific evidence to back it up however many people swear by this
solution the stronger the scent the better when
it comes to dryer sheets just take a single sheet and stuff at an any or all
of the cracks that might be an opening for a mouse the strong scent is said to
be a natural deterrent keep watching as we continue to countdown 7 all natural
ways to keep mice from getting inside your home number 3 cloves anyone who has
ever cooked with cloves knows that they are very very smelly their natural scent
is strong and will ward off rodents place some in some painting hose or a
coffee filter and leave sachets of them around the home in trouble areas number
2 peppermint you can purchase peppermint
oil online place a few drops inside some cotton swabs and place them anywhere
mice might be attracted to you need to replace them every few weeks but make
sure they are strong enough to keep the mice away you can also mix it with water
to use as a spray number one ammonia the substance is
extremely pungent and it should be warned that it’s not the most natural
smelling or healthy to consume chemical for humans or pets however it’s a
powerful deterrent against mice place some in bowls and stick them wherever
you think mice might be getting into however this should be a last resort and
kept away from animals and children now that you know the seven all-natural ways
to keep mice from getting inside your home it’s time to find out what signs
you should look for to see if you have mice in your home and what you should do
if you find out that you do have mice according to pests org there are many
different ways to identify whether you have mice or not there are certain steps
that you should take as well as treatment options you can do to find out
if you have mice in your home all the next steps in this video if you do find
out that you have mice it is best to call a professional to find out what can
be done you can also try home remedies but if they don’t work you may have to
call someone for help so here are the things you should do and
signs you should look out for that you may have a mouse infestation small
footprints and droppings the first thing you should do when inspecting for mice
is grab a flashlight look in the small areas or corners of your room where does
may be collected and see if there are small footprints if you see tiny
footprints you likely have mice in addition to this if you see small
droppings and cupboards on the floor or next to footprints it is another sign
that you have mice gnaw marks on furniture and scratching noises in your
walls if you notice that the bottoms of your tables or other furniture have tiny
little gnaw marks on them it could be mice another telltale sign that you have
mice is scratching noises in your walls they may keep you up at night and
usually are very annoying to deal with if you suddenly start hearing scratching
noises but you have no idea what they are start looking around for gnaw marks
droppings and footprints you of mice signs that your food has been
tampered with if you have a cupboard with snacks in it and you notice that
there seem to be bite marks or holes in the packages there is likely only one
culprit and that is mice be sure to check all your cupboards thoroughly to
see if any of your food has been tampered with
check your entire property when checking your home for mice use your flashlight
and shine it along the walls and areas you may have seen mouse droppings or
hear scratching noises be on the lookout for holes and chew marks you should
always make sure to avoid leaving food crumbs around as much as possible always
clean up after yourself when you are done eating and wipe food crumbs from
your floor’s tabletops and counters because you better bet that at night
when my smell food they’ll come to it so avoid this at all costs by cleaning up
any sign of food or crumbs that may be in your kitchen living room or any other
part of your home what to do when you have mice if you find out that you have
mice after inspecting your home don’t freak out you can try at home remedies
to get rid of them but it’s always best to contact a rodent professional to
sanitize and clean your home and remember if you ever see a mouse in your
home don’t just forget about it you can bet that if you’ve seen one Mouse
they’ve got a whole family of them they could be in your attic your garage or
other small hidden places the reason for this is because mice usually live in
groups so the moment you suspect that you have mice you have to take action
the first thing you should do is set up mousetraps and try to identify any entry
points in your home if you want to try at home remedies before calling a pest
expert do that but remember you have to act quick don’t wait to get rid of your
mouse infestation because female mice can average five to ten litters each
year they multiply very quickly and if you wait too long your mouse infestation
could quickly grow into a big big problem
so have you ever had to deal with mice what were some of the things you did
get rid of them what are some ways to keep mice outside of your house that
aren’t mentioned in this video let us know in the comments section below
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100 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently And Naturally”

  1. So, have you ever had to deal with mice? What were some things that you did to get rid of them? What are some other ways you keep mice outside of your house that aren’t mentioned in this video? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Why not get rid of mice the kinder, gentler and more humane way? Feed them foods and herbs that they like while making them sterile at the same time. Definitely a win/win situation. All rodents, including mice and rats learn to avoid poisons, traps and most other devices over time. This leaves enough of them alive to continue to populate your space. Look into natural control that doesn't kill, torture or cause needless suffering. There are products on the market more efficient than traps and poisons that allow them to be controlled. Look into them.

  3. I have tried peppermint oil dryer sheets peanut butter and traps none of them work i think these mice went to college cause they are to smart next plan is a 🐱

  4. If you want to control the mice population in your house, don’t kill the snakes living under it. The are a natural deterrent.

  5. We have to worry about a mouse's feelings now? I use all natural mouse traps made out of natural wood and natural steel.

  6. Peppermint doesn't work. I covered some french fries with peppermint and the mouse ate them. No joke. Shit I had a rat open a jar of peanut butter.

  7. Mothballs. Put them in your attic and crawl space or raised foundation. If you see holes in you insulation drop one or two in the hole. They don't smell good but are very effective and the smell won't bother you unless your in those areas.

  8. Note: I heard you shouldn’t ever leave flavored condoms laying around. Mice especially adore the strawberry and banana ones. Little buggers will chew right through expensive purses to get to them. Js.

  9. I live in an attic flat in a Victorian home. (Six apartments.) Over the past six years, I've regularly gotten mice. I've tried electronic devices; no luck. I've used glue traps; after being awakened by the screams of a caught mouse, never again. This year, after blocking off as many access points as I could, I put down tons of poison. They consumed it heartily. After a month, I'd had enough and shifted to simple plastic snap-traps. In four days, I've caught 8. I hate to see their carcasses, but not as much as I hate to see their tiny pieces of crap all over the place; they were ruining my sleep. Good riddance to the cute little buggers.

  10. My mouse infestation is not just mine, live in a block of flats connected to another block of flats where the woman throws food out the window and that is connected to another block of flats which is conne… You get the point.

    Very hard to get rid of when they can just flee to a neighbours side of the attic and then return a couple generations later.

    Can hear one right now in the loft and I've heard they have nested underneath that woman's flat. I'm patching up holes with steel wool and expanding foam and my landlord deals with the attic. Not my responsibility, don't even think I have permission to enter the loft.

  11. It's a mouse in my house and I'm scared because I'm only 8 and I think it just started today and I keep hearing scratches coming from behind my old drawer upstairs in the hallway and my heart keeps beating faster every time I hear scratches but I just act like it's my mom awake but it never works and I'm scared and can't sleep😢😢😢

  12. They're in the walls, so I'm not going to see droppings or urine. I can hear them. They squeak all night in different frequencies. I had to finally move because of them.

  13. Yeah I enjoyed your video and I know it was about getting rid of mice but I couldn't watch it because of all the mice you showed eww lol l have no problem loading around my house with cayanne yeah baby come on mice you wanted to get in my house you going to burn baby burn.

  14. We made mice traps out of 5 l. water bottle with peanut butter and allays carried them one kilometer away from the house in to the nature.

  15. I made myself big mistake, recentlyI throw rotten grain in my plants outside for making organic soil and also accidentally had a broken wood board out side wall due to flash on the roof. Mice got into my attic with noise that I thought squirrels. I closed the broken hole outside they travel everywhere in the house but I did not realize until they came to my kitchen cabinet destroyed all my dry foods and flours. Then I closed all open holes and crevices inside the house yesterday. They found the way to get out of my house by the AC’s cord. I clean up with only regular vinegar. And drop moth ball to where they came out from walls. Now no more noise on my attic any more. Good bye mice family and squirrels. Peace!!

  16. Cayenne peppers cant work! Here's a video of someone using the Carolina reaper pepper. So after watching this, then how would a milder pepper work???!

  17. Hello thank you for sharing the seven tips to get rid of rodents. I had tried with peppermint oil dipped in cotton balls and kept on the places where mice mostly move about. It didn't work this time. Then tried with green chillies coz they don't like spicy items. No effects and now tried with robon cakes and kept on the areas mostly visited by them. Praying for some relief from this naughty pest coz it ate up the leaves of a plant kept outside kitchen window.

  18. Seal all cracks or or repairs holes where you suspect mice are entering. I called a company that sealed a chimney area where there was a crack, a small hole where the line to my cable for the tv came into the house, and replaced stripping on my garage door. Once all mice (5) were caught i have not had a problem.

  19. Inhumane my ass!!! These bastards have cost us $1,000s in damages and costing us a remodel because we can’t get rid of them, poison poison poison, I could care less about being humane…

  20. Snap that lil bitch. Or better yet get a sticky trap so when their nose comes in contact it will suffocate them slowly

  21. I just want to get rid of adverts while searching for something else if I do need pest control I will contact youselfs

  22. I've lost cayenne peppers to mice. I grow a few types of peppers every summer. Bring them in the kitchen when ripe. Left in a bowl on the table. Next morning, little droppings and half eaten chillies and garlic.

  23. People are quite able to understand the presence of rats.As your caption,you should show only the methods of eliminating them fast rather than lingering on other matters and boring us.

  24. We’ve looked everywhere and I cannot stop them from coming in. I’ll kill a few here and there and in a few months they inevitably be back again. Nothing works permanently. Cannot wait to sell this house!

  25. We have had the best results from poison packs…I don't know the name of them as my husband ordered them. But they work better than the usual mouse traps. In fact, we used several of those traps at first, but we watched as mice would run right over them and the traps weren't even triggered. Although, at times, they do kill a mouse here and there. My son put three of them next to each other…though the mice ran over the first two and survived, they usually get caught by the time they run across the third one. And after the infestation that we have been dealing with for so long, I don't give a rat's butt if their itty bitty feelings are hurt by these traps. At least they die quickly. And my family has less risk of being physically harmed by these things. Yes, my family's health (and my antique piano that I just caught a mouse chewing on today!) is more important than the feelings of the mice.

  26. We use Moth Balls, I throw them under my home in the crawl space. Yes, it does make the house smell for a bit, but I do not get mice when I do this. They leave.

  27. Actually do not do this thing because rats probably are going their Extinction and they help the economy by picking up small letters in trash and it's good for the environment so if you see a rat in your home they're just there to clean up your mess and your kids mess and probably their Lego so you won't step on them

  28. I've heard and used old coffee grounds and it seems to have worked. I even tried instant potatoe's ….without leguid ..they go away choke in their nests.

  29. If the problem is under the house that is easier to get rid of than if they are inside. Just find either a Texas rat snake or a common speckled King Snake
    and let them loose under your house.

  30. 1. Mice traps
    2. Have a cat or two
    3. If you have animals put their food up high where cannot be reached or next to cat 😉
    4. Mint
    5. Garden snakes ;))
    6. Put all food in containers
    7. Peanut butter or chocolate in traps
    8. clean house every fucking day and stalk those little shits

    Edit: I smell like mint and I can't see mice~ but I did find blood spots so I'm guessing the cats also did their part :]] oh for the trap the baits you can use are anything that has a strong tasty smell; ex, peanut butter, chocolate, some ceral (if glue traps). Also I got some cotton rounds and put mint oil and some Dr bronners mint soap diluted with water and mix those up with about two or three drops of oil on each cotton and a quick pour of water/mint mix and change them daily as well as wipe the shelves and I haven't seen them yet :]]

  31. I use decon green bars,and the older style mouse traps. One nibble on the bait is all it takes. After that, it's curtains 👍

  32. I use cats 6 of them to be exact they work just fine i see them with mice every day , where most people make their mistake with cats is they pick out a cute little kitty kitty and then they run to the store & buy the big big bag of cat food & the automatic feeder cause i mean who has time to feed the cat really , so now you have this fat cat with a completely full stomach who couldn't catch his own tail if he tried , suggestion: stop feeding the cat if you want him to hunt for prey , cats with full stomachs take poops & naps & not much more …. just sayin

  33. I'm going to assume that these solutions will affect my guinea pigs too? Which probably means I can't use any of these in my guinea pigs room, which also means the mice will catch on to it and just move their nest to the guinea pigs room. Not something I want my guinea pigs around either.

  34. Main way is to seal up holes from inside to outside bc they smell warm air. And there traffic travel leaves a scent. Caulk up and steel wool or aluminum foil stuffed in the hole before caulking. … check out side on every corner of the house. Crawl space entry. Or open cracks. Seal up !!!! Bleach spray. The decon poison n and glue traps. Or a bowl of peanut oil . Kill allllllll

  35. U ever heard a cat do that weird MOAOAOAOOOORRWWOOOOW SOUND LIKE WHEN ITS IN HEAT OR ABOUT TO FIGHT it's a drawn out weird freaking howl sound. Whenever I hear a some rat action I'll duplicate that weird cat howl really loud like and can't help but end it in a laugh but the rat action stops. We've tried everything to make them stop gnawing ……beating the hell out of the wall or floor or ceiling just to make them stop but no matter how blunt or loud they didn't care…until one day I did that cat howl and it stopped. Freaked me out. I've continued to use for all kinds of encounters with rats and so far works Everytime, just feel stupid having to make that cat sound.
    note: I've had cats my whole life they don't make a difference to me,unless you got u Rat Hunter Cat,that's hungry.

  36. I lived in a place where I had a very bad mouse infestation and I used those sticky mouse traps and I would put a bunch of them in all the trouble areas of my home and they worked for a while I would catch a handful a day but I moved because the infestation was so bad my house was by the river and there was tons of mice there so no matter what I would try to do they would still find a way in my house and it was terrible that I had to use something everyday to get rid of them they are just as bad as roaches. So I chose to move and I had to because I was pregnant at the time .

  37. My air conditioner remote buttons is tampered by mice I think…bcz my sis saw mice 10 days ago in the evening in our dinning room but I can’t understand that remote control is always on my bed head when n how mice do that ? Is it really a mice?

  38. If you have mice in your kitchen or elsewhere throw some flour on the floor overnight. This way you can see where the tracks are coming from and going to. Also, if you use the old manual traps use PIC brand traps. They are MUCH easier to set!

  39. I’m so terrified n tripping right now! I just sat here n watched A Freaking mouse just literally come under the tiny crack under my door n come charging at me 😩 I can no longer stay here.

  40. There is nothing that will get rid of them other than sealing all the holes. Hot stuff like peppers and moth balls were tested on other youtube channels and made zero difference. You can disturb their runs with stinkey stuff like ammonia or fabric softener because they follow urine trails but does not take long to wear off

  41. I always crammed steel wool around any opening that i could. Such as where water pipes and drains enter the house. Any place i could reach. I don't care about inhumane treatment of mice. I would add mouse traps to my garage and poison right next to a slight opening at my garage door where concrete settled leaving a little gap. This was protected from any pets that might visit my home.

  42. Small pets like cats or dogs, peppermint, i always keep mouse traps set and ready, mop floors with pinesol. We moved in to a house in thornhill and the landlord didnt tell us about mice in the building it looked clean and when we fully moved in first sign of a mice 1 drowned in the kitchen sink and a thorough look under fridges and found alot of mouse poop so we bought alot of mouse traps every ither day the mouse trap would go off and in total 7 mice our landlord was nice about it and reimburse us for all the mouse traps and ultrsonic plug ins we purchased

  43. The best mice bait for the traps I have ever used was to nuke a tootsie roll piece of candy to get it very soft and mold it onto the trap with a smite of peanut butter. Works like a charm

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