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A Goose in Need Deserves Help Indeed | The Incredible Dr. Pol

A Goose in Need Deserves Help Indeed | The Incredible Dr. Pol

29 thoughts on “A Goose in Need Deserves Help Indeed | The Incredible Dr. Pol”

  1. arthritis, IS comments thing & is natural disease for people getting old & older , didnt know effects on animals 2!

  2. What a beautiful creature, look at how the goose actually puts his beak on the ex military dude. Wonderful.

  3. In ancient Rome, geese were used as guards.

    1:40 Ziggy seemed so relaxed, it's very easy to tell she likes being around her human companion.

  4. Joint issues are mostly caused by long-term lack of all needed nutrients.
    I'm not surprised the doctor didn't mention the need for nutrients – most doctors don't.

  5. I was a janitor once. I don't describe myself as an 'ex-janitor'. Live in the 'now' before it's too late.

  6. This beautiful goose loves You, and You love this goose ! Everything is incredible : the Great Doctor Pol, and the wonderful friendship Your and this goose Ziggy. Good luck to All of You !

  7. I wish we have a vet here like Dr Pol. The vets here don't know anything other than cats or dogs. We have no one to turn to for our pets like ducks, goose, raccoons, etc. A person has to travel for 3 hrs to see one. If there was an emergency we are doomed

  8. A lot of domestic geese can have issues walking later on in life because they don't get near as much water time as wild geese and they are usually bred to be very heavy which is why they generally don't tend to fly

  9. No-nonsense vets. We need more of them. Now vets want to charge you for unnecessary services that do nothing for the animal but make the owners feel good because they spent money on their animal.

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