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A new world of RAKES and JAM | Untitled Goose Game

A new world of RAKES and JAM | Untitled Goose Game

*laughing over honking* Yes! Goose Game! Even this… is the best
thing I’ve ever played. Why do I get the feeling that this goose
is gonna get more stuff than me done today? Is he really going to put these back
in the ground if I take them out? Based on past data… Many would say yes. But he cannot possibly be that much of a fool. *slurping noises* mmm… Come on! What are you gonna do? Fire me? I’m a goose! You can’t kick me out of the garden! This is where I live! I own these streets. He’s not even using this. It belongs in the lake. I disrespect your bridge, Fruit Man! This is my bridge now! People will come here
and tell stories of me! *sluuuuuuurp* nom nom nom nom nom nom
nom nom nom nom nom nom *slurp* *munching noises* *SLURP* *MUNCH* Come onnnnn…. Hydration is important! Let me drink! I’m so thirsty! I just float around in a lake all
day, but you can’t drink lake water. It’s bad for you. I need your Good Water. *laughter* Alright, alright, I get the point. You like the boot. Mmm. om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom That wasn’t even my fault, Gor- It’s not my fault you walk into a goose! Pay more attention! These are bad pumpkins. They were just in there. This guy doesn’t know how to garden! He’s like “No! My fake pumpkins!” “I need those to trick the Vegetable Fair.” *laughing* You- You fool! You utter fool! Pick ’em up. Yeah. What are you doing now, putting the pumpkin back in the perfect spot? That’s ridiculous. You look ridiculous right now. No, look, don’t blame ME. You should be blaming yourself for how
ridiculous- look- You can’t put a pumpkin back! That’s pointless. Just take it inside! Eat it! Use it for what it’s for! No, I don’t want it! Put it back! I’ve had it with you. You bumbling fool! You placed your radio underneath the box. I’m… I’m stuck. Hey, buddy. Hey! Hey, farmer. Y’know, we’re not so different, you and I. Sure, you walk tall on two lo- *gasp* Oh my god! *laughter* The audacity! I thought we were friends! I thought we had a good
thing happening here!? And you just trap me like this?! No, this is unacceptable. I must admit, Gordon, you are meticulous. Where did your keys go, though, Gordon? Gordon, you appear to
be missing your keys. Gordon! You seem to be a little… Highly strung!
*honk* …Have to go back to the beginning… Where it all began. We must bring it all back here! We will create a new world! One that is free of that despicable Gordon. He cannot cross the river. Yes… With every waking hour you will
grow ever more tired, until finally, we can overthrow the humans. *honk* Yes, your precious jam. *taunting* Where will you be without this, Gordon? *evil chuckling* We’ll make a new world, of rakes and jam! Yes… Soon we shall have
all the ingredients! *Inception-style horn plays over ominous violin* *a single honk rings out in the distance* *dark cinematic music plays*

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  1. "There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable."

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