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A Wild Goose Chase and Broken Stitches Broken Nails and Broken Laws

A Wild Goose Chase and Broken Stitches Broken Nails and Broken Laws

(funky upbeat music) Harold Wildgoose. Good morning, sir.
Good morning. Mr. Wildgoose, is this your attorney? No, that’s my wife.
Oh, your wife? Yep, 53 years so. Are you trying to tell me that she was driving the car? Yes, she was. Inspector Quinn, how do I know these things? They must tell you before.
No, they don’t tell me anything before. I don’t get it. I’m sorry. Well, have you had a lot of experience in court? Oh, my first time. Mr. Wildgoose, have you had a lot of experience in court? No.
So between the two of you, this is your first time in court? Yes. Alright, now, I’m really talking to everyone here, you probably notice that we have a relaxed atmosphere in court, right, if you haven’t noticed that by now, there’s something wrong with you anyway. But there’s a reason for that, it’s all by design, I know that almost all of you for the most part, this is the only time you’re gonna be in court, for most people, a traffic offense is the only exposure they have to the judicial system. I try to make the court session as non-intimidating as possible, because I realize it can have a terrible effect on you. So let’s assume you were here and a very stern judge came out and said to you, you are charged with going through a red light, I don’t wanna hear any excuses, did you do it or didn’t you do it? And then give you a fine and you leave, you leave and you think the systems of government are terrible, particularly for young people, so that’s a long way of me telling you that we try to make you all comfortable here, we’ll probably give you a big fine, but at least you leave, you know, you’re not intimidated. Alright.
Well, your warm up host helps. Oh, yes.
He warmed up the crowd very well.
Oh, he was lovely, he really was. He went around and talked to everybody and they tried to make everyone feel at ease, he was just really nice. I can’t believe he’s 70 years old though, ooh, I shouldn’t have told anybody. You told everyone how old he is. But he just doesn’t look it, he’s really very lovely.
You know, let me tell you something, first of all, a couple of things, I wanna make an observation, alright, number one, he probably had a good bringing up, don’t you think his mother,
I think so. his mother and father did a good job with him? Yeah, I think so. And secondly, you’re not supposed to flirt with people in the court.
Oh. Particularly with your husband here. Oh, my God, I wasn’t doing that, I’m sorry.
Inspector Quinn, she’s flirting. Oh, my God. And thirdly, I want you to know that that gentleman is my brother. No way, honest to God, is he really? He is my brother. Oh, well, you have a lovely brother. Well, the jury is still out. (court laughing) No, you’re pretty nice too, we meant you also.
Oh, I. (court laughing) Oh, no, I don’t mean it like that, I’m sorry. No, no, no, no, no, no, you are– I’ve just been diminished. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you were very nice to us one time, when we met you. Well, I’m sure, I’m gonna ask him for a recommendation. Let’s take a look at this is a red light violation on Eddy Street and Dudley Street, let’s take a look at it. (gasping) I hesitated. She don’t like you anymore, Joe. (court laughing)
No, no. No, I was anxious, he had just lost his vision in his right eye, I was anxious.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, speak into the mic.
Oh. I was really anxious and I realize that I really didn’t do that correctly, I hesitated, I was trying to get him to the doctor’s office, he had just lost his vision in his right eye and I was nervous and so I–
He was in the car? Yeah, he was in the car.
And you were going to a doctor’s?
Yeah. And he had lost vision in his right eye? His right eye and I was anxious about it, so I really didn’t think that I had not stopped, but it looks like I did.
Inspector Quinn? I didn’t stop.
He said it was all clear on the right. (court laughing) Your Honor, also there’s an ambulance behind the vehicle. No, no, I swear to God, but I really did hesitate, doesn’t look like I stopped at all and there is a sign there too and I didn’t see that, but there is a sign that says you have to come to a complete stop, yeah, I can see that, you come to a complete stop and then you make the turn and you most likely have to count three seconds, like 1001, 1002, 1003, I didn’t do any of that. When you finish, let me know. Joe, is she all set, we all done? Okay, Your Honor, Joe said it’s clear. You’re good.
Mr. Wildgoose, she’s already throwing you under the bus, she’s blaming you for everything. Alright, well, I understand I have to pay. Listen, based on the totality of the circumstances as enunciated quite clearly by you and taking into consideration it’s your first violation ever, your first time in court, we’re gonna take all of those factors into consideration and the matter’s gonna be dismissed. Good luck to you. Oh, thank you very much.
Good luck, Mr. Wildgoose. Thank you. Do I pay the court fee though? Do I, oh no, that’s gone too. Thank you very much. (court laughing) It’s always been my nature to try to be funny, especially in tense situations, I find that for the most part, it works, it helps put everyone at ease. But every once in a while, my attempt at humor is as well received as a foul wind in church. So when Mrs. Wildgoose said she was rushing to the hospital, because her husband had lost the vision in his right eye, my immediate reaction was to try to make a joke about it. I didn’t stop.
He said it was all clear on the right. Now there was only one of two ways a joke like that could go, the first, like a doody in the punch bowl, or it could go like this. (court laughing) Thank you, Mr. And Mrs. Wildgoose for getting my sense of humor, now if you could only talk to my wife, Colleen, never mind, she’ll never get it, she doesn’t love me for my humor, she loves me for my body and that’s fine with me. Sharla Hunt, I will take you first. You’re charged with going through a red light on Westminster Street and Manton Avenue, is there anything you wanna tell me about this? Yes, sir, Your Honor, I had just had a very major colorectal surgery right before that and I wasn’t driving anywhere since that day, I had to go to the doctor’s. So I was going through, you can see me right there, but I couldn’t hard brake, because my stitches are, so I couldn’t hard brake, I would have hurt myself. I was having a hard time driving, it was the only time I have driven since the surgery and I didn’t know it was gonna be that hard. So you were driving after surgery? I mean, it was after, but I didn’t know I was gonna be that sore still. Alright, I understand. I have a really good driving record, I’m 41, I’m going down there, ’cause I don’t like to jinx myself. I’m your favorite charm city girl, I haven’t been here in a long time, but please, Your Honor, I’m disabled with a handicapped child, I have no money, I’m on disability, I can barely afford my bills. Alright, you’re broke, you had surgery, you were operating, the stitches would’ve come out, you couldn’t stop, alright, what else? I’m gonna start crying in a minute, so. Me too. (laughing) I left one glove on, ’cause I broke a nail. You broke a nail this morning? Oh, my God. It’s the rent.
I can’t believe, everything happens to you. I know. We’re gonna take a look at the red light, okay. Okay.
Alright, let’s take a look. What’s the time on that?
See, I saw it going yellow and I tried to hurry, because I knew I couldn’t hard brake. What’s the time on that? That’s why.
Let me see it again. I mean, you know I couldn’t stop it, like hard brake.
Let me see that. So again, I saw it was going yellow, I tried to get through, because I didn’t wanna stop on the bum. ‘Cause your stitches would come out? Yeah, and they’ve broken, I’ve had over 10 surgeries in the last five years, every single one of these, this is the only time that the stitches have not broken down, so I have done everything in my power. Oh, I got you, I got you, you know why? Because all the other surgeries, right, you put the brake on and that’s why, with this surgery, you said I’m not putting the brake on, I’m going right through the light. I just, I tried to do everything to make it work. The court administrator has to help me on this one, Mr. Butler, get up here. I don’t think you want my help, I saw the video, Your Honor. Alright, well, it appears that Miss Hunt had surgery and it was a very delicate and painful surgery, Yes.
and she was operating and she don’t have to tell us where she was going, because that’s her personal business, but it appears to me that probably it was somewhere that there was some sense of urgency. It was, my daughter, she has autism and when the school bus comes, if I’m not right there, she gets so upset and I try, I don’t want her to go through that, so I tried to get there fast and honestly, I could not, like I saw the light was going yellow and I couldn’t stop, ’cause I was already in motion and I was worried about breaking the stitches. Now Mr. Butler, you’re a parent, so do you feel any kind of, judgment here today, that would be– I beg you for leniency, sir. I do, Your Honor, but–
She’s pleading with you. I beg you, I literally have a great driving record, you can check my record, I normally would not have, you know. What if there was somebody in that crosswalk? I mean, I was looking, there was no one there and I’d never normally in that area, so I was a little confused that the stop is all the way back here and the light is all the way over there.
Alright. Mr. Butler, she broke her nail this morning, she had surgery, she has a child with autism, it’s your first red light violation. I’ve had 15 surgeries, Your Honor and prior to that, I’d never had a medical condition. I understand, Your Honor, but I would at least, because of the infraction, I would at least ask for court costs. But like I said, sir, I’m on disability and then I just got my food stamps cut, because of a NPP program reimbursed my medical insurance, so now I don’t have to pay $139 for medical insurance, that I couldn’t afford, but I can’t buy food, but I’ll pay the court costs, if you feel as though, that less bread and milk for my child would be sufficed for today, ’cause I have no money. I really don’t think you wanna start debating this. I don’t, but I asked for leniency, because of my financial situation. And leniency would be a $35 court cost, in my opinion, but the judge, that’s why he has ultimate decision. And I ask you, Your Honor, please to have mercy on me, please. He’s already made a decision, I can see it. I know, Mr. Butler in his heart was saying the judge should really dismiss the case, but he understands that there have to be consequences, ’cause he’s a very compassionate, understanding guy. Nevertheless I’m gonna dismiss the matter. Thank you, Your Honor and I will make sure that never happens again, as I’ve been approaching red lights at yellow– Put the glove back on, I can’t stand to look at that broken nail. I know, it’s so like awful. Thank you, Your Honor. That broken nail was getting to me, I can’t see it. I know.
Alright. But the other glove has a hole and the nail pokes through. You’re free to go.
Thank you, Your Honor. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.

100 thoughts on “A Wild Goose Chase and Broken Stitches Broken Nails and Broken Laws”

  1. I'm in another country and inspector Quinn and Judge Frank Caprio always make my day better.

    thank you for being lovely human beings

  2. the second made one excuse too many for my taste. she said she looked at the light and couldn't brake but then she said she also looked at the crosswalk and noone was there. plus she was hurrying. just pay the fine…

  3. She had 10 surgeries, she had 16 surgeries. She was going to the doctor, she was rushing to be there for her child when the bus arrived. Story kept changing. I would have made her pay the fine.

  4. In the last case that woman is such a self absorbed, self entitled b**ch! Caprio makes mistakes more often that i want to see. Letting her go free for an arrogant breaking of the law was horrible.

  5. The second woman is a big time con artist…. How did she hard brake after she had passed the signal??? she ended up so close to the car in front of her.

  6. 10:07 She started getting horrible, I agree with Mr Butler. She can't slam on the brakes, Well driver slower, 7:35 Also after jumping the red she had to break hard not to hit the car ahead so think she was rather rude, its everyone fault but hers. Judge you buckled I think court costs should have been set with $5 a month.

  7. The lady Red Light runner was really lucky a child had not run out in front of her, would she had hit the brakes then. She knew she had medical problems yet she didn't leave early to pick up her child for what ever reason.
    If your not fully capable of driving then you shouldn't, WHAT EVER THE REASON.

  8. 10:14 The broken nail woman 🙄 showed her real personality toward the court admin; yet the judge still dismissed the ticket. I know he’s lenient, but she lied a couple of times, so I hope she does appreciate the break.

  9. Judge Caprio made a mistake with that last lady…
    She was lying about something, idk, she just didn't sit right with me. That and she FLEWW passed the red light like nothing, what if someone was jn the process of crossing? She had plenty of time to stop. I bet she is off food stamps because they cut her off for being a con artist…look at that car she drives…lady should have been fined and made to pay, I didn't believe a word she said, but Judge Caprio is way too compassionate sometimes.

  10. That lady with broken nail couldn't stop at the stop light but just after it, there id traffic and she stopped without worrying about the stitches… she literally lied and butterd judge Caprio!

  11. Second case. How can you plead poverty and say you cant feed your child and at the same time afford to own and run a car????

  12. JUST WOW . . . that’s why Judge C is on the bench . . . Thank you for not hesitating to give her family leniency without further diminishing what is left of her humility . . . no 1 in the crosswalk . . . 🧩 . . . a child with Autism . . . recovering from surgery . . . underemployed . . . on limited disability . . . .AND NOW . . . Slashed food assistance . . . meaning less food for her family & child . . . What an incredible judge !

  13. She said she was going to the doctors and then said she was going to pick up her autistic daughter. It went from 10 surgeries to 15. So what is the truth?

  14. When the judge said to her to put the glove back on as he couldn't stand to see that broken nail, I was in stitches laughing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. The last lady I’d send her to jail. What a whacked up weirdo, I swear! Never seen anything like it! Embarrassing lady!

  16. The broken nail lady made up every exscuse she could. When someone talks that much and that fast they are lying

  17. I had noticed it long back Mr. Quinn, Im fan of your sense of humour, especially your comments at the end of the every video. Love from India ❤

  18. Well said sir Mr. Caprio, if the judicial people treat ordinary people properly, many of them will not repeat their mistakes. Sometimes when an innocent man gets punished by judicial system, then he will not have any respect and definitely commit mistake or criminal activities in his life.

  19. Before anyone makes another bad comment about the lady who had 15 surgeries just stop now!! This is why none of us is a judge because we often over judge people too much and luckily judge Caprio see the good in every people…

  20. Only in America, you don't have money, but you drive not the cheapest car. Watching this filmed show count, its obvious that judge and other guys are 5x softer than they would be normally. I understand when he gives a pass when the red light was like 0.3 sec or turned right with a sign "stop before turn". But she went so fast and it was about 0.8s if she doesn't have money give her extra work for free for community for a day at least or take her license for some shorter time, but completely pass, when she was clearly lying. That guy suggested at least 35$ fine for court, he was thinking what could have happened.

  21. Last girl shoulda paid the fine. She has a nice car, nice clothes, a french manicure, and a fresh attitude. She didnt fool me.

  22. I normally would agree with the Judge but on that last lady I just felt like she was making excuses and the story kept changing. Plus she went flying through the light and nearly hit the guy in front of her that stopped after the light. Then that comment about less food for her kid would have put me over the top and I definitely would have charged her full amount. He’s a great Judge but I do feel like that one should have been charged.

  23. LOVE these videos, but one quick observation: if an older person says “yeah” it’s fine, but if a younger person does Judge Caprio quickly says “it’s yes your honor.”

    I agree that it should be “yes your honor,” and for teaching youth the value of respect; but it seems a little like a double standard.

  24. She should have paid in full because she lied, first she said she only drove because she had to go to the doctor's… then she said she had to pick up her autistic daughter.
    That's crazy to see how far in a lie people go, just not to say sorry I was wrong .

  25. There's a lot of judgement against the second woman. She did make a pretty egregious error at the light but because of all she's dealing with, her inappropriate behavior is actually hysteria. She's in a very fragile emotional state and I hope she can get help soon.

  26. Judge Caprio is really really nice and fun and exciting. He represents a role model to humanity. I am not kidding. He welcomed everyone. I would pee in my pants coming to court. I have been to court in VA before. It’s nothing like this. It was scary and very stressful. I had to take a day off to calm my anxiety. I wish all judges were like judge caprio. I think of him all the time. He makes me a nice person. He encourages me to do good for the society. He taught us to be kind, helping others and do good for the family and the country. What a lovely concept. I wish one day I will be able to see him without a ticket though. Lol.

  27. I didn't buy her story totally but I also don't like the court administrator Mr. Butler his job is to screw people over.

  28. what if there was a pedestrian in the sidewalk. the light had just changed. that government agent has no heart whatsoever

  29. You have two feet, if you can't use one you can use the other. You can pull up your emergency brake too if you are not going too fast, assuming you have a hand brake lever.

  30. Speaking of reasons; Government OVER REACH in legislating superfluous and greed ridden, corrupted laws. I'm so mother f–king sick of OUR government on ALL levels. VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!

  31. Well i am not American but i see so much cases that people beg even for 35 $ or even 10 $ . I dont understand cuz when i think of Americans i think that at last they secure basic needs.

  32. That lady seem like she lied think she was just giving the judge a bunch of bull lies then broke a nail wtf he’s might be two Lenient on some of these people

  33. I can understand having autistic young’ins, my two boys are autistic. If they were to be born all over again the same way I still wouldn’t trade them for anything!

  34. I hope Mr.Caprio lives to see a hundred plus… greatest moralistic and down to earth judge in the history of the American judicial system!


  36. The nail lady failed to signal as well as running through a red light on top of driving recklessly but yet said she has no money but somehow can drive a mid 2000s Mercedes-Benz ML 350 and somehow pay for the maintenance cost including the nice clothes she was wearing?

  37. I thought the broken nail lady was making an inside joke with the judge but I then realized that she was being real… SO many lies.

  38. Ask the families who have lost their dear ones by careless drivers jumping red lights.Most of the offenders have pre planned excuses before appearing in court.

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