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AIR 49 | JEE Advanced 2019 Topper | Abhinav Gupta’s JEE Preparation Journey

AIR 49 | JEE Advanced 2019 Topper | Abhinav Gupta’s JEE Preparation Journey

Hello! We are with Abhinav Gupta, the AIR 49 of the IIT JEE Advanced 2019. How are you feeling today?
Good, excited, nervous. How did you feel when you saw your result and the number – AIR 49? I felt good, as in very good. I worked for this over the past four years, so when I saw my result, it felt terrific. Were you expecting this kind of a rank? I was not expecting a rank this good but was expecting somewhere around the top 100. I got a rank under the top 50, so it is a good thing. How is your family feeling about this whole situation?
Everyone is feeling very good and happy. Everyone knows that my family members have worked hard along with me. Everyone has worked hard along with you? Tell a little about this. They were very supportive. They made sure that I don’t face any difficulties concerning my studies. I got whatever I wanted. Whatever environment I wanted to study, I got it. Everyone has contributed equally to this rank I got. Since how long have you been preparing for this?
I have been preparing since 2015. I had taken up a 4-year program with a coaching institute.
Okay, which coaching institute? FIITJEE.
How did you balance course work and FIITJEE classes? Initially, it will be a little difficult for everyone, it was for me also. But you become habitual to it after a while. You start doing it and you also get the results at the same time. You get results too for the tests given by you. Then you also feel like studying because of the results you get. In classes 9th and 10th, you could have managed but in 11th and 12th, there is more pressure because the course work becomes a little more difficult.
With me, it was simply that if I am preparing well for JEE, I will automatically be able to prepare for boards and CBSE. I did not have to put in any extra efforts for CBSE because I was studying for JEE. In only the 5th subject and English, I had to explore a little extra, but with others, JEE preparation was enough. Is there no difference? I mean obviously, there is a difference between preparing for JEE and preparing for boards. CBSE is a subset of JEE, especially in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. So, if I am preparing for JEE, the CBSE preparation happens automatically for Physics, Chemistry & Maths. Tell me, Abhinav, what was your daily routine? How would you manage your time in a day?
It depended. If there were a class, then I would go there. After that, we used to make notes, and I would try and revise them on the same day itself so that the topics are clear. If there were no class at FIITJEE, then I would decide the amount of work, and my target for the day. I used to try to exceed my limits so that I could give my 100%. Were you devoting time to self-study as well?
Yes, it is essential. Merely joining a coaching institute is not enough. The major part is self-study.
For example, you were giving in six hours into a class at FIITJEE, then you need to go to school also. I’m talking about 12th class here! You have to go to school and then study as well at home. So, how were you doing that? I mean, there are only 24 hours in a day. I used to attend school less frequently. In a week I would go to school only for 2 or 3 days. So, there was not so much pressure on me regarding school. But, it’s just that you need to adjust a little as you only have these four years with you. Once you get admission to a prestigious college, it is a good thing. Whatever you are doing, is for yourself. Tell me a little bit about myPAT? How did it help you to achieve the target that you had? Since the last two years, the exam is being conducted in the online mode for JEE Main & Advanced. JEE Main went online this year only. So, it is also essential that we get an online experience as to how you cope with online exam or the questions displayed over there and how to accordingly prepare for it. myPAT helped a lot in this because whatever exams I took online, I took it on myPAT. You can practice in any way whichever way you like. Regardless of what you get or where you study, be it school or coaching. Plus, the practice papers and chapter-wise tests you get, you can also practice well too. Without practice, you can’t work on your speed and time management skills. Many tests were conducted by myPAT like Pre-JEE Main and others. How were they beneficial? Did you appear for any?
Yes, you get a complete syllabus test, so whatever you prepared for, you get to appear for that at one go. So, you get more prepared for the exams. Moreover, you get the same environment as JEE. Plus, do you get to identify your preparation loopholes too? Yes, that is also there. When you get fewer marks, you understand your weak topics and I need to invest more time in it. So, myPAT also helps in that! You can know AIR through it and marks of the topper too. So, you know where you stand all over India. For example, you are taking the exam, you come across a question, which you have never seen before. So, a moment of panic arrives, right? And you think, Oh My God! What do I do now? How do you think a student should handle such a situation? Firstly, you can’t leave that question by merely looking at it? Read it first, initially you feel as if this question is a long one, I might as well skip it, that should not be done. You must read the question, If you think it’s difficult and you haven’t read that concept, or you’re forgetting it, just don’t panic. You move to the next question. If you have completed the rest of the questions, then come back to the one you left. There’s no need to panic. Solve the questions you know first and come back to the ones you don’t know if you have time left! Because if it’s difficult, then it’s for everyone. Do you think self-study is sufficient for a student to get through JEE? Yes, one can but it will become very tough to do so. You definitely need some support, be it a coaching institute or online exam. You should get an exam-like environment. you need peer pressure to know how and why others are doing better as compared to you. By doing just self-study, it gets difficult to get aware of all that. If there’s some sort of competitive environment, so would be able to excel even more.
You got that environment in FIITJEE, right? So, tell me something about your experience. You spent Four years there, so you would have made friends, mentors, etc. You would have made a kind of a relationship with that space as you have spent a lot of time there. So tell me about that experience? How was it? I had a very good friend circle who were always helpful to me. When I joined initially, I wasn’t that good as compared to now. I feel that what I am today is because of my teachers and friends. The environment was not like that “If I know something, I won’t tell others.” It never works out for anyone. You should think that you should learn from your peers and think like your group is competing from the other 10 lakh students. It is how you excel in your studies and get even better with time. Teachers were also very supportive. There were doubt clearing sessions after every test, so we used to get time to clear our doubts. We were also under a bit of pressure, which is also a good thing sometimes, otherwise we would have become complacent. Now it’s time for the Rapid Fire round.. This is called removing the stress from your body, because we are going to start with the rapid-fire round! Abhinav, are you ready?
Yes. Your mother can’t hear you. Aunty, can you hear him?
Should I scream? YES!
That’s right, That’s right; he’s ready. Choose one – Hard Work or Intelligence?
A mix of both! Okay! How many hours should one study every day? Seven to Eight hours.
How did you manage all these sounds here? Actually, my room is far inside One piece of advice that you’d like to give to any IIT aspirant at this point? Uhh.. Concentrate on the process. Whatever task you’re doing, give your 100% in it as you can’t exceed it and you’ll definitely succeed.
Choose one – Night Owl or Early Bird?
For me, it was a night owl. Okay! While preparing for JEE, to be or not to be in a relationship? No.
No. Out of question guys, get out – all those in relationships. Physical Chemistry or Organic Chemistry?
Physical. In case of doubt between two options on the question paper, do you attempt it or leave it? There is negative marking, so it’s better to leave. Okay! When should you start preparing for JEE? Four years were adequate for me. One can also start two years back, but four years were adequate for me, more than enough. Okay. Are you going to smile now?
Yes. *laughs* Let’s leave that all and let’s come to you. When you are in your personal space in your room – trying to study. There’s a very big thing right now that we have in the world, Social Media – Netflix, YouTube and all of this. Distractions are punching us from all possible directions. Right? How did you deflect all that from your armour? I avoided it during my four years of preparation. I used to browse through YouTube since it had proper educational channels, which I used to watch but but avoided Instagram, Facebook, etc. in these four years. Then there’s no chance of getting distracted! Didn’t you ever feel like doing it? Didn’t you experience FOMO because others are into it?
No, that’s the best thing because all my friends were like me. That is why I didn’t feel it much. Tell me about the kind of recreation that you did? What were you doing when you weren’t studying? I love watching cricket. I used to see IPL, any other international cricket series, and also watched the FIFA World Cup as well. I used to go out to play too because that is also important. You must go outside at times. You can’t stay at home for the whole day.
Do you think physical fitness is important? Yes, sitting at home will make you mentally sick, for how long would you keep studying? If not in a day, you need to go out and play for 2-3 hours in a week. Else, you get frustrated while studying. If you are not able to solve a question then you need some time off, you can only do it by going out to play or by talking to your friends.
You should get eight hours’ sleep in a day. You can leave other things but not sleep as it can becomes really hazardous.
Which is your favourite subject? Maths. Maths! Maths is your favorite subject, so tell the viewers – what is the best way to study maths? Your concepts should be clear. Don’t run behind a question and try to solve it. With regular practice, reach the higher-level questions. There’s RMO, INMO, which you need to take anyhow. The questions are tough but it’s okay, you should practice and you’ll get better. Focus on clearing on concepts. So, your It will also improve your question-solving ability as well. Did you use any specific books for math?
No, at FIITJEE, there were modules and sheets given to me, I used them only. There were no extra books.
No book at all? They already have a lot of study material. They have archives and JEE previous year question papers, they are more than enough. If I buy more books then the backlog increases simultaneously. So, I avoided purchasing other books. Right, means keep your focus on singular stuff and not too many things. So, you didn’t like Inorganic Chemistry much? No, I didn’t like Inorganic Chemistry much as you had to memorise a lot. There is not much to understand with fewer concepts and Organic and Physical were okay.
So, you don’t like memorizing? So, how do you memorise all these formulae? Did you memorise them?
With practice, you automatically remember them. I never had to put in any extra efforts to remember them. I never did it. Practice is what helped me to retain them mostly.
What did you do one day before the exam? What did you exactly do? I was chilled out. That day I tried my best to study as less as possible. I was trying to be calm. There are 1 or 2 things which I always used to forget in Inorganic Chemistry; I tried to memorise them. Polymers? Yes, Polymers, P block, and D block, those were it. I did not try doing a lot on the last day. I don’t think it is helpful too if I glance through everything on the last day because the syllabus is very vast.
Any tips for the main day of the exam, when someone is getting ready to go out for the exam?
Try and remain as calm as possible. Don’t let in too many thoughts in your head. And if you think you have prepared and given your 100%, everything will be okay, whatever you get will be good. Think like this and go for the exam. Even if you are unable to solve 1 or 2 questions in the starting, never mind. Think that if it is difficult, it is for everyone, and if it is easy, even you can do it.
Did you follow any productivity techniques throughout your preparation? You mentioned that one needs to remain calm. It’s a unique thing which people don’t usually say. So, can you elaborate on that a little? Don’t think of the future too much. It creates a kind of flutter in your mind.
But the thoughts come nevertheless. What do you do then? Divert them. Do what you love, concentrate on things that are not related to studies. Talk to your friends because it helps a lot. Talk to your friends. Do things you love, which allows you in diverting these thoughts.
Can you tell these people which college have you opted for and why? IIT Bombay, C.S department simply because it is the best in India. That’s why. So, are you feeling excited?
Yes, a lot. Why, what are you looking forward to? How will it be there?
It will be good. I will make new friends. There will be students who would be in the Top 50 rank, better than me. I can learn from them and I’m really excited to meet, learn from them, talk to them and make them friends. Do you want to tell something to people who are going to be preparing for JEE this time? Be honest to yourself. Don’t think that – I’ve done this, and I’ve done that. I have seen a lot of people like that, and that is why I am saying this. You should be honest to yourself and and think – “I’ve done this much, is that sufficient for me or not?” If you are honest to yourself and do sufficient work, you will find success most probably. You will get a good rank too. Right now, we are sitting with Abhinav’s mother, and she has been very happy since the moment we have come here! She is also very excited. Right?
Tell us about your excitement. I am so excited that it will be a little difficult for me to put it in words because this is something that every parent wants. So, explaining it and putting it all in words is too difficult.
Yeah, it’s true. Were you expecting that Abhinav will get such a rank?
A rank under 100 was confirmed. Confirmed?
Yes. You were 100% sure. From where did you get this level of confidence? My child gave it to me. Actually, his dedication towards studies was too much because he was always into studies. And until and unless he cleared his concepts, he won’t won’t leave them alone. Sometimes for the whole night, he would sit for the whole night completely unaware that it’s turned to morning. That’s why. Yeah. So, how did you support him from your end? See, we couldn’t support him much in his education related things. But whatever he required, that his atmosphere should be absolutely calm and peaceful, with least disturbance. We provided all of that to him that he really wanted. We never went anywhere in these four years – no outing, no movie, no marriage party. You didn’t go anywhere? No.
The entire family? No. Wow! Tell us a little about this. It is a huge sacrifice. No, it is not a sacrifice. It is our devotion that we won’t do it because we want to look after our kid. We want to see him where he should be. So, it is necessary that a parent must do things the way their child wants to. It is because if you keep any expectations from your child, your child will only fulfill your expectations when when you walk parallelly with him. If we change our direction, the child will not give you what you seek, so it is crucial. Things only work out when a parent and a child work together. So, tell me, whenever Abhinav faced failures or felt dejected, so what was your plan of action in such a situation? When he used to fail, so he used to hurt himself. He used to show some aggression. I used to wait for him to calm down first. No arguments, no discussion from my side. After that, when he relaxed a bit, I would tell him positive things. I would tell him that the failure he was facing at that moment is not the end of the world. Failure might happen if you falter at the big stage. This failure has only happened to help you for the future, so that he can work hard on that particular topic. If you are successful all the time, in every aspect, then you tend to become overconfident. You might just stop there. If you have failed, it means you need to work more on that topic. Abhinav’s achievement is yours too. I can understand it very well. Yes, yes. There are a lot of parents, who want to achieve the same thing that you just did. What do you want to tell them, the ones who are waiting since the last 1 or 2 years to crack JEE? What would be your suggestion? All I want to say these parents is that they should listen carefully to what the child has to say. Only then they should take any further step. First, understand your kid and then if you work it out accordingly, as it is essential to understand your child because if we know a child’s emotion and do things according to them, then they would understand us better. So, first, learn to listen to your child. People mostly say – a good listener? Right? Until and unless you don’t hear out your child, you will not be able to understand. So, it’s important to listen. I’d just say to parents that should hear, understand, and support their child, only then they expect an achievement from them. Right. Thank you so much, Aunty. It was wonderful talking to you. Thank you. Hey guys, thanks for watching this video. This was Abhinav Gupta. It was so amazing talking to him. He is so insightful for a person his age. Subscribe to this channel for more videos like these and more people like Abhinav Gupta right here. Right?
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