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Alaskan Trophy Moose Hunt

Alaskan Trophy Moose Hunt

Well here we are on Kongakut River
first morning in the camp little foggy this morning but it’s going to burn off,
we’re about 50 miles north of the village of Whose Lea here’s our camp.
The guys are inside cooking some breakfast. This is the second day of the
hunt yesterday it rained, and today we are
getting some clear skies but we’re going to go and go up the Dhokli River see if
we can’t come up with a moose. We set up our camp less than one hour
ago and he’s at least 60 inches wide. He’s a whopper bull and I couldn’t be
more proud of this Dhokli River bull and it does not get any better than this
does it no better than this four and four. And 60 or over, this is how fast it
happened Scott’s still got his life jacket on.

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