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All 50 States Ranked. My Top 10.

All 50 States Ranked. My Top 10.

What is going on everyone It is time for our final installment of the ranking of all 50 states If you haven’t seen the first two videos There’s a link in the description Below and then also at the end of the video in case this the first video you’ve watched and you don’t have time to go Back and watch the other two videos. Here’s a quick recap The first video was filled with states that go from notoriously bad to they could be better The second video went from I might be willing to live there to I wouldn’t mind living there This last video will be the top ten places that have far more reasons to move to than not to move to now I’m sure some of you will have a laundry list of Reasons one place should be better than another and white some places suck and shouldn’t have even been in the top ten and that’s fine I would love to see your thoughts on the subject in the comments section what none of us need to see is you telling people That they’re wrong and you know, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Just remember no place is perfect That’s why I tried to do a positive and a negative side on every location and stop typing I know I do far more negative videos than positive videos. I wish I could do more positive videos It’s just a matter of economics positive videos get about a quarter of the views negative videos gets just what people want to see if you’d like to see more positive videos help them out and share them on your Social media, you know, whatever like leave a comment do whatever you can maybe we’ll make more positive videos that being said Why don’t we finish our video journey to number one with the ranking of all 50 states the top 10? Number 10, Idaho, there’s a reason so many people are moving to, Idaho It’s a really nice place to live the state of Idaho does some really good things They’re one of the top ten states when ranked by fiscal stability in other words the state government knows how to budget their money the landscapes of Idaho are some of the best in the country if you hike mountain bike fish hunt ski camp whatever put the rack on the SUV rent a u-haul and head to the Gem State and become one of the 1.7 million people that called the Gem State home one thing for sure We’re gonna get in the comments section this videos people from Idaho making comments about we don’t want any Californians moving here. Don’t come here and ruin our state like you ruined yours with your liberal ideas They say that’s up all the time in our comments section. Here’s the good news for Idaho Not many liberals are heading there 80% of people heading to Idaho from California are registered Republicans Liberals are heading to Colorado and Oregon you’re safe Number nine, Washington, the Evergreen State is Washington’s nickname And it has nothing to do with the fact that they legalized weed some years back It has to do with the serious amount of trees. The state has for the most part on the western side, Washington has 7.5 million residents and has about a thousand trees for each and every one of them. I’m not even kidding It’s like 1,100 really I like Washington I go to a couple different places when I want to get away from Oregon and film whatever Relax with the Puget Sound and Seattle right there. It’s hard to be bored in Washington, Washington has the second best health care system in the country and most the residents live within a two-hour drive of Canada so they can get their meds a hell of a lot cheaper than they can in the United States This is a great state for people with health issues Brentford, Los Angeles who moved her dad and her family up to Bellingham, Washington Which is right there bred the Canadian border for that reason She said she saved thousands of dollars every single year and she’s never leaving Washington. I’m sure even when it passes away, I don’t know Number 8 Colorado Colorado is one of the best states in the country for families with towns like Castle Rock, Littleton, Colorado Springs It’s not hard to find a great neighborhood raising kids whenever I see a lists online about great places to live I find towns in Colorado every time I’ve left Colorado whether it was when I was stationed there or just Visiting it was depressing to leave. It’s just the type of place. You just want to stay there. I don’t know what it is It’s just something great about this state now. I’ve explained this before when we decided to leave, California it was going to be Colorado or Oregon the only reason Oregon became our home is it has a coastline we need to be by the beach That’s just kind of how we are if you’re a landscape painter or photographer the landscape is so amazing here You won’t find a more picturesque state to apply your trade Number-7 Vermont Vermont is very much like its neighboring state of New Hampshire. The main difference is population both states are close to the same size and area but Vermont has less than half the population they only have about 600,000 residents and that’s one of its major draws a lot of people like that I mean if you like to be alone in the woods while you drink a bottle of maple syrup You need to move to Vermont. The Green Mountain State is sixth in health care sixth in education and fifth in crime Those are solid numbers. I’ve never spent enough time in Vermont. Then there are a few times I need to go back really neat state need to spend the holidays there someday, that’d be great Number six New Hampshire New Hampshire is a New England state that most people not from the right side of the country know anything about In case you need to find it on a map in a hurry Here’s a hint if you want to drive to mean you need to pass through the Granite State to get there and that’s their nickname The Granite State they got a lot of granite. That’s why New Hampshire has a great education system. Very little crime actually They’re the second best in the country when it comes to crime stats. That’s pretty cool. And here’s another cool one They are number one in a stat called opportunity That’s a stat they get when you measure poverty housing affordability equality for women minorities and people with disabilities They’re the best in the country for that those three stats Education crime and opportunity show you the quality of the people that live in this state This is a great state for anyone to live unless you’re a criminal. I imagine it’s really not a good state to live in Number five Wisconsin the Badger State is a unique state. They’re very family and community orientated I was doing a video about Wisconsin last year and I read a strange article about how people never leave Wisconsin now, obviously I don’t mean literally people do leave the state sometimes Stop typing But the article went on to say that Unlike most states a large majority of the kids go to school in the state and remain in the state after college I forgot the exact stat I wish I could find it again But it was much more than any other state if you ever spend some time with people in, Wisconsin or visit, Wisconsin You’ll see why as far as the landscape of Wisconsin goes it’s okay It’s nothing incredible, but it’s people are its biggest plus I mean, you gotta love a state which keeps all its crime in one city and that’s Milwaukee Just stay away from Milwaukee and it’s an incredible state Number for Texas, and now we get to the Lone Star State from a statistical standpoint Texas is great on so many levels that in the past when I’ve done negative videos about, Texas I’ve had a hard time finding stats that were negative it was it’s really really a rough place to do negative videos about my only Personal gripe about Texas is the heat basically the reason I would never live There is a personal reason only if you don’t mind the heat, I would encourage everyone to give Texas a serious look and yes I know there are portions of the state that aren’t Sweltering most of the I get it stop typing and if you don’t mind the heat and you like guns, this is your paradise Number three, Maine Lobsters and great people are always easy to find in Maine and that’s just a straight-up fact if you like a quiet type of life And don’t mind the cold you won’t find a better place to set down roots. Statistically Maine is the safest place in the country Really? They’re like number one lowest crime in the country, you know, you’re in the right place when lobster poaching is like a major crime Maine is called the Pine Tree State for good reason the whole state smells like Christmas Every time I visited Maine I feel like I’m on a movie set the towns are adorable The forests are deep an army buddy of mine said that when he was growing up in Maine you camped all the time It was so safe that he and his friends at like age 12. He said would camp for like three days by themselves I don’t know if this is a thing in other states but being from Los Angeles Originally, I was kind of shocked at that and the story always stuck with me You don’t camp without grownups when you’re like 12 years old that was crazy. But to him it was perfectly normal I always loved that story Number 2 Oregon the beaver state is my home state not because I was born here But because I was drawn here I visited a friend who lived in Portland Oregon while I was in the Army in Washington back in the 90s from those few trips I knew I wanted to live in, Oregon Now it took me about 16 years to finally pull the trigger on that one. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner I know a lot of people like to make comments that Oregon is the liberal and then they add whatever the latest Conservative catchphrase is you know, whatever’s popular Cesspool hellhole whatever what most of them don’t understand Most of Oregon is a red state just Portland and Salem are liberal The good news is nobody ever forces anyone to be a liberal if you move to Portland So don’t be afraid in Oregon we make and drink great beer we go on hikes and drink coffee The people are great and it’s beautiful and it’s only my second favorite state and Number one, Pennsylvania. Yes. That’s right The Keystone State is number one many of you will disagree but I will explain and show you why I feel Pennsylvania is the best state in the Union. I know it’s Commonwealth. So stop typing Please hear it all the time. If I do mention its Commonwealth people tell me that really nobody cares about that but if ID Mention it people tell me it’s not a state It’s coming with I can’t win on that one Once you get out of the big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia You have hundreds of small towns that have far too many positives to list in a ten minute video I personally think hones Dale Pennsylvania is the best small town in America I did a whole video on the town of just over four thousand people and another one on the historic hotel Wayne that sits on Main Street and actually has sat on Main Street since any of us walked the earth actually since 1827 which is long before any of our Great-grandparents were whipping around on horseback rural Pennsylvania is filled with trees lakes and good people if you hunt fish kayak canoe Like to sit under trees and stare at grass You need to visit and look at getting some land here in Pennsylvania for the quality of land The price was very reasonable I have looked at buying some land and homes Dale and was pleasantly shocked by what you’d get for the price I would encourage everyone to visit a small town in Pennsylvania and see what I’m talking about now I’ll actually be going back to Wayne County and homes Dale again soon to show you why I’m so in love with this town Why I’m in love with Pennsylvania, like I’ve said before I’d live there right now, but I was voted down by my family So they want to stay in Oregon. Now what I do go to hones Dale in Wayne County I’m gonna try and line up some local officials to talk to about the place. So it just won’t be from my eyes We’ll talk to some of them and then you’ll see what I’m talking about. So stay tuned for that All right, so that is the end of my ranking of all 50 states That was the final ten, Pennsylvania coming in as number one and back at number 50 was Mississippi. Hope you guys enjoyed it Hope you got some information out of it Don’t forget all the links below stay tuned for my next video about hones Dale Wayne County everybody. Have a great day Be nice to each other

100 thoughts on “All 50 States Ranked. My Top 10.”

  1. I live in western NY. Originally from Jersey. Love what you said about Wisconsin! I loved my visits there and would give almost anything to be able to live around Green Bay, WI!!

  2. Remember people this is one person's opinion. I've been to every state personally and would come up with a completely different list, Pennsylvania and Texas would certainly be at the bottom, they are total armpits, but hey some people have bad taste that's alright

  3. I came to the party late here, but I grew up in New Jersey, so I have a little issue with where you put it. I would only put it a bit higher because of a few states I think seem worse, Delaware and California (which I've also lived in) come to mind. I'm not sure if the statistics would back it up, but I would say California has WAY worse drivers than NJ (who are not known for having the best drivers either). I would not put PA so high though (Still I agree it's way better than NJ). It's is a nice place and all, but there are now higher crime rates and such in the smaller towns. It's kinda getting run down. Personally I would put Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire up there above PA for sure. This mostly comes from my experiences here and is all subjective of course, but that's my two cents…

    Also I would ding some points from Texas at least as far as road planning goes in the cities. Their highways seemed quite poorly thought out. I mean not as bad as the cluster in San Francisco, but still…

  4. Oregon has a lot of great things about it, but the education is some of the worst in the country and a lot of drug issues. Not to mention the state income taxes are pretty high.

  5. I was shocked to pennsylvania was # .1 I have live here all my life. I been all over the usa and never thought much of pa. I am a big fan of Oregon. I love to go to my mother in law who lives in The Dalles Oregon . The cascade area is so pretty. Go Penn State

  6. The landscape in Wisconsin is not that incredible? I don't think you've ever been up north have you? It's every bit as beautiful as Colorado is. I love Colorado too, and maybe it is more beautiful than northern Wisconsin? But just barely.

  7. Oregon has a huge debt because they give EBT cards, housing, TANF, to anyone who qualifies and never make them get off it. The more poor democrats they have in their states ensures democrats will stay in office. They raised property taxes 13% last year and they have high income tax. I moved because I was retiring and my property tax was $6,200 a year, or roughly $500 a month.

  8. Yes Arizona is hell dont move here. Utah is awesome. Good observation on Idaho it is very conservative and an Idaho conservative is way different than a california conservative.
    And yes outside of portland oregon is fairly conservative but it doesnt matter because whatever multanoma county votes is law.

  9. According to Wikipedia Homesdale, PA has lost population every census since 1940. If it's such a great place why are people leaving?

  10. I am born and raised in maine and yes it is a great place to live accept the winters are relentless, I only experience maybe 3-4 months a year of warm weather so maine is nice maybe 7 months a year the other 5 are extremely cold and involves a lot of shoveling snow

  11. Personally yes Wisconsin is okay I live here but I HATE the cold! So I am not a big fan of Wisconsin but yes very family orientated and most people do stay and love it here plus we have Wisconsin Dell's the wasterpark capital of the world

  12. There is a saying the in Pennsylvania, you have Pittsburgh in the west and Philadelphia in the east and in the middle, that's Alabama.

  13. Wait? Maine #3? Really? I knew that it would be up there on the lost but number 3? Holy blizzards and maple syrup, Thank you!

  14. Washington atleast top 3, i mean its almost exactly like Oregon but closer to Canada has the highest minimum wage in the U.S and its seriously exactly like Oregon. Portland is on the border for a reason 😉

  15. I moved to Oregon this year, about a year after buying property on the coast. I drive the Sunset (26) and Necanicum (53) highways on a weekly basis and have yet to grow weary of the commute. I plan to retire on the coast.

  16. Heads up do not go to Lubbock I live in Florida I went there last summer my car got Brocken into the first night Lubbock is in Texas

  17. Everything in Oregon is great EXCEPT the road system. It's a nightmare to get around. The only real freeways in Willamette Valley. Everyone else including me has to trundle around on mostly 2 lane roads at 55. It's awful. Never living in central Oregon until it's easy to get around.

  18. I really love the fact that when he said Colorado, one of the towns was Littleton. That makes me laugh because he said that it's a good place to raise a family, when Littleton is where Columbine took place XD

  19. Texas is A VERY VERY VERY nice place, PA is nice too, but I just don't like the creeping up Property Taxes, however, PA does shine…… TEXAS THO….. LONESTAR X100

  20. My guy you think Pennsylvania is number 1????? You wouldn’t know if your not from here! McKeesport, Pennsylvania was named the 4th most dangerous city in the WORLD!! Earlier this year.

  21. god in heaven… md 38 -pa 1. what freakin planet are you on. ive lived in both. you say get out of the cities and youll love pa. but why was md bad? oh, you were in baltimore and heard someone yell 4 times. sorry, but pa is a little bit BACKWARD compared to md. if you can be that unfair, then i cant trust ANY of your evaluations.

  22. Where we live in Ohio is pretty darn nice, but my husband's family lives in the middle of Pennsylvania. I fell in LOVE with this state the first time I rode through it. Lush green rolling hills and every small town feels like home. Wish I could live there… but we do own some acreage there that we use for camping, as well as our grave sites where members of his family are buried…lol!

  23. I live in Idaho and it’s great here, my family skis, camps, bikes, and we also love to backpack in the wilderness. It is true a lot of Californians are moving here though, half my families friends are from California, but they are not what people say they are. They are all very friendly and funny.

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