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An Indian in Egypt | Nile River | Luxor temples | Egypt Trains | Bollywood fans

An Indian in Egypt | Nile River | Luxor temples | Egypt Trains | Bollywood fans

I’ve reached very near to the Nile River. This is the East Bank. This is a public boat, costs only 1 Egyptian Pound. Took only 5 minutes to get here. Tourist harassment begins again, as soon as I reached the West Bank. This looks so much commercialized! Once I was travelling to Cambodia with some European tourists. A man caught our attention. Initially he seemed nice and we thought he’s trying to help us. But later started forcing his services upon us. At one point he event threatened to tear off our passports! We somehow managed to get down at a petrol station. There a lady helped us in getting a different taxi. So often I fear these people who try to help for ‘free’. This is such a bad thing! There’s a bus terminal on the right. I’ve come inside. Finally they have stopped following me. I actually have to go to the bus terminal. There was a person trying to trick me to get into his taxi instead of taking the bus. Egypt is a bit tricky in this case. Be careful! Somebody told me that if you come to visit Egypt, you’ll either be fooled by the package tour people or the locals who’ll force their services on you! People might think the same for India as well. Although the place is good. Different from India. Culture here is quite different. Food similar to in India! I entered this cafe. Look what I found! An Indian film playing on the television! The journey will cost me 15 Egyptian Pounds. King’s Valley, Queen’s Valley, etc. Many places to see on the West Bank. An old village! Hatshepsut Ticket Counter is here. You’ll find Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple here. You can also use the train to go up till there. It took some time (15-20 minutes) for this ferry to fill up completely. The ferry moves only when it is full with people. Maybe they take in more people than what is recommended for a boat. That becomes a bit risky sometimes. The person behind me is carrying a bicycle which he rented for 20 Egyptian Pounds (per day). It’s actually a nice way to explore the place! It’s 3 PM now. I have my train at 5 PM. Will go to the hotel, eat something, get something packed for the night, collect my bag and leave for the station. Egypt is really good for food! It’s made from beans. 1 Egyptian Pound for 4 pieces of bread. This had something like ‘kheer’, made of rice and milk. A lot of children are watching me! A complete meal for almost 15 Egyptian Pounds! Two pieces of this bread for 1 Egyptian Pound. I’m buying four for my journey. I have my train at 5:35 PM and I’ll be walking all the way to the train station. He’s ready for 5 Pounds! Thanks to the Indian cinema, people recognize India! This reminds me of the people I met in Russia. And so many fans of Bollywood, here in Egypt. Especially Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. These are 5 Pounds. He asked me 5 Pounds initially but here it became 10! In Egypt, make sure you confirm the price of the service you take! I’m now going to platform 5 from where my train will leave at 5:30 PM and here’s the ticket. This is similar to the tickets we had India, long time back! A very outdated system! It’s not platform 5, it’s the train departure time. Really a lot of confusion! I’m not able to figure out where my coach will be. There’s no display. I’ve been told that my train will arrive after this one departs. I’ll ask there, at the station master room. An ordinary Egyptian train! All classes unreserved just like passenger trains in India. These are called 3rd Class trains. Cheapest way to travel in Egypt. No reservation required. Buy the ticket and get seated. VIP trains in Egypt! Similar to Kolkata metro, it is not air-conditioned.

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  1. Apne India ki Kadar aur Keemat aapke videos dekhne ke baad Pata Chali Hai Mujhe😑😑… I am proud of I am Indian..

    Sari Duniya India ko chahti hai India Se Pyar Karti Hai idhar India mein hum log Ek Doosre Se Nafrat Karte Hain😢😢

  2. Ek time pe egypt tha bohot hi ameer desh ab arabs yaha aakey is desh ko dusre African countries ke jaisa gareeb desh bana diya hai aur arabs khud ameer ban gaye hai. Sabh kuch Islam ke wajeh se hua hai. Before Islamic period egypt was the most well decorated country in the whole African continent.

  3. Sir mea aap ka Sangharsh Sangharsh dekha kaise log utane ke liye aap ko taiyar ho gaye the lekin fir bhi aap unse nikal liye


  5. I suggest you to should read the history of that's place place which u going to visit as it helps you in exploring of that place

  6. Ye taxi walo ka peeche parna aur foreigner samaj ke paise lootna hamare desh me bhi hota hai bahut zayda. Jaise aapko Egypt me laga waisa foreigners ko bhi lagta hoga hamare desh me. Something has to be done.

  7. make sence bro if you feel discomfortable in other country its better stop doing videos to saw pple your own …..

  8. Aesa log aapko hi q miltay ha ,, by the way your tourist videos is amazing keep it up bro newly fan from pakistan…👍❤🇵🇰🇵🇰

  9. Who said Kolkata metro is not air-conditioned?! A suggestion for you : Its better to know everything about your own country first, after that only travel the world.

  10. excuse me mister anpad Pehle kiion kisi destination ka knowledge lei ghumte liya jata hai sab tumhare tarah fakeer ban ke nah

  11. Dear Sir, Thanks for showing such a wonderful Egypt documentary about your experience on Egypt. But you have to speak in English so that entire Indian can understand

  12. Yaha ke taxi drivers tuk tuk ,tanga walo ka behavior tourist ke sath India ke drives ka behavior lagbhag same hai.

  13. You stole the words right out of our mouth our experience has been the same we were so tired of all the scammers in Egypt it ruined and tarnished our trip

  14. Brother aap jo dikha rahe the na egypt me bollywood movie chl rahi h… actually egypt me bollywood movies bahut popular hai..waha par bollywood movies ke liye alag se channels h..

  15. Boss, I faced the same in your India. I had been in holiday from England but as I am look like Bangladeshi , they pitched me off. I was totally fed up with brokers.

  16. Soon 1M subscriber …bro…best wishes fr Ur upcoming vlogs from Kolkata ❤️🌹🇮🇳🙏💯🔥😎🤙

  17. Your videos are very good. But here in youtube its not organized properly. My suggetion would be use some sequence number so that it will make your each trip video interesting to watch.

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