100 thoughts on “ARK: Extinction Final Cutscene”

  1. Def Rockwell at the end but still can't tell is he's say I am coming for you or I am back Helena…….or both at the same time?

  2. Oh, so that's the story of ARK. Would've liked more than just subtle hints and Easter eggs in the base game, but, ok. Neat.

  3. 😭😭😭maintenant 5 ans que je joue a ark et putain que j'aime se jeu et cette fin😭😭😭
    Eternel ark

  4. Honestly it would be amazing if they had an event where all the servers would "land" and essentially be able to explore Earth. This would probably be impossible idk.

  5. No, not my precious Edmundium, I wanna go back to abberration when everything was all bad and horrible

  6. Helena tried but died in action trying to fight a Alpha King Titan with just A Tek Rex and A puny little Mech.

  7. 2:41 The ARK came back on ark did you just lie or maybe ark 2 or maybe it’s the Rockwell try to make life or make something and not Rockwell the boss Rockwell the survivor you the person from the diary log

  8. The one thing I dislike about this game is the rendering. My game look terrible because of it and the cutscenes are ruined

  9. so why would earth bring back the broken ark with the corruption and a liquid element leaking creature known as rockwell didn't they just get rid of the corruption it is not smart to bring back an ark with more corruption and the floating girl said they are getting rid of element what about a creature full of it and i have a filling she won't kill it it is her friend

  10. If there is another dlc with all the locations habitats and dinos just think about how that would be and the huge planet there on now

  11. Please, make the new game save our progression and If we became homo deus make it so we got godlike powers!

  12. like an overseer cant die, Rockwell cant die either but now that the arks are back on earth an overseer can die thus so can Rockwell but he feeds on corruption and refined element just think how big he is going to become through all the mutations and fusion with corrupted element

  13. It looks like at the end, one of the arks malfunctioned and crashed into the new earth, all that life gone and the corruption free to roam and spread again

  14. I love reading comments from people arguing about what was said in the ending. I just turned on captions (the only option was Spanish captions) and it said, “voy por tí” which translates to, “I’m coming for you.” You’re welcome. 🙂

  15. Anyone else hear “I’m back, walker” (is end of that is very awkward, i heard different names like Nerva, and Li {May-Yin})

  16. Honestly I don’t even know the story fully, and I mean like each characters lore and all. But I like that when you defeat the overseer, Rockwell and then the King Titan you get these endings that lead to a story that’s even bigger, introducing new arks that need help or need the jumpstart to head back home. And that each server everybody is on is a individual ark is either the same or different. Carrying different types of life or something that halts them all from coming back home. When previously earth was no longer safe and all arks had to stay above and collect only those who were worthy enough to bring back, which is cool cause you beat the bosses and do all the crazy shit on one map, just to be able to go to another and do more crazy shit lol

  17. every single dino in our tribe dead during the finial battle confronting King Titan… but it was all worth it in the end…

  18. Actually brings a tear to my eye. I'm so thrilled to see how Ark has evolved. It survived early access and has blossomed into one of my favorite video games.
    I can't wait to see how Genesis expands on all this.

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