100 thoughts on “Ark Survival Evolved Cartoon – Episode 1: Dodo Death Squad”

  1. Btw green man if you sometime Wanna play with me on PC what Games do you have for PC i got alot of Games so reply if you whant to play 😉

  2. please help i always accidentally kill sabertooths when i try tame em and i use a club all the time and i tried hands but i get killed

  3. Omfg the dying of starvation from not eating in 20 seconds thing is fucking hilarious!! And so true ;-;
    Also, plz post more!!! I love these so much!

  4. i've played this and its no exaggeration that you will die alot and even will eat your own body.

  5. That moment when the idiot of the group actually has survival instincts. Yes in ark I've canabalized allies and myself (and enemies to)

  6. I actually DO have a dodo attack squad. Tranq somebody, cuff em, then toss em into a pen with like 20 dodos set on agressive. Its good entertainment.

  7. I wish I could play like them, but that bullshit game doesn't even save xd. How the hell this game survived?

  8. 2:12 the amount of times I died in the ocean this way. Literally yelling #### YOU!!! YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME IN HERE!! Because it was a high level server I got 1 shot by a mosasaur .

  9. Omg I loved this!!! Just started playing Ark yesterday! It really does start like that!! 😂
    Why would someone dislike this!?

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