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ARK Survival Evolved | Challenging PVP Arena | Build Showcase

ARK Survival Evolved | Challenging PVP Arena | Build Showcase

and some Dillos oohhh F*ck hello everyone, my name is fresonis and welcome to ARK Survival Evolved the building department some of you
asked me to build a PvP arena and right behind me you can see that we now have
built so let me show you around well as you can see a bill to be Fiorina
under water because I used water four trips inside to pee Fiorina and you’ll
see that in a moment but first of all to enter the arena we need some tickets so
let me buy a ticket for you hello police yes thank you know where
you buy the tickets in the resemblance fortified this but we all the support
and notified of so we go to the sports place and you see two other supporters
on their way to the top nice little Kilkenny you reach the arena already standing by just down here or by
the down here at this moment but yet this is my balcony you can send and
what’s the fight so you haven’t embraced him and there’s fire and spikes and
Delos here on a speech and debate reps and you see also two boxes up here will
go down but jumping but it is tricky and I’ll show you how it works later but
first let’s go to the control room as you can see some pink out on the doors
and also on the traps and maybe you she drips already maybe not but soon you
will see them so this is a 5-5 person briefed purina you have five locker
rooms will check the mail to and to open the doors just used to keep it they are all going to be open so that’s
a nice start so it starts at the same time and of course we need clothes
immeasurable and to activate of reps well I put them
on the left and the right side so people in the control room decide what will
happen so let’s use and there you see the traps are open and let’s open so the
drugs are open oh and let’s go to the fighters place and I’ll see you in a bit you we are back at the first place and
I’m liggett’s custom ideas to come they gets as a fighter and you can interview you have five locker rooms on this side
block of rooms on the other side and you can’t go in from the sides over to the
other side because its staff only and this is the place where sleeping
makes so if you’re fighting in this arena you put down time sleeping Mex so
you can respond and let go and check this out this is the locker room and he
had a nice little sign good luck you’ll need it in europe red flag armor and
some speakers so let’s take those and the other side the other team has green
and once you enter you will see this so humorous alleles biking so if people are
fighting you can push each other in the traps a fire perhaps you see lots of you
and so on get reps I mean I’m already stock so fly out so
that is one of the reps so you get blinded by the deal also if you don’t
fall into the trap doors open and inside you see water and so make sure you don’t
fall in them open Israel so every trap door on the meters is a little better in
which a mortar and so you don’t wanna walk in them and that’s not nice and in a meal you see two pillars with
two boxes in it and those boxes contain better weapons so let’s see if we can
make it there so what you need to do is jump adele’s left homes and then jump to
the pillar or if you start in the middle that was a close call well as you saw in a mill you also have
a chance to reach them so all you need to do is walk around and climb up so
that’s up to the people to decide what they do out again play and you can roll all the
way around the edge so it’s sometimes a little bit tricky but I think it makes
it a little bit more excited to fight in this arena at reach the platform you
need to run and jump and I’ve missed a lot of times testing this out but you
can make it so let’s see if I can make it now let’s try again and you get some
fall damage so if you try to out a lot and you fall of times you will die also
so instead of making one walkway all the way around and reaching those boxes
easily you have to work for it so let’s see it all over again you have to make
this works let India and I made it and as you can see I made the middle by
Guinness to hear there’s one in here and there’s one in there and for example you
can put in bed of our marine it or some other weapons that’s all up to you and
lets want to those who continue to make this job is well sometimes you feel when
you bump into the platform and you fall into the Dynafit or in some other bids and to make this you don’t do it like
that you also need to run and jump Ju efforts to fall in between those two
platforms and fall onto the specs but is easily with East you can make it as you
can see this is the arena built I hope you like it’s and with all the trips
with all the spikes to fire pits the Delos and yes and yes it’s a close
combat arena so I would like to use this arena without guns cause I want a
different arena don’t put it so dismal for the first five and the spear fight
and as you said you can put it in the spikes in a five bids all that kind of
stuff so people can get hurt by those are can get hurt by you or don’t know
who themselves killed himself as shown hauling in to provide yes that’s not
smart to do but I was also the fire consumed and now I’m floating on it so
that also reduced Rep and now I don’t get hurt so it’s a
little buggy but for ya when you get in here and you have to this and other
people can kill you easily so he had some different things we have to
consider if we walk around and I hope if you build an arena like
this you will have some pretty nice fides well that’s it for this video I hope you
enjoyed this video I hope I give you a good impression of what might be Fiorina
can do and how to fights can be I think the fight in here will be intense and
with a close combat and all the tribes it will be interesting to see who
commits suicide gets killed by the Dinos and who gets
killed by other people so I hope you liked it and let me know in the comments
if you wanted to do not cause it’s not so hard to make this if you wanted to do
it I can make one and as always leave a like and a comment below and if you
enjoy this year and will she want me in future tense missed its subscribers like
a maniac and I’ll see you all in the next video

40 thoughts on “ARK Survival Evolved | Challenging PVP Arena | Build Showcase”

  1. wederom een mega vette video gap 🙂 nu al 3 x volledig bekeken, details zijn te gek.

    ben nu mijn nieuwe video aan het moneteren, komt vandaag online. volgende base voor nieuwe video is ook bijna af dus die komt dan volgend weekend.

  2. If you use the corrected structures on the server, you can make a second floor of all jumps without pillars. Also, just an observation here, the spear may not be a good idea since they break so quickly and you've got so many obstacles in there as it is the real challenge is the arena not the other players. How about clubs instead of spears?

  3. This is pretty awesome. Not very practical for actual PVP, but cool build. Also, the piranhas wouldn't work because they would despawn. I think I'm gonna use some of your design ideas for my server. Too bad you didn't have someone's @ss to kick in the vid to demonstrate if it really worked.

  4. awesome job! i just got got finished building a arena on official pvp server 353, its more open for gun fights. But i love this and has given me some ideas. i have beem changing our arena after each fight…and i also let other tribes host events. stop by and checl it out sometime. its in the center of carno island.

  5. Someone should make a server and a big huge arena and that's all the server is. Like a ark call of duty type thing

  6. been playing ark for as long as its been out and im learning new stuff from you that i had no idea was even in the game lol I love you man. good vibes and keep the videos coming.

  7. oh fuck……. i mean uh…….. lmfao awesome vid Fresonis. Going to try this on my friends new server maybe 🙂 thanks for the ideas

  8. I'd love for you to do the tutorial on building this arena. Hosting a server and I am a lazy builder. Lol. Please do so. My community would thank you.

  9. please, please, please do a how to build for this!!! i want to recreate this so bad! i love your vids and especially this arena

  10. This is outstanding. I like that it's not about people just fighting one another and the one with biggest stats winning. You could have everyone go onto the pvp arena server and make them create new accounts to all start as noobs. Wonderful ideas.

  11. Man, I wish you could come to my server and build this! I'm working on an arena myself and having some troubles.

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