ARK: Survival Evolved Tutorial – How to Tame the Electrophorus

Hey Guys, Kaiser here. Today I’m going to
show you three different ways to tame the Electrophorus! Aka, the electric eel. They’re a passive tame, and they take
biotoxin as their kibble. You can get
biotoxin from Jelly fish, and those are found pretty much anywhere in the ocean. Now, While I highly recommend using a scuba suit for oxygen, I always try to cater to the lowest possible level, and I’ll be doing this tame using just Lazarus Chowder and Fria Curry. Lazarus chowder will greatly increase the
amount of time that you can stay underwater without needing oxygen, and Fria Curry will keep you from freezing. Bring a lot with you though, because you never know how long these tames will take. For your water tame I highly recommend bringing
a baryonyx! Their stun ability is extremely useful in sticky situations and they can jump from water to land. And if you need to tame one they’re common in any swamp. However, the Baryonyx just makes things easier. It isn’t absolutely necessary. So without further ado, let’s get to it! Okay, I’m at 91.2 latitude by 14 longitude, and I’m right next to three eels. You can pick these guys off with arrows at long range or even with a sword if they get too close, but I’m going to use my Dino to kill all of them except one. if you’re low level and get in over your head, don’t hesitate to use the Baryonyx’s stun to get away. Just know that the taming level will reset
if you attack the eel. I also highly recommend killing off everything dangerous in the area as well before engaging your target. Don’t worry if it looks like one is getting away. The Electrophorus are cowards and they’ll try and run, but they’ll always come back. Now I’m leading it to the surface to get air, but if you’re using a scuba suit, you don’t need to worry about this step. From here on out; you simply let your tame take the shock damage and hop off to feed the eel. Just put some biotoxin in your zero slot and press “E” when prompted. If you get bit you should be fine. Their bites do very little damage, but if you take too many you can be put to sleep. So watch out for that. The feeding interval is normally 22 seconds, however, the time between the first and second feeding is about 50 seconds for some reason. So don’t get discouraged if it feels like it’s taking too long. As you can see, you’ll know the electrophorus is ready to shock you again when it starts to light up Make sure you jump onto your mount before he attacks. If you’re on a baryonyx they heal super fast if you force feed them fish. If you don’t have a tanky mount, this could
be a good way to keep it’s health up. And there we have it. A super easy Electrophorus tame. I’ll just whistle for it to stop following me and to go passive so that it’s easier to handle. And now, on to the second taming method. Okay, I’m outside a water cave located at
90.6 latitude and 13.7 longitude. However, be careful near underwater caves, because two Plesiosaurs usually spawn
nearby to guard them. You’ll have to clear those out first. The goal here is to lead the eels over there into the cave. Let’s see if they’re following me. aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re good! Now, if this happens don’t worry about getting shocked. Just jump onto the land and you’ll be fine. There we go! From here on out the Eels will try to get to you, but they won’t get beached and die
like on normal dry land. Sometimes they’ll swim down, but it’s easy enough to get them back up again. As you can see, this guy hasn’t moved a bit! A super easy taming method,
and I wasn’t in any danger at all! And there we go! I’ll name him real quick… Feel free to help yourself to the pearls… And now it’s off to taming method three, the eel trap! Okay, if you don’t have a scuba suit
try and find a large pillar like this one. Start by placing a stone pillar with a ceiling on it. Connect another ceiling,
and place another pillar for support. Square it out with two more ceilings
and you have the base for your trap. Place a stone Dino gate at the edge. It doesn’t have to be placed perfectly,
but make sure that it opens outward. This will make things easier for you later. Now place stone window frames around the trap, and make them three high
to give yourself plenty of room later. We’re using window frames because
the Eels can swim through doors. Now just top it off with four ceilings and you’re done! Here’s how the trap should look when you’re finished. If you have a scuba suit you can use actual foundations on the ocean floor. And if you want to do this without a Baryonyx tame; you can add a door to the back to swim through like so. But close the door quickly or the Eels will
get out. Now I’m going to find some eels and I’ll be back soon. Okay, we have three eels behind me, and it looks like we have them lined up with the trap. Now just wait for them to enter
and stun them with your Baryonyx. Now you can swim out and
close the gate without the eels escaping. From here kill all but one, because they’ll attack each other
once one is tamed. And that’s just a waste of resources! Also, be careful! Usually they don’t shock you through the wall, but as you can see here;
that’s not foolproof. Now I’m going to head to the surface
and get some oxygen. Luckily, it’s close by
because we built this on a high pillar. Okay! And from here it’s just about keeping a safe distance. Sometimes they swim around in the trap,
and you have to chase them around a bit. But it’s still a pretty easy tame. Okay, and he hasn’t moved a bit. Aaaaaaaand that’s our third eel! Now I’ll just head back to base and we can finish up. So today we successfully tamed three Electrophorus! These guys aren’t very tanky by themselves, but they’re stronger in large numbers. So if you actually want to make them useful
you could tame up an army of them, and have them follow you underwater. Or if you’re PVP and you have a water base somewhere; I’m sure this would annoy the hell
out of unsuspecting victims! Personally, I just did it to get the master zoologist achievement. Okay, now I know none of these taming methods are original. But everyone has their own way of doing things. I just hope that my way made your lives a little bit easier. Anyway, thanks for watching! If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more of my videos; Hit that subscribe button
and ring that bell so you get notified. Oh yeah! If you want me to tame something specific; Just comment below and I’ll see what I can do for you! You guys have a nice one! See ya!

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