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Audi A6 Avant 2018 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

Audi A6 Avant 2018 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

Audi A6 Avant Moose test The Audi A6 Avant that we used for this test came fitted with the pneumatic suspension and a steering rear axle. These two options have, undoubtedly, a clear and positive effect on the reactions of the vehicle. As with the normal A6, the Avant had very good results on the test. On the first attempt, that we always perform at an entrance speed of 77 km/h, we hit a few cones but the reactions were smooth and easy to control. With the suspension set on its comfort mode, which activates by default when the car is started, the body roll is significant and the changes of direction are not fast, but it was easy for the driver to guide the vehicle through the desired path. 77 km/h is the highest speed at which we managed to successfully complete the Moose test. It is quite a high value, but not as high as the one we achieved with the normal A6 (79 km/h). Just after the second swerve, a slight understeer effect appears. However, it hardly interferes with the inputs of the driver. When rising the entrance speed we were not able to complete the test successfully because the understeer was more pronounced Nonetheless, the reactions of the car remained exemplary and very easy to control. Slalom The A6 feels quite nimble on the slalom, with the ESC working subtly and not interfering in an obvious way. The body rolls significantly again but that does not prevent the car from completing the test smoothly.

53 thoughts on “Audi A6 Avant 2018 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |”

  1. Да блять, у вас же места нихера нет, сразу надо в пол тормозить после переставки. Бред

  2. Sin ver ninguna pasada en modo Sport, cualquier valoración queda a medias.
    Dicho esto, la suspensión es demasiado blanda, y los rebotes en extensión perjudican mucho el agarre tras los cambios de apoyo.
    Cualquier excusa de peso, tamaño… no sirve tras haber visto al Q8.


  4. is a big heavy car so it s normal to react in this way. Probably the car price from new is too high for 95% people who comment here, so don't comment is a bad car and other light cars from honda or renault or whatever are better.
    Hint. Please think at frontal impact between this audi and one of more stable cars from renault / honda/ nissan
    I prefere to be in Audi. And this kind of suspension maybe is not very sharp, but for sure is confortable. much confortable than stable cars. in fact is inpossible to have confort and stability at same time. Thats all i want to comment.

  5. No match for a Peugeot 5008, although the Peug is a bigger 7-seater and 20k€ less. Vaseline is provided for german car buyers.

  6. Molaría estás pruebas con vehículos más antiguos, para ver la evolución de la tecnología en seguridad. Me gustaría ver cómo se comporta mi Passat de 2003 con los primeros sistemas ESP, seguro que son un desastre y actúan lento y de aquella manera.

  7. Are there plans to test the Mazda 2? I would love to see how it compares to the Ford Fiesta and the Seat Ibiza in these tests. Great work, by the way.

  8. Estable y seguro. El eje trasero esta bien controlado. Buen comportamiento. Por cierto, pregunta a los probadores de km77, jamás deberíais hacer contravolante al realizar las pruebas. Si se va de atrás hay que mostrarlo tal cual y no rectificar tal actitud.

  9. I really can't understand how this car is worst at this test than a French SUV as the 3008 or 5008….
    I'm a big fan of german cars but in this case….. I have no words.
    If someone can explain me why I will go to bed less stupid tonight

  10. This A6 did better than the closest competition. E CLASS estate did 74km
    And 5 series estate even worse.
    And definitely Mercedes and BMW had better condition and cleaner track.

  11. It would be great if you could get something like a BMW M3 and something like a Mercedes E63 on here. Just to see the difference and better evaluate the performance of standard cars.

  12. Its physics. This car is so much heaviar than other models .All that weight and powerfull quattro systems of course this car slipping on the front

  13. VW group fanboys are so mad it makes me laugh. Don't be mad guys, just accept that these cars are not designed to handle, just go fast,be comfortable and look good.

  14. Tendrían que poner en comparativa el subaru levorg, mismo clase de coche, competidor con misma carrocería y tracción.

  15. Reacciones ejemplares? Se balancea mas que la mierda para ser un audi el peugeot 508 se comporto mucho mas estable en la misma prueba que ustedes hicieron

  16. Надо писать какая температура. На одних тестах оператор в шапке, на других в майке.

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