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Baby Beaver Bath: Rescued Rodent Enjoys A Swim

Baby Beaver Bath: Rescued Rodent Enjoys A Swim

COMM: This is River. A rescued baby beaver, enthusiastically preening after
a bath. 00:38
WOMAN: What you got River? 00:39
COMM: The two-month-old was taken in by the Bi-state Wildlife Hotline of Missouri and
Illinois. 00:56
COMM: And having enjoyed a healthy meal, River likes nothing more than a swim. 01:04
COMM: And after a quick dip, it’s time to fix up that fur.

42 thoughts on “Baby Beaver Bath: Rescued Rodent Enjoys A Swim”

  1. Baby Beaver Bath: Rescued Rodent Enjoys A Swim
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    AN ADORABLE baby beaver clearly doesn't give a DAM as she rubs herself dry after enjoying a hot bath. The cute bucktoothed rodent, named River, is a resident at Bi-State Wildlife Hotline which rescues young animals in Missouri & Illinois. And the two-month-old is enjoying her surroundings, with regular meals and even space for a quick dip

  2. So cute!  He looked like the gopher in Caddyshack, was waiting to see him start dancing  to " I'm Alright " by Kenny Loggins.  

  3. Beavers went from Cute little rodents to insanely teeth death machines when I learned a guy got attacked by one and the beaver almost bit his entire leg off chewing on it like a tree.

  4. I'm serious but like where is that girl with the top 5 shorts every week? Like I don't know, she makes me feel like watching a movie which makes me happy

  5. Where i live, beavers are like vermins. We kill hundreads.

    btw, i'm not the one who kill them, so, no need to troll my comment or insult me.

  6. if you think every animal and i mean every animal is not cool then you have a cold heart 

  7. Mama mia❤amore mio❤What a sweet cteature: like a honey, lake a sugar, like chocolate.This hadsome guy stole my heart.❤❤❤❤❤

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