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Baby Wombat Orphans! | The Cute Show

Baby Wombat Orphans! | The Cute Show

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re at Healesville Sanctuary
and up in the hospital, specifically. Healesville Sanctuary has what
is called the Australian Wildlife Health Center. And it’s designed not only to
service our collection of animals, but also wildlife. So people bring in these orphans
or an injured animal. Now, that’s perfectly
normal [CHUCKLES] behavior. So people will bring
in their sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. And the vets and other hospital
staff will look after their medical needs. At which point, they would
either go into one of the wards behind you. Or they would go
off to a carer. This is Belle. And she is around
10 months old– it can be hard to judge. She’s over 6 kilograms. Belle’s mother was
hit by a car. And the people who saw her on
the side of the road went over and checked to see if the
wombat had a pouch. And Belle here was inside. She likes to be rocked. And I don’t know if it makes any
difference, but I like to sing to her sometimes. [HUMMING] Come on. Come on. This is my little
wombat shuffle. It gets their attention
usually. Good girl. Nice work, Belle. At this stage, she usually likes
to have a little cuddle and a bit of a snooze. But because Phoenix is here,
she’ll probably want to get down and play. Yes, you like that, don’t you? Yeah. You too, Phoenix. What I love about wombats is
they’ve got good, funny characters– extremely cheeky. Phoenix is very confident. I think of her as a
bit of a tomboy. She often acts inappropriately,
biting things she’s not meant to do. And Belle is a real lady. So she’s quite shy as well– of people, generally. Phoenix doesn’t only like
people, she seems positively fascinated by people. So I’m often chasing
her around, trying to get her back. And Belle’s much happier
to stick close to me. Aren’t you, darling? And then again, they’ve got
a lot of similarities. They like to dig and nip
and headbutt me. They’re my beautiful monsters,
aren’t you? Oh, not at the same
time, girls. Goodness, you’re
hurrying today. [CHUCKLES] [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Baby Wombat Orphans! | The Cute Show”

  1. that ladys singing has made me feel bad about being aussie, I tell you now, WE ARE NOT ALL DERRO LIKE HER! and those wombats are sooooo CUTE! I have looked after a baby wombat before, best couple of weeks of my life =]

  2. " SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW ….. THERE'S BLUE SKY." Nailed it. Knew the song. High above the chimminey top is where… you'll find me…"

  3. Koala's probably evolved form them. We know that they once were mega fauna so they have been around a long time

  4. I love her singing to the wombat baby, that is the most touching thing I have ever seen on YouTube.

  5. Ha ha ha ha, you are a laughable goof. Back in the hills we gather up people like yourself for a little thing we call a sodomy party. Doesn't sound like we'd have to gather you up though. In your case we would just send you the time and place and meet you there.

  6. lol calling me a goof when you have it in your name. sodomising people in the hills? hahahaha. that is incredibally hill billy! so i was right? just didn't realise you were a gay one 😛

  7. Correct I'm calling you a goof. BTW, behind the old church on 8th street. See you there. Bet the boys won't even have to hold you down.

  8. CUTE! They just look so huggable. X3 You can tell I'm impressed by how cute they are because I never use text faces like that one in the beginning of this sentence.

  9. Alright form up in three ranks.  All those who liked this, stand fast……, remainder, dismiss.  Now stop moving or I will tear off your head and piss down the hole.  Theses wombats are a bunch of grungy little reprobates.  The only thing they have going for them is uniformiity.  Well, I won't have them on my fucking parade square.  I will drum all fucking wombats under my command, out of the military. Now get the fuck out of here. 

  10. Wonderful animal…I wrote music as a tribute to the wombat….i want to share it and ask that pls share with anyone who loves the wombat and wants  to protect it….i put a description with the music..this is only one piece in a suite of 3..thank you very much….

  11. i watched the other cute show and was disgusted by the people in florida…
    this lady LOVES ANIMALS and you can tell. the habitats are better and just wow go Australia! hope for humanity

  12. I get the feeling wombats are about to be the next memetically cute animal. Like sloths were a while back.

  13. Is the wombat at 1:18 considered very-late stage development? He or she seems very large; especially for fitting in a pouch, it looks fully developed. 

  14. is it me or do they use the same type of font when it comes to the letters that they use in Loiter Squad and just Tyler the Creator shit in general

  15. Squeee!!! Can I come work there?! 😀🙏 you even named one Phoenix! Yayyyy! :p (I'm a bit of a tomboy too and fascinated by people😀)! 👏👏👏🙋✊💪💞😊🙏 sadhu,Sadhu,Sadhu…

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