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Back to Munich for a Redux

Back to Munich for a Redux

dude this sunset is… yeah oh I’m not checked in? He goes “you’re not checked in. Run.” 620 flights at what
7:00 yep we’re gonna make it through security?
sure. Marc put Richie on my ticket and my legal name is not Richie. mr.
Richie Tolway. It’s just like our first date Marc *sighs* one for me again in German now I take the stuff seriously let me set the camera to German yes I Look like a trash person. We are now two vloggers. you are now filming yourself and me. Im a double vlogger, I’m a do-vlogger First time in the Munchen airport. How do you pronounce it? I don’t know
I heard I heard you say münchen earlier I’m saying it is that how you say Munchen, China, chicken munich munich Where the f***s he going yep Marc’s. mine. Marc I got you danke shen ?????? yeah whatever you just said dude I would do this all the time now to talk German because then you can just are walking around you can easily use
this did you say thank you my love No a dream a
dream you are a dream ah gotcha German whatever you
say. I’m just tired oh come on are you recording yeah I’m recording
okay this is the bye-to-marc vlog German More German today I can say for certain we are doing
a big shoot he owns this thing called Krypto Academy skill sharing website I
believe and we’re meeting up with like this 23 year old Bitcoin trader who just
quit school and traded Bitcoin and made way too much money off of it
oh god I’m lost where’s coffee just give me some coffee
Munich is really really beautiful now that Oktoberfest isn’t happening so yeah
we’re gonna be hanging out with a some Bitcoin rich guy and another Bitcoin
rich guy but Marc is less of a Bitcoin millionaire he didn’t like just get
lucky out a few trades or something like that but he does tax advising for large
companies and he has these other smaller companies he’s very passionate about
very passionate about learning and teaching okay new coffee
that places cash only way back in Bath chase shut down my debit card I’ve
been living off this low amount of cash for a long time and I just recently
spent the last of it kind of limits my options with these smaller shops no one
here takes cards we go home and plan this stuff that I have powdered coffee
and the air BNB is it good? no. Is it coffee? yes well I guess I could’ve seen that coming screaming and whining incoherently you’re a dumb one mr. rich you’ve got
nothing in your head you waste so much of your time your balloon is made of
lead mister Rich you’re so dumb you put coffee in a boiling pot of water and let it
boil over well if I’m so dumb then how come I have coffee you tellin me some idiot can make coffee baristas are the most intelligent people I know and
I’m practically that I just want to warn you I’ve shaved my face I forgot what my
face looks like huh it’s so naked should I grow back out I
don’t know I can’t tell I know that this is how my face used to look for a long
time but I also know that for the last several weeks it hasn’t so I keep
catching myself in the mirror going whoo I decided to shave my face
why on commercial day I’m not on camera they’re on camera let’s go I look good we’re at the Sofitel did you guys want one of those did you
want it’s very disconcerting and I don’t
really know who I am or what I’m hearing anymore I used to manage retail I would
walk up to people as a joke and if they were like throwing something away I’d
say “hey could you throw that away for me?” Just so they would stare at me
and lose their minds so that’s what he did to me that’s his management style
dude just to thank you for this wonderful criticism we just give you a wonderful night here for free in the Sofitel Munich. 400 euros
for a suite because we just realized at the reception that we can stay
overnight so you can just switch on your Tinder now sweet experience in a Sofitel Munich We have that suite? yeah no okay we just realized
that’s Richie okay I just want to know I didn’t pay you didn’t pay enough do you
see that carrot he just dangled in front of my face look at us
this is so us it’s just so us bickering that’s that’s the third guy
even Walter everybody who’s 23 years old I’m ditching marc for Walter he’s not
working at all I’m gonna start hanging out with Walter he’s just hanging out
all day long “let’s go eat something” and now he is inviting us to for dinner
because today may that’s why today he made a trillion dollars Marc says we’re
going somewhere very nice and I don’t trust him
okay we’re gonna go there and it’s like “Oh Gloria’s calling I have to go home
there’s a nice trash can outside you can find some leftovers
anyways appreciate you Ciao! Ciao Bello!

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