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Beaver Ass Used in Foods & Perfumes, Incredible!

Beaver Ass Used in Foods & Perfumes, Incredible!

hey have you heard of cast or influence cast orient this at nerdy canadian is
how she would like to be referenced nerdy canadian totally about the story
cast or a m is a euphemism for beaver uh… beaver but i guess is that the way we’re gonna
refer to it it’s actually in some ice creams and
it’s only labeled as a natural ingredient incredibly it’s only required
to be called a natural ingredient only see that list of other natural
ingredients you may be eating beaver but which is
incredible because vegetarians might assume that a product this is natural
ingredients uh… does not uh… and is not meets
but essentially this is candidly isn’t not really looks like according to this
it’s like it’s some type of oreo or byproduct of a
gland in the butt of the beaver right so then that that’s not considered uh…
all care what your view get according to this both male and female beers possessive
here caster sack uh… in a pair of anal glands located in the
two counties under the skin between the promise in the base of the tail so if
you are repeating then yes obviously this is uh… in animal products it’s also used in
some perfume the fifties and food additive as i mentioned now if you think
that this incredibly widespread we did some research it looks like the annual
consumption is only around three hundred pounds my question is if it’s so inconsequential but there’s
only three hundred pounds of the stuff used don’t you think that they’re just
alternatives and it’s not really necessary to use the stamp you would
think so i mean what do people have like beaver farms i mean where you like how
do you yet this how do you i don’t get were
comes for for the other thing is that if used in small amounts to contribute to
the waiver and order cigarettes now if you can buy the way the same
thing that’s labeled as only a natural ingredient and food is also in cigarettes are like that interesting that a canadian uh… sent us this i mean i wonder the consumption rate is uh… in canada
because canada has a lot of people’s that’s right you know i was actually
when i was in montreal last weekend i was at the buyer down the coolest thing was the beavers there really are incredibly busy i mean
you think you go to a place where there’s animals and they’re just kinda
hanging around the beavers were busier than any of the
staff at the by delta they had they were chopping up would with their teeth then they were swimming with the wood
and storing it in different places they were sharpening their nails on
different other pieces of what they were there any was incredible the work ethic
of these people as is unbelievable interesting i’m considering hiring some
as a assistant producers to be completely out they’re just so busy they they they had
such a word kathy reproductive animals is unbelievable i’d never and i read
actually that it’s the animal that modifies their environment the most of any animal out there so perhaps they would make good interior
decorators aag tera dad was on the i’m not really no listen to be getting on
with very very well so anyway cast orient know about it know about pastor sax and know about
beaver anus and all this stuff because it may be in your perfume it may be in your saltwater taffy i mean
i don’t know what foods at the venues that may be in your cigarettes does this
concerning a time when you read about this does it concern me the in the sense that it makes me hesitant to keep foods that
contain entradas actor miliken fire mentally and killing beavers will be
there or the fact that it’s only labeled as a natural ingredient yet or not it’s it doesn’t really bug me
that much uh… it is considered safe by the f_d_a_ but you know how the f_d_a_
is under now i guess all over on just uh… i’m more concerned with what louis
brought up which is the or do they have beaver farms are beavers being killed
can you remove the casters facts and keep the rest of the beaver intact right
you know who knows what’s going on yellow questions there too strange situation

41 thoughts on “Beaver Ass Used in Foods & Perfumes, Incredible!”

  1. I am a vegetarian who doesn't eat meat primarily because I don't want animals harmed, so this is very disturbing. I want to know if these beavers are getting killed. I am not comfortable with this vague "natural ingredients" facade, I never have been, and apparently for good reason. This is disgusting and all ingredients need to be labeled, period. This is insane.

  2. So…this is one of the reasons why some snacks just don't taste good anymore….stupid ass holes are throwing every which animail and every oil from every which animals ass and sakcs into products for no F-ing reason! Maybe this is why Hostes cake snacks are all horrible now

  3. Are you fucking listening.. this is why circumcision makes sense..­o&feature=g-user-u

  4. Great… now every time I eat ice-cream I'm going to have this mental image of licking a beaver's ass… -gags-

    Ice cream will never be sexy again lmao

  5. Oh that makes a lot of sense. I wonder if that's cheaper? If wood is cheap then people will hire beavers over people. Then businesses will be trading in wood currency. More and more wood be bought to pay off the beavers, and the beavers will be overwhelmed with wood demands. My head hurt from thinking to much. (•̪●)

  6. Is that where the "castor oil" came from that kids in the 20's, 30's, & 40's used to be firce fed ? I guess it's also used to induce labor ? Go figure…….

  7. Can't even kill Beavers here in Canada. Well, with out going to jail for a whole (its protected)

    So interested myself how they get them.

  8. There are the fruit sorbets. My guess would be that there are probably soy ice cream or something, but I would think any company who was interested in marketing a "Vegan Ice Cream" would not put beaver butt in their product. Wait, who am I kidding? If there is money to be made, it is likely that some company would do it if they don't have to put it in the ingredients. Even small leftist companies that make "health foods" may likely succumb to the corrupting influence that is the mighty dollar.

  9. I am sure that the beavers are not harmed, other than by having their "butts" pinched, to express (expel) the castorium from the glands, which duct to the outside or the body. Obviously, 300 pounds of castorium goes a long way.

    Sometimes, the anal glands of dogs become congested and the gland contents must be expressed.

    Civet cats used to be used for their anal glands; I do not know if they still are, or whether they were killed in the process.

    Busy? That's why they say "busy as a beaver"!

  10. Okay beaver ass juice is gross, but WHAT is with the subtitles?!? Absolute WORST translation of English to English EVER!!!

  11. What a bunch of crap, castoreum has been used for centuries, it is you guys that are completely unnatural, I mean most eat steak, that comes from a dead cows, wear leather shoes, etc… ????
    The castor glands produce a substance that the beavers use to mark their territory, extremely strong smelling stuff.
    Yes you have to kill the beavers, usually by trapping for the fur, the castor is a usefull byproduct that lets trappers earn a few extra bucks. A pair of glands used bring about $10.
    Trust me you are far better of with a bit of castoreum in your ice-cream or parfume than with Monsanto on the table…

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