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Beaver facts – BBC Animals

Beaver facts –  BBC Animals

each day a busy beaver can shift ten times its own body weight a total of around 200 kilograms the beavers excavate the bed of their new pond making it deeper and using the mud like mortar to plug any holes in the wall powered by a strong hind legs and chunky forearms they Pat push and compress the dam to make it watertight as the dam becomes leak proof the water level rises upstream and the beaver crew continue to bulldoze in new layers of material the dam builders are programmed to react to the sound of trickling water they rush the block and inlets working as a well drill team avdeeva Ganga can build a metre and a half of them each day they won’t down tools until the river is completely blocked the largest Beaver Dam ever recorded was one and a half kilometers long now builder turns severe the Foreman checks the families work for leaks it’s taken several months hard labor to construct a dam a hundred metres long and the resulting pond now stretches almost 2 kilometers upstream stage one of the beaver project is complete [Music] downstream the earthmovers are on to stage 2 carving out a road for access to their site [Music] [Music] a transport system is the second stage of the beaver blueprint tool but on this site there’s no mechanical assistance the Beavers use their claws and teeth to rip up mud and vegetation and their paws to shovel it into place in just a few days they can excavate an entire network of channels leading away from the main pond far into their forest estate for safety reasons beavers like to travel in the water steering clear of predators like bears so instead of going overland they take the water to the trees the longest channel ever measured ran for more than 400 meters

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