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Beaver Themer Tutorial Series – Everything You Wanted To Know About Beaver Themer & Beaver Builder

Beaver Themer Tutorial Series – Everything You Wanted To Know About Beaver Themer & Beaver Builder

All of your questions about Beaver Themer
about to be answered hi my name is Adam from for I make WordPress videos
for non-techies and I make in upload these videos to YouTube every single day so if you
enjoy the content in this video I would like you to maybe consider subscribing now if you
are not aware there’s a new product about to be released called Beaver Themer and it
is made by the folks that make Beaver Builder and it’s kind of a companion plug-in that
is going to work side-by-side with Beaver Builder to really unlock some superpowers
on your website and I know that this is going to be in my mind probably the most powerful
tool in anyone’s toolbox that has a website or is building websites for people once you
understand what it does and that’s the problem there’s a lot of people know what it does
but not everybody knows what it does so I thought to myself this is going to be releasing
about one or two weeks I’m going to do a daily video series on Beaver Themer in try to get
all of the things that it’s going to do to make your life a better easier give you more
time make things easier and I’m in a release of video each day on it so that when the product
does launch in one or two weeks that you will know if it’s a good fit for you and that is
the same with any product you’ve got to figure out if it’s a good fit for you and I want
to tell you with the Beaver Themer it’s not a good fit for every body it’s not perfect
for everybody there are scenarios where it’s going to be the most amazing thing you’ve
ever experienced but there’s been a be plenty of situations where you probably don’t need
it now let’s go over to their website Beaver Builder’s website and right now on their blog
there’s two posts about it there was a post about a week or so ago announcing the cost
it’s gonna cost $147 I believe and there’s going to be a discount for the first couple
days or so for their existing customers to be able to purchase this Beaver Themer but
if your customer you’ve already had access to it for the last three months or so or since
February I’ve been using it since February and am completely blown away at what it does
so let me just try to give you some of the basics of how this video series is going to
work I need your help I need you to get out from behind the Internet shadows leave it,
down below on what you want to know how to do with Beaver Themer so that I have enough
material to make it till this launches if the launch is in two weeks that means that
14 videos I need to make now I will save the day before it launches I’m going to post a
video that I went to do an interview with Robbie from Beaver Builder and in this interview
we are going to answer your frequently asked questions and working to talk about Beaver
Themer second to be one of those interviews where he tells me how Beaver Builder got started
you can listen to any of the 50 different podcasts that he’s been on if you want that
information this is going to be information specific to Beaver Themer and everything about
it now in a nutshell Beaver Themer is going to make it so that you can use Beaver Builder
to design pretty much any area of your website so right now with Beaver Builder you can design
pages and posts and with posts it’s not even the most efficient way of doing it because
if you want to change your post format you would have to manually do that for each post
that you use the Beaver Builder on so it’s not the most efficient way and that is the
introduction of Beaver Themer where you can create templates for your post let me show
you an idea right now of what a posted template looks like if you’re on my website this is
my standard post template if you’ve ever been to my site and click on any of the blog content
videos or whatever here this is what it looks like in this is a template they all look like
this where we have a video we have my title here we have these different colored backgrounds
we have these other thumbnails here and then my content this is how they all look and it’s
a global thing now traditionally it is very difficult to change that you have to modify
code and it’s just not something that 90% of us are going to want to do or be able to
do let me give you some perspective on that if you head over to the elegant themes blog
and elegant themes they make Divi Divi is a great page builder and they’re going one
direction Beaver Builder’s going to different direction now they just started a new blog
post series is coming three blog posts on how to do kinda what Beaver Themer allows
you to do witches make different styles of your blog post templates okay this just one
little thing that Beaver Themer does by the way and it’s a three part blog series and
I’m not dissing Divi at all it’s just it’s an apples and oranges comparison at this point
but I just want to give you some perspective of what Beaver Themer does and it’s the only
thing that can do this okay you go to elegant themes and blog here and you scroll down your
like okay I’m I want my blog posts to look like this and you scroll down and there are
like all the snippets of code you have to put in all these different places so let me
show you so here you go now or get into the nitty-gritty of code that needs a go into
FTP and all these different PHP files and all this kind of stuff and that was just the
first post person the second one and it’s just more of the same all these complicated
bits of code that you have to put in to just modify what your post template would look
like so right here I just showed you my blood + if I wanted to change that it’s going to
be a problem so I’ve been using Beaver Themer on my website and I decided to test this new
blog post template right here and I made my video larger I put the thumbnail image in
the background I put this little overlay colorant and this was all using Beaver Themer I did
not touch one line of code I didn’t have to copy and paste any code anywhere it’s all
using Beaver Builder which I mean if you just got Beaver Builder it only takes about 5 to
10 minutes to fully understand how to use this thing and thing and I change the where
my title location is in the how my content kettle gets laid out and I even did this really
cool because something here where my transcriptions will go in this box I kind of just blends
into the background and put this author info here I mean I was able to do this in about
10 minutes and I can assign this globally to whatever bits of content that I want this
is what I was able to do with Beaver Themer in just a few minutes to do that with elegant
theme you gotta go here I’m sorry Divi you got a coherent copy and paste all kinds of
complicated bits of code and you still don’t get it the way you want it you get it to look
like this this might not be how you wanted to look but that’s just what you have to live
with so you can even really get it to be how you want you can get it to be different but
with Beaver Themer you can have full control over the layout of a blog post that is one
like tiny little sliver of what you can do with Beaver Themer where I think the holy
Grail is with Beaver Themer is the ability to customize woo theme product pages I think
that is the money feature right there I’ve always felt that the Wu themes product pages
are really kind of dull and boring and I’ve never really liked them and now with Beaver
Themer you’re going to be able to totally change the way these product pages look so
now probably talked about 20% of what Beaver Themer is going to allow you to do if you
go to Beaver Builder’s website and read these two blog posts you’re gonna see all these
new things that it allows you to do so that’s why I want to do this video series each day
have a video to show you the power and exactly how to use it so when it is available for
purchase Juergen a note number one if it’s for you and number two you’re already gonna
know how to use it that’s my goal of this video series and it does more things of course
if you have the Beaver Builder theme and I think maybe one or two other themes your to
be able to use it Beaver Themer to totally create custom headers and footers and you
can even have full control over which pages they appear on so the say you have a dynamic
website or maybe you have a membership area you can have a totally different header in
the members area then you do for everybody else on your website in this is powerful stuff
guys so powerful you can have full control over who sees what and when they see it and
they also have another new feature called their calling it a theme park to get her rooms,
hard to wrap your mind around it so this is different areas of your website or you can
create some content in Beaver Builder and just toss it right in there slip it right
in there so a real easy to understand example is when you go to say some of the blog you
read the blog posts and at the bottom there’s an area there on every blog post or whatever
that says hey you want to subscribe and there’s a button or something like that that’s kind
of like a theme part where you can create is now in Beaver Builder and you can put them
in all these different locations on your website there is actually a ton of great marketing
use case scenarios of this you can say have maybe a banner ad or banner announcement above
WooCommerce product pages or maybe different blog posts that have an opt in there so many
different powerful uses for this theme parts and all the different locations where you
can put a you can have a theme park be right above the footer of your theme right below
the header all these different locations I really think it’s going to be a power power
feature now I think were in my mind some of the most powerful features are for a developer
are was something called custom post types so if you use a plug-in that creates a custom
post type like a WooCommerce product page or if you are learning management system and
there might be a lesson designed layout page you can totally change and override the looks
of those pages and how things are laid out but where there is a real power is in creating
custom post types and what that is is you know WordPress isn’t sometimes a one-size-fits-all
it’s more of a one-size-fits-all most there are scenarios where the content you want to
put on your website doesn’t necessarily fit in the context of a page or a post a couple
examples of that would be maybe you have a website that needs to have events we would
want to events in their own separate category and you want their pages to look totally different
that would be a custom post type and then you can use Beaver Builder to design that
layout another example is say you had a staff directory so your company and you need a staff
directory well that would be a custom post type for each staff member actually when I
was on this blog post and I was down you’re looking at the comment section of all these
people that have been using Beaver Themer someone posted a link to a website they made
I hope you don’t mind if you watch his video I hope you don’t mind me referencing this
but I thought this was a perfect example of a custom post type how WordPress is a one-size-fits-all
most and Beaver Themer really unlocking the true potential so this developer built this
beautiful website and they created a custom post type for the pets that are available
for adoption so he created it here you can click on adoptable and you can see this so
obviously each of these pets available for adoption it doesn’t really fit in the context
of a blog post and it doesn’t really fit in the context of the page so you create a custom
post types and then when you click on one of these adorable pets you can see there is
a custom layout just for that bit of content so you can see right here your your name your
age to sex to breed the image and a little bit about the dog and sister so cute this
was done by creating a custom post type and then using Beaver Themer to make it actually
look beautiful on the front and if you have a website where you’re going to list a bunch
of books that could be a custom post types of there so many use case scenarios for custom
post types in this video series were never video dedicated to that that’s gonna be one
of the later videos on the best tools to create this custom post types and then using Beaver
Themer to show it on the front and so I hope you can see the massive potential of Beaver
Themer I want you to be a part of this video series I want you to guide and direct this
video series and the only way we can do that together is if you take a minute go to the
comment section down below and tell me what you want to learn or ask me any question that
you want me to ask Robbie when I have that interview I want to open this up to you to
guide this video series were to go along your path of what you want to learn in this video
series working to touch it all and I’m not to be up to do that if you don’t hop in and
join in and let me know what you want to know and let me know what you want me to ask Robbie
in a few days so the best and next step for you would be to consider clicking on the subscribe
button and then write off to the right of that there’s a little cute bell when you click
on that it’s gonna turn on YouTube notifications for my channel that means when I upload a
new video YouTube Skinner just send you a message saying hey Adam just uploaded the
next video in this Beaver Themer countdown a video series and then you’ll know that the
content is there ready waiting for you and then after you do that let me know what you
want to learn about Beaver Themer down below

36 thoughts on “Beaver Themer Tutorial Series – Everything You Wanted To Know About Beaver Themer & Beaver Builder”

  1. As a trusted resource, I am very glad you are going to be doing this. I would really like to see Beaver Themer in action. A few unique blog layouts and then a couple examples of Beaver Themer and WooCommerce used together. I really want to see how it handles managing those layouts on multiple devices. How much customization will I need to do to make the sites responsive? I am sure I will have more questions once I get a chance to test it.

  2. I havr a Real Estate project coming up soon. They want to post all their house listings. Perfect for CPT. I considered purchasing a plug in (there are many) that do this.. But none have ALL of what I want. I think Themer can do this for me. I'm only scared of how many variables there are on a house (size, bed, bath, fireplace, lot, location… The list goes on and on). I would love for the video on CPT to be in depth, but certainly assume we know nothing! 😉

  3. I am excited about Themer. How is the content entered and stored for each page? Is there a way to enter content for each section of the custom post or page?

  4. Great news. I would be interested in how to build galleries (maybe with ultimate addons) and how to set image fields as backgrounds (maybe parallax).

  5. Hi, element theme is out now, can you make a video for us please? it costs 90 dollars and I am afraid that 90 dollars is too much for theme like element theme:) i hope you will make video soon and will be probably first on youtube 😀 would be nice to compare elementor with element theme and beaver builder with theme;)

  6. Adam do you know what custom post types plugins are best. ACF vs pods vs toolset vs maybe something better?

  7. Thanks for doing this, Adam! The thing I am most curious about right now is in regard to the custom post types. I would like to use the post format for a sort of "employee profile" section, but also have a traditional blog. I want the blog archive (by month) to display in the sidebar of the actual blog section, but I want to make sure to exclude the category assigned to employee profiles. Will Beaver Themer be able to solve this for me?

  8. Hi, thanks for the great video….does it work on menus also? Could i make custom menus with beaver themer?

  9. I just started playing around Themer and I am blown away at the ease of use and, more importantly, the possibilities… all without touching any code. Woohoo!! I am pretty familiar with ACF and CPT's. I would really love a video that would be dedicated to combining both for a more complex e-commerce type website. It doesn't have to have the cart options, but rather a large amount of 'products' and how to best display the information (galleries, description, reviews, ratings, etc.). I know that is subjective. Maybe best practices? I guess this could include Woo as well, but I am starting to get the feeling that I wouldn't need Woo to do this. Am I right? Especially if I do not require the cart option.

    Two side requests:
    1. It would be great if you could cover filtering and how to add that functionality to a post archive page as well. I am not sure how to, or if Themer can handle this.
    2. I would love to see how to handle importing large amounts (1,000+) of 'products' from an excel sheet or an xml doc. I am thinking an excel sheet might have title, product code, manufacturer, a url for the product image (or WP media uploads), etc. (this might be for a completely separate video but I can't wrap my head around this one).

    As always Adam, your content is Grade A!! Keep it up.

  10. Hi Adam – I would love to see a video on how Themer works with The Events Calendar plugin to change the layout of Single Event pages. Thanks, Paul ps. Love your videos – so easy to follow!!

  11. Hi Adam, Thanks for doing this and really looking forward to the future video's.
    Just a small correction – the 25% discount special is for two weeks following the release not 2 days: From the blog entry:
    "For the first two weeks, we're going to knock ~25% off the sticker price for Beaver Themer."

  12. I like your YouTube channel. You are plain, direct and to the point with no nonsense. I am new to your channel. I have been watching you for about two weeks.

    I am considering buying Beaver Builder. I just found about Beaver Themer. I am a web developer that is looking for a way to create custom sites for my clients and myself. I am not afraid of code, but why do it if thee is an easy way to develop and let clients update content. So are my questions.

    1. If I purchase Beaver Builder (BB) and Beaver Themer (BT) will I be able to use these two products to develop a custom site from the ground up?
    2. I currently use Visual Composer (VC) where I work. The company purchased it with The7 theme before I came into the web developer group. I like it a lot, but it has limitations. Does BB have all the module functions that VC has?
    3. One of the things that I like to do is build my own CSS styles. Currently my work environment this is difficult. Will BB and BT make creating and modifying the CSS styles easier?

  13. Suggestion for a movie. Show how step-by-step you created your post template you shown. Another idea? Beaver Themer in conjunction with custom fields, actually show how to do this in a real case. Thx so far. A thumbs up!

  14. When is Beaver Themer due to go live? I want to use Beaver Themer on my blog post and when I create events. I already use BeaverBuilder on my site because of your great videos!

  15. I've been using Elementor and following your videos for that. I wonder, would Beaver Themer and Builder be better for the Woocommerce store page building side of my online school? I've already started building out my courses with Elementor. I see Elementor has some nice page building features for Woocommerce, but, just wondering what you thought about this.

  16. Hi Adam. I'm loving your videos. Here's something I'd like to see you do, if it's possible. Can you build a custom login template using Themer?

  17. Hey want my course Beaver Builder Essentials for free? When you purchase Beaver Builder or Beaver Themer through the link on my website, I will enroll you in this $149 course for free. Here is the link with all the details

  18. Hey Adam, re the ability of BThemer to edit CTPs, would you know if it can also edit areas such as the Woo checkout pages as well?
    Also, how much ability would BThemer have to edit other CTP plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads – and if none, do you know if EDD integration is planned?
    Thanks a lot mate – love your work! 👍

  19. Would love a review and comparison video featuring Elementor vs BB with Themer. You were leaning toward Elementor for awhile. Has that changed? Curious to know your thoughts, as someone who recently picked up Elementor through you and is going through your Elementor Essentials course.

  20. Hello. I'm in love with Beaver Builder. However, it seems to fall on the wayside when it comes to using it as an online news magazine. I'd like to find out if Beaver Themer can create a theme that is made for blogging that includes a business directory, a place to list events and to be able to have banner ads on the side. I've been able to replicate this on Genesis. However, the users have no idea how to place things around the theme.

  21. Hi Adam, I really appreciate I found your videos. I am very new to the field and currently use Divi theme to build a couple of websites. Only just starting to get used to Divi theme, I got a new project that requires me to use LifterLMS to build a membership site. With my limited CSS skills, I am not able to style the LMS courses and forms the way I want in Divi theme.

    I would like to use your links to purchase either Beaver Builder/Themer or Elementor Pro to take advantage of your courses. I am required to present LifterLMS courses in a carousel grid and event calendar modules. (I guessed I need to use Custom Post Type or Custom Fields, am I right? These terms are very new to me.)

    Which of the following tools will you suggest me to use in order to achieve these goals?
    1. LaunchPad Theme + Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer
    2. LaunchPad Theme + Elementor Pro
    3. Generate Press Theme + Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer
    4. Generate Press Theme + Elementor Pro

    Also, do you think Elementor Pro has most modules that Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder has to offer? Am I comparing apples to apples?

    Please advise me and thanks again for all your efforts and time to put these valuable tutorials together.

  22. Hi Adam, we bought both the Beaver-Builder and Beaver-Theme. Is the Beaver-Themer a separate app/plugin to buy? I'm not familiar with their theme yet. TIA

  23. Great video, Adam! I’d love to see a walkthrough of using Themer with Astra theme. Maybe creating a custom post layout to make the blog section look like Medium.

  24. Hey Adam, You have a cool looking website! 🤓 I was wondering do you have a video where you show how to Loop the Green Font on your homepage, Maintain Build Create Grow Secure? I would love to learn how to do that makes the site come alive 👍

  25. 😢🤣I had Beaver Builder theme and plugin for a whole year and didn’t know what Beaver Themer did! Thanks for explaining!

  26. Hi Adam. I purchased BB through your link and got a confirmation from you, but I haven't received the course you promised. It's been two weeks now. Hope you're well.

  27. Hi, why does The Beaver Builder Plug-in make the page speed so slow? I’ve used it for 2 of my websites, and page speed is at a whopping 20. Any suggestions??

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