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Beavis and Butthead – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 141

Beavis and Butthead – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 141

(banjo music) (Nerd grunts the theme song) In the 90s, Beavis and Butthead was a sensation. On the surface, it seemed like the most mindless, idiotic show on television, but on closer examination, it was funnier and smarter than you’d think. There were two segments to the show: First, there were the narrative segments. This is where you’d see the characters leave the house and interact with society. They’d cause all kinds of trouble and act without discipline. They seem to represent some kind of teenage, primal inner-self. A warning of what our generation may come to if we don’t subdue that inner-self. A social satire. Covered in fart jokes. The other part of the show was where they watch music videos while commenting on them in a very loose and lowbrow kind of way. It gave us a contrast to the formal critic, who traditionally tries to compose themselves in a professional, intelligent way. But really, all you need is two jackasses sitting on a couch making fun of shit. Beavis and Butthead pioneered today’s various styles of reviewing media. Speaking of media: it only seemed natural that they appeared in video games. Like this one on Sega Genesis. It was released timely, during the show’s popularity. So, a game based on Beavis and Butthead? We’re there, dude! This is gonna be cool! Or is it? (digitized Beavis and Butthead theme song) The plot goes like this: Beavis and Butthead get tickets to a GWAR concert, but a dog eats the tickets, barfs them up, then they get shredded in a riding mower, scattering the pieces of the tickets all over town, and you gotta find them. A bit far-fetched, but so was the show. In fact, everything about the game is in tune with the show. (farting) The humor is there, and the game’s graphics look just like the show’s animation style. It feels like you’re playing a Beavis and Butthead episode. The controls take some time to get used to. It’s hard to tell where you’re allowed to walk. In the house, you’re stuck on a two-dimensional path, even though it appears that you have a whole three-dimensional space to explore. The first thing you do is search the house for items, but anytime I try searching the couch, I end up selecting the TV, and it doesn’t let you go back. The TV is the main hub where you select what stage to go to next. Like Burger World, the fast food joint. Here, I’m wandering around behind the place, there’s a door that requires a passcode. Okay, where do I find that? I’ll check out the dumpster. Nope, nothing here. Just a dead rat. Lookin’ around, lookin’ around… Wait a minute, how did I get back to the dumpster? There’s no logical sense of direction. Try playing it with two players and you’re screwed. You’re both always going to be moving in different directions, causing the screen to change at inconvenient times, Unless one player leads, and masters the art of lightning-fast communication. Now where’s the passcode? I looked everywhere. You know where to find it? I know. In the cheater’s guide. That’s where. The passcode is “Butthead”? Okay, I thought it was just gonna be numbers. I didn’t know it was gonna spell out a word. Why does the finger go in between the keys? It shouldn’t do that! Oh, I hit the wrong key! How do I delete it? Oh, “CORR?” That’s the backspace key? What’s “CORR” mean? Correct? Correct! Oh my god! Ugh, why couldn’t they just have D-E-L for delete? And you know, who would ever be named “Butthead”, anyway? Maybe his parents intended it to be pronounced “Bu-theed.” Okay, now we’re inside. That was WAY too much hassle. There’s a guy demanding service. You go in the back to get his meal. You’re supposed to drop the rat into the fryer along with some fries. So, did I drop it, or what? What am I supposed to do? Ooooh, the “Drop” button up there is NOT for dropping the items into the fryer! No! It’s for dropping them on the floor! Which is so conveniently hidden by the foreground plane that you would never know the difference! To drop them in the fryer, you select the items, then use the C button! Uugh, silly me! I’m such a “shi-theed!” Who would’ve ever thought it’d be self-explanatory? Drop the item in the fryer by selecting “Drop”! Figuring this game out is as awkward as trying to wipe your ass in the dark with a piece of floss, while doing a handstand! Or like a one-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond. So then you feed the guy his glorious dead rat Happy Meal! Yeah! He pukes it up, and what comes out? A piece of the ticket. How… did he eat… a piece of the tickets? I know it’s just a game, but COME ON! That’d be like if I ripped up a piece of paper, and then somehow, a piece ended up in a dog’s ass across the street! Everywhere you walk, there’s something on the ground trying to kill you. Beavis and Butthead each have their own health meter, so you can switch between them to conserve health, But it doesn’t take long for it to drain. And it doesn’t matter who dies; whether it’s Beavis or Butthead, all it takes is one of them, and the game’s over! No extra lives! No continues! Nothing!! You can SAVE the game, but you have to make it back alive to the exit, return to the house, and go to the poster, where you can put a piece of the tickets in a safe place. Then it gives you a password. But after you die, it doesn’t continue! It still resets back to the beginning! In other words: Every time you die, you have to enter the password!! It shouldn’t make you do that!! The purpose of a password is for when you turn the game off and come back another time!! *sigh* Okay so let’s enter the password. Wait… I picked password… What happened? Watch as I clearly highlight “password.” I hit Start, and the game starts up from the beginning. As if nothing happened. You have to hit A, or possibly any of the other buttons. NOW you get the password screen. YAY! But it’s made of upper and lowercase letters. When you’re writing that down, how are you going to tell the difference between an upper and lowercase X or O or K? What about the L? That’s not even a real lowercase L, it’s just a smaller uppercase L! And how are you supposed to enter the password when the damn arm is in the fucking way?! Did the dumbasses who made this game have all the intelligence of a brick…combined?! Did Beavis and Butthead design this game?! Alright, done. (click, click) Uhh, what’s happening? Okay, guess what button you press this time? Start! Wait, where’s my fucking health? Where’s my fucking items?? The ticket piece is still there, but other than that, the password is useless! What good is a password if you’re almost dead, and all your items are gone?! I don’t wanna collect this shit all over again! This game is less fun than fifty-two card pickup! Beavis: Fartknocker… I don’t even know what to say. I’m out of words. So how do you refill your health? One way, you can eat the rotten burger next to the dumpster then go to the sick room at the hospital if you can make it that far before the burger continuously drains all your health. And even if you make it that far, good luck getting back OUT of the hospital! They block the exit with some fartknocker who thinks he’s at a barbecue! At first I thought he was wearing a doctor’s smock, but it’s a cooking apron. And he has a burger on a spatula, I guess. I think they put him on the wrong stage by accident. By the way, there is a quicker way to get out of a stage. By choosing “sucks.” But all the items you collected in the stage are now gone, making it pointless. Another way to get health is to shoot a million spitballs at these police officers who look like Don Knotts. They sometimes give you health. But look at how many hits it takes to kill this butt-munch! Every stage, no matter where you go, the enemies are too abundant! And if you step back an inch, another one spawns in its place! You’re caught in a surge of bowling balls, skateboards, and pedestrians! Geez, enough is enough! There should be name for this kind of game! Actually there is.. It’s called crap. There’s a part where you get a gun, but most of the enemies in this area are all birds and rats which are next to impossible to shoot. The rats especially, because they’re too close to the ground! Did you think you can duck and shoot? Heh, no, you can’t. In the sewers, most of the gaps are too wide to jump. Get over there! Get, OVER THERE! Ugh! Fuck! You know what, you fucking game? I banged your mom! The part I hate most of all, is the hospital! You’re racing down the halls, and there’s a naked guy chasing after you! If he catches you, it’s game over! Why is he naked anyway? I know why he’s naked: because he has no clothes on. And what are these things? Health? NO! In any real game, a white container with a red cross on it is always health! But not in this piece of shit! Here, they slow you down! And you’re in the middle of the screen, giving you no time to react! It’s over. I don’t know. I guess to give a closing statement, While viewed on its own merits, it is non-derivative of its genre. However what it has in originality, it lacks in fun. Though it tries to bear the mantle of a problem-solving thinking game, it speaks less to the brain and more to… the anus. I don’t know, it’s one of the most brutal, most unforgiving worst games I ever played! It’s so bad, it goes beyond analysis and I’ve critiqued so many games, I don’t even know what to say anymore. That’s it… It says it right there! The game is telling me that it sucks! That’s all I need to say! This game sucks! That’s the phrase it all comes down to! That’s where it all started! “This game sucks.” Beavis and Butthead taught me everything I need to know! You know what else they taught me? Change it! *burp* *bottle clink* Yah, that’s how you critique it, you just say this sucks. Yeah. Uhhhhh… You know when you eat rump roast, are you like, eating a cow’s butt? *burp* In other words, “this” is like, “shit” spelled backwards? Or uhh, maybe it isn’t. Maybe I should, like, uhhh… Play another game, or something? Alright, here’s one on Super Nintendo. I guess if we’re like, goin’ 16-bit then, y’know. (digitized Beavis and Butthead theme song) Yes! YES! Lives! It has lives! And woah, you can duck! This game is like, easier to figure out. *burp* It’s just gooder. You don’t gotta figure out what button. Butt-On. I said butt on! You don’t gotta think in this game, just move right and beat everything with a stick. Yeah. Beat that stick! Look at the birds taking a dump! Hey look, there’s Daria! Heh heh, diarrhea! You can like, switch between Beavis and Butthead but, why? In the other game they have their own health bars but, this time they don’t. Sometimes you can do co-op moves like this but, not that much. Know what’s weird? It has the same plot and almost all the same stages as the Genesis version, like a hospital and the high school. But they’re different. So, they made the same game but, it’s NOT the same game. Wouldn’t it have been easier to like, make the same game once? Instead of, uhhh, make the same game twice? Or something? I’m like dead… Beavis: This sucks! Uhhh, you still gotta put the password in to keep playing? Okay, puttin’ the password in. Let’s go. Uhhhhh, no lives? Health almost gone?? FUUUUUUUUCK! I am The Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!! (explosion) Yeah! (explosions) Fire! Fire! Fire! (fireworks) Fire! Fire! Fire! (explosions and fireworks) (Nerd grunts the theme song)

100 thoughts on “Beavis and Butthead – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 141”

  1. I really like your videos, James, I've been watching for years. But this episode was not one of your best to say the least. I hope you re not going down the road like this.

  2. The Genesis version was actually a good game, and I don't think that's just my opinion, but that of most people. Definitely better than the SNES version.

  3. The Sega version seems to be more in depth than the SNES version, even though I think the SNES version is easier to navigate.

  4. Dude. This was not good. Genesis version is a pain in the ass. But I was able to beat it. Also, Rolling Rock still? Think its killing your creativity. Smoke weed instead. Lighten up. The game was fun. This was one of your worst vids.

  5. it's kinda weak, but I like it. we're all getting older. I like the part where he turns into them. and the "Because he has no clothes on."

  6. why do you just give up on AVGN and just act like your retarded to gaming… then act like u have no idea how to play this game 😛 money has ate your soul 😛 ahhh well it was good while it lasted

  7. A life long dream. I hated that game. Rented it once as a kid, only once. And god it was awful. Wanted to break it and stomp on it but had to return in. I salute you sir!

  8. Please, James, don't listen to all the negative comments! I believe you're releasing quality material like you always did. I, of course, noticed, too, that you're not as over-the-top angry as you were some years ago, but that doesn't change the fact I'm still re-watching every episode at least, like 5 times, simply because they're great. Also, Mike did an amazing Job with this title card. 🙂

  9. The Genesis version is so classic – I loved the irony that a B & B game took brains n puzzle solving / But the PW system was a bit brutal..

  10. fuck u to any haters. avgn is the voice we all had as gamers then but couldn't express at the time. i like his take on the games of yesterday and cant wait 2 see more. yes i would like avgn 2 do sum current games but i guess he knos wat alot of us kno. they suck already lbvvs. i still go back and play my retro games and have a good laugh wen i cum across one ive seen on avgn it gets me thru the playthru.

  11. Funny review, but I still liked the Genesis game back in the day. It was fun collecting the stuff and figuring out how to use it to cause mayhem throughout Highland. Once I got the hang of the controls, it was pretty cool if frustrating.

    And ignore the haters, James. They're probably still mad that Ghostbusters flopped. You've accomplished more than they ever will.

  12. I'm sorry, but AVGN is really losing his touch, hopefully the next game he does is something he actually played as a child and found frustrating, it seems that is when he is funniest.

  13. "I like his older videos because they were more funny"
    What kind of stupid ass excuse is that? Ive seen this episode and compared it to his older ones, and yet i found no difference in the humor and script. He's the same AVGN i know.
    Want my scientific explanation? Most of James' fans had gone mind open shit. Thats it.

  14. Oh my gosh I loved this it was so great!!!! I remember most all of the characters in these games too I wished I could have owned one of the games regardless of the crappy controls and etc… so much nostalgia heheh hehe heheh heh

  15. It would be good if you did a game from n64, which is San Francisco rush, please try to play it. If already did, please leave a link.

  16. "That's not even a real lowercase L, just a small uppercase L!" (writes a lowercase K like a small uppercase K)

  17. Too bad they never made a sincerely cool B&BH video game. Cool episode diving into one of my fav shows of the 90's. Thanks for still making AVGN.

  18. Wow, these comments… For the record, there is not one AVGN episode I hate. This episode is great, especially the last minute. Y'all haters need to chill out.

  19. AVGN X Collection (Angry Video Game Nerd Episodes 1-100) Blu-ray is back in stock!

  20. I remember playing this game with my cousin for hours. Afterwards we'd go back to his place and watch All that, Are you afraid of the dark? Rockos modern Life, and Aahh! Real monsters. Man good were some good times. This was also the first time I saw The Lion King. One word. Magical

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