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Best Remote Fishing Cabin in Alaska

Best Remote Fishing Cabin in Alaska

– Hello, we are about to go fishing, at this amazing place called,
Chatanika, it’s awesome here. – Which is not in Utah, where is this? – It’s in Alaska. – [Markham] Alaska? – [Lincoln] Alaska. – [Markham] You’re in Alaska? – [Lincoln] We’re in Alaska. (upbeat music) Yeah. – We’re gonna be here all week. We’re gonna film some awesome vlogs. Get ready for Alaska,
Alaska, Alaska, Alaska vlogs. Couple of main channel videos. – Dropping the mic. – Or dropping the fishing pole. – No, that was supposed to work. – This is the cabin, that’s
like hundreds of years old. This is where, if you need
to go to the bathroom, this is the bathroom. Look at that outhouse. But look at that, it’s open air and then boom. You got a nice view
right there on the wall you can look at, yeah,
and then right over here, that’s where your toilet paper is. Pretty fancy right? So now we’re gonna take
the four wheelers over, the boys wanna do some fishing. Catch some fish. This is gonna be a fun
adventure this week. Alright boys, see ya later. – [Lincoln] We’re goin that way. (four wheeler revs) – [Markham] Are you old enough
to be driving this thing? – He’s thirteen. – [Alex] No comment. – There’s his trouble already. See ya boys. (upbeat music) Oh, hey how’s it goin over here? – Great, peaceful. – [Markham] Is this where
you like to hang out? That’s not a bad view. – It’s so beautiful. – [Markham] Wow, oh look there’s a beaver. There’s the beaver, he went
back under, he heard me. Hey boys, thought you
were gonna go fishing. – [Lincoln] Exactly we’re going to a spot where there are fish. – [Markham] Yeah, out in
the middle of the water. – [Lincoln] No, we’re not going out there. – That’s where the fish
are, I just saw them jump. If you catch the beaver I’ll
give you a hundred dollars. Oh, mosquitoes are attacking me. Alright boys. – Pedal power. (Lincoln yelling) This is awesome. – I caught one fish, I threw
him in, I threw him super high. – [Markham] I saw you throw him back in, you probably broke his back. – He just stood there… – [Markham] What do you
mean it stood there? – It just like sat there… – [Markham] Hey, what’s that? Hey, can I come fishing with
you guys, you have room for me? – [Group] Yeah, sure. – Where do I sit? Look at that, you can
see right to the bottom. I don’t know what the weight limit is on this but we’re pushing it. – [Boy] Wait, are we close? – Super close to our weight limit. – You’re gonna sink us. – [Markham] No I’m not. (screams) – [Markham] What? – There’s a bee. – Yeah, that’s a bee. You scared all the animals
in Alaska with that scream. I just changed positions, I’m
in the center of the boat, I think this is a little smarter. I see the beaver, it’s really
close to us, there it is. (upbeat music) Oph, he hid. Whoa, did you see that
beaver jump right there? He just tried to scare
us away with his splash. Wait, why’s it hard? I think Claire has one, stop,
stop, stop, stop the boat. Claire’s got one, turn it
around, turn the boat around. Oh Claire, oh Claire. – I need you to do it,
I need you to do it. – Oh my gosh, ah, you
got one, look at him. Claire, you did it. Look at him, pull him in the boat Claire. – [Claire] No. – Claire did a good job catching that fish and now we realize we didn’t have pliers and those are essential for getting hooks out of fishes mouths so we’re
gonna head back to the dock. You go like this with your
feet, me and Alex got it. Alex is the captain so he uses this little steering thing right here. Quick transfer, Claire for London and head back out and
catch some more fish. Lincoln, what’s your fish count up to? – I’m at three, whoa, your bobber went… – [Markham] What, do you have one? – [Lincoln] You have one, look at it. – [Markham] Well dang, you got a fish. Ah, look at him, you got it. – It’s cute. – You know what my dad always
does when we go fishing? – [Markham] What? – He always lets us pet the fish. – Okay, give it a pet. (squeals) Oh good job London, can you pet it? Do you hear those dogs? – [Lincoln] Yeah. – It’s a sled team that has
practices in the summer time. Listen, it’s out that way. (dogs barking in the distance) It’s so peaceful out here. (upbeat music continues) The fishing adventure is over. We caught, probably, around
40 fish, threw them all back. And it’s just as quiet as can be. And there’s the water,
it’s like glass out there. Let’s see your skipping skills. Wow, very… – Wait, wait, wait. – [Markham] You didn’t skip it even once. Oh.
– What the? – [Markham] It just buried
it, you wanna skip on top of the water not under the water. – [Boy] Look, there it goes. – Oh, you got one. So, this is a beautiful spot right here. – Did you just go? – [Markham] Yeah, I just walked across. Whew, you did it. – Yeah. – This is one cool thing about Alaska, the trees that are along the river, they don’t have very deep roots so these trees will fall into
the river in the spring time and you can see the roots
sticking up, there it is. Oh Alex, that’s a good one. Whoo, three. No, Lincoln, it’s the only camera we have. Why would you throw at rock at it? (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] I don’t know
where that is but… – [Alex] It’s the trees. – But Alex, he knows where he’s going. I don’t know where we’re going. My dad, he abandoned me
pretty much, he abandoned us. We rode a four wheeler
but someone had to go and take it back, my
dad he took Claire with. Oh, that’s it, what is that? – [Alex] We shoot moose out of the tree. It’s like a treehouse,
we shoot moose out of it. – [Lincoln] Are we going in it? – [Alex] Nah, it’s
unsafe, the roof fell off. – [Lincoln] Okay, he’s coming, ah, he’s gonna run us over now. – What’s going on boys,
did you go up the tent, the moose tent? – [Lincoln] No, it’s broken
down, the tent, you know the… – Uh huh, I thought for
sure they were gonna go up the moose tent,
what did you guys do? – We walked. – [Markham] Alex is gonna give
us a tour of the underneath, the belly of the cabin,
what do we got in here Alex? – Well, we got two fishing poles. – [Markham] Everything you
might need including a chainsaw. What do you use
– Yep. – [Markham] the chainsaw for, bears? – You could say that. There’s a beehive over here. – [Markham] Oh, look at that thing. You can see it from this side. Is it dead now? – [Unison] Yeah, it’s dead. – [Markham] Alex, how old is this cabin? – 1950s. – [Markham] What’s changed
since 1950s to now? – Uhhh. – [Markham] This is
Alex’s favorite out house. – Welcome. – [Markham] Oh, there it
is, looking good down there. Looks like that’s been
used quite a bit, Alex. This one’s nice, the
toilet paper is white. Why is there a broom in every outhouse? – I have no idea. – I have some idea. – [Markham] What is is? – Because there’s a
broom in every outhouse. – I think it’s because
they want you to be tidy. – Well, the squirrels
get in and the reason why the outhouse toilet paper’s
under the coffee cans is because the squirrels will take it all and make it for their nests. And this is a scallop for calling moose. You rub that against a tree. This is off a shoulder blade of a moose. – [Markham] Whoa. – And it makes noise (scrapping noise) – [Markham] Okay, it sounds
just like when they do it. Abby, what’s your favorite
thing about this cabin? – I like a lot of things. – Abby knows everything about this place. She’s been telling us all kind of trivia. How long have your
ancestors been in Alaska. – I’m the seventh generation. – Seventh generation Alaskan, right here, seventh generation. Her ancestors were the
ones that built that cabin. This is Leslie’s sister’s daughter, and so, they still live up here in Alaska. So, she can hold the claim to that seventh generation Alaskan. If we would have been in
Alaska instead of Utah, or Arizona, or New
Mexico, wherever we were, then Claire would be seventh
generation Alaskan, but sorry. Show us how that swing works. Oh yeah, whoa, you lost your hat. This swing, how many years you think this has been here, Bill? – 25, maybe. – [Markham] 25 years old. – Probably, 1980. – This swing is officially
as old as I am, 1980. Leslie remembers, when she was
a kid, swinging on this swing and she turns (beeping) next week. I might have to edit that
part out of the video but she turns (beeping) soon. Claire, how you liking this cabin? Can you give us a tour
of the inside of it? We still haven’t even seen the inside. – Yeah. – [Markham] We need to
see everything in here. Okay, so here’s the door,
giant wood, bear proof. – And this is the couch
area and then there’s a bed right here and this is a bunk bed. – [Markham] Up there? – Yeah. – [Markham] Whoa, you could sleep like three people up there. Look at that fish on the wall. You know what this is right
here, Abby, the black stuff? – [Abby] Baleen. – [Markham] Baleen, what’s baleen? – Baleen is whales, their mouths sorta. – [Markham] Yep, why do we have
these kind of creepy masks. There’s one right here,
there’s one right there. – [Abby] They’re Eskimo masks. – How’s that, wow, is this made out of real Eskimo peoples faces? – I don’t think so. – It is not made out of their faces. And Bill has something that
shows that Lincoln’s ancestors also cut stuff open, this is
a bayonet from World War One? – Yes. – [Markham] Oh my goodness. Can you believe that your
grandpa killed a unicorn? – [Claire] London would be mad. – [Grandpa] She was when I said that. – [Markham] It was the last unicorn. The last living unicorn. – [Grandpa] It’s a mountain goat. – Unicorn, where’s the uni… (gasps) – We just had two squirrels and we accidentally separated them. One of them just started screaming at me. (squirrel screaming) Oh, he’s going around. Think you can escape us,
buddy, he knows the shortcut. Alright, that’s the end
of our squirrel adventure. We need to get back to work. I am going to set something up so that we can cut open a something. We’re gonna cut open this fish
that sings because come on. ♫ Here’s a little song I wrote ♫ We are going to try to cut away the rubber so that it’s just the body and
it’s like muh, muh, muh, muh. It should be funny. Alright, we are finishing up. We just finished cutting
open the singing fish. It felt good to destroy that singing guy. He had it coming, he’s been
annoying for like 15 years. It’s 8pm right now and the
sun is still really high. The sun will set around midnight,
but really it just drips, drips, drops below the mountains and it comes back up
about four in the morning. So, some golf courses
are open for 24 hours. So, we’re gonna try to do
some little midnight golfing. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow night. If we’re too tired, go to
bed, and this vlog ends or if we are not too tired we’ll go hit some golf balls til midnight.

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