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BEST street food in New York – NYC street food

BEST street food in New York – NYC street food

hello fellow travelers Dutchified
here and today we’re in New York! We’re on Times Square…awesome! When you come out to New York City you’ll see food trucks everywhere it’s something so typical of the scene out here. You’ll want to try some of it. Today we are at a food truck festival so there lots of varieties which is really nice way to see it. As you go downtown Times Square is the typical food trucks selling like hamburgers the hotdogs these kind of things Here at the food truck festival there’s a nice variety We’ve just started with a mac and cheese this is a bacon mac and cheese The mac and cheese truck here has lots of variety looks amazing We’re going to try a few things here
we’re also going to try a couple of the downtown food trucks which we’ll feature in this video One of the mandatory things you have to try when you come to
New York is to have pizza this is their Neapolitan pizza and this food truck is
in downtown New York on the Henry Levin suite normally and they’re here today
which is great that’s good Lac Wisconsin first pizza
cos candy for vitiligo into a problem my go-to dish is mushroom risotto so I
was very excited we’re also a place selling risotto balls this is a mushroom
risotto ball with a smoked mozzarella filling it looks amazing that is good all the goodness of a
risotto in a fried package it’s incredible when cousins maine loves the
popular food trucks you have to wait with polycube around our quarters we got
the grilled cheese lobster this is a famous place they’ve got people like
Mariah Carey Gordon Ramsay Queen Latifah Luton here now we getting it on and that is a good touch intelligent
lobster when you if it’s been worth the wait for this
rich taste when that’s on my Petzel
and put out the Brooklyn Bridge with it food cart selling the hotdogs we’re on the corner of Beaver and
Broadway right near Wall Street the financial district right near the pool a
lot of tourists around and there’s this food cart which is very famous
Brioni house there’s a couple of them across the city but quite a typical for
New York you of course expect the hot dogs the hamburgers these kind things
but here they do Indian cuisine Bangladeshi people and the queues speak
for themselves this is a popular place that you need to
try $6 jeepers anything we’ve got two of them these are chicken curry rolls it’s
kinda like an Indian flatbread with chicken spicy chicken with a bit of
salad just as good as if you were in India
yourself and this is in the middle of New York that’s why our food cards are
the best right now we’re at the Chelsea Market this is a huge food market in the
Chelsea and Meatpacking District in New York City it’s awesome it’s one of the
biggest food markets I’ve ever seen and it’s amazing it’s this mix of like
natural product we’ve got some farmers stores selling them there ways that
you’ve also got a lots lots lots of restaurants a huge variety everything
from Japanese Spanish cuisine Italian cuisine everything we’re trying to get
some breakfast now love this counter space it’s previously an industrial
complex biscuit manufacturing Factory and it’s just correct where they’ve made
it into an amazing modern-day functional space we’re in Madison Square Garden in
the middle of New York City behind me look at that view too full Flatiron
Building just one of the iconic buildings but why I’m here is there’s a
Shake Shack right here and Shake Shack in many of the parks at New York City
it’s a bit of a New York institution they make amazing milkshakes but I have
a chocolate milkshake with extra malt that is my go-to flavor but the reason
we’re here is also to have a hotdog you can’t come to New York City and not have
a hotdog of course there are a lot of the street food carts selling hotdogs
will you decide to come to Shake Shack for a slightly better quality hotdog
what can be better a hot dog in the park overlooking an iconic building this is
the place to do is is the reason to come to Shake Shack for the hot dog they take
the V and the current half they grew lips with tomato salsa mustard that’s delicious YUM it’s so much better
than the clouds that just do the kind of boiled Vienna sausages if they’re
boiling the whole day this is made fresh to order
hmm we’re on the Avenue perfect spot to close off the food video we’ve done some
food cards we’ve done some food halls we’ve checked
out a number of spots throughout the city let me know if you have discovered
any other jibs that we should all know about you’re coming to life thank you
for watching don’t forget to check out some of our other travel videos and as
always don’t forget to Like and subscribe thank you for watching see you
next time bye

42 thoughts on “BEST street food in New York – NYC street food”

  1. That lobster sandwich looks very delicious. Oh yeah, Shake Shack is the best, but never tried the hot dog. Looks really good. Cool video.

  2. Wow looks like you had fun in New York. I was there back in 2007. But it was work-related. So I didn't get to have that much fun our stay very long.

  3. Nice video. Haven't done many food trucks in America so this was cool to see. Surprised at the high prices of some of them. $10 MacNCheese and $15 pizzas. Won't complain about the Rollende Keuken prices again…. HaHa. BTW… are you going musicless fulltime?

  4. Sylvias of Harlem. A one of a kind soul food in Harlem on 125th. Come for the food and live music but stay for the southern hospitality. Definitely worth the journey from the more touristy areas.

  5. So glad to see a new video from you! If you ever get to Chicago you’ll be in heaven. Best food in the US that I’ve tried thus far. I’ve avoided New York, though, so I may be missing something! 🙂

  6. Lovely video! Always interesting to see how different tourists choose to eat their way through my city. Definitely try to explore Brooklyn when you have the chance!

  7. mac and cheese 7 bucks and a bottle of water 2 bucks OMG . if new York invested there lunch money and breakfast money into there 401 k in 40 years that 401 k would be like 300,000 bucks and 55 percent still would be over weight

  8. OMFG those italian dishes killed me. The Arancini are completely wrong and the colour shouldn't be brown but Orange. Let's not talk about the pizza😫.
    P.s. im italian

  9. The first few things I knew I had to try when I visited NYC for the first time was a pretzel, a hot dog, and a large slice of New York City pizza! 🙂

  10. Wow it looks delicious 🤤😋and fun great video Haha Come to Algeria and you will see your name after eating various sweets and traditional eating Welcome❤🤗

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