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Bigger, tighter mouse maze experiments

Bigger, tighter mouse maze experiments

The maze from my last experiment
was far too easy for the mice to learn so I set out to build a bigger most maze
one that I could configure. This new most maze is based on
a eight by eight and I can move the walls any way I want to. I made this maze configurable because I’m not sure
what will work best with the mice My goal is to get the mouse
really deep into the maze and that it won’t find its way out again. And here comes the first mouse and it’s mostly just loitering
on the maze chewing all the peanut butter that’s in there. So let’s play that back a little bit faster. That looks like some panicking there
it doesn’t know it’s way out. Out already. I guess that mouse was undaunted
by that little bit of panic because it’s right back exploring
and eating peanut butter. I’m quite surprised that mouse
seems to have learned that maze amazingly fast I think much faster
than a person would have learned it. And here comes another visitor,
this one is a shrew. And this one seems to be quite
systematic even the first time exploring the maze it doesn’t look
like it ever got lost in there. And the mouse is back but we’ve kind of
run out of peanut butter in the maze Time to add bait to the maze again and this time I’m adding some sunflower seeds Leads so the mice have reason to go
back as they stash it somewhere else. And by now the shrew’s
gotten into a routine of hauling away sunflower seeds And here comes another mouse, this one’s
a little bit bigger than the last one. And once the mouse has found
the pile of sunflower seeds it mostly keeps going back and forth
stashing sunflower seeds somewhere else. Not that the vermin
has gotten all used to this layout it’s time to push it up a bit. I think the change in maze layout has that mouse
a little bit confused at first But there’s work to be done
eating all that fresh peanut butter throughout the maze. Oh, I think that’s looking panicky there I think it got just a little bit lost. But, just after a few trips
back and forth I think that mouse
has fully learned the new layout and it’s not making anymore mistakes. And, here comes the shrew again
and that layout of course is new to it as well. I don’t know why but that shrew decided
that all those sunflower seeds needed to be somewhere else. With the most and shrew
having learned the best path through the maze I opened up a short cut
just to see how they’d react to that And the shrew takes the long way around,
force of habit I guess. And a long way back out although
it did seem to hesitate at the short cut And it looks like it found the shortcut although it seems to be a little bit confused by it. And here comes the little black mouse
which finds the short cut right away but then also seems to be
a little bit confused. And last comes the big brown mouse which is also going the long way never mind it found
the short cut right away. And here comes the shrew again which
doesn’t seem to remember the short cut It doesn’t seem to be as smart as the mice. Time to re-bait the maze I’m adding a few blocks that the mouse
has to push out of the way just to see how it will react to that. And here comes the shrew. And I guess it has to eat all the
peanut butter that’s available first. Maybe I shouldn’t have put
quite as much bait in that maze because it just keep eating that without actually exploring any further. And here comes the little mouse which is exploring
what is pushed apart but nothing beyond that
and then the bigger mouse, It doesn’t seem to want to push it either. Now the little mouse again,
and… It doesn’t seem to be keen
on pushing aside any walls. I kind of regret how much bait
I put in the maze because it just stalls them everywhere too much snack time. Hey, get out of here
this maze is occupied. I guess inherently
they’re just very careful which might explain how they
managed to get the bait out of a trap so many times without setting it off. But the shrew is much less careful. And the mouse is back
but again not moving anything. But what I realized is the mice
and the Shrew both had no difficulty getting past blocks that partially
obstructed the passage ways So, realistically passageways
don’t need to be nearly as wide as I’ve got them here. It’s also quite clear that the shrew
is quite the bull in a china shop compared to the mouse With the amazing agility
of my test subjects, I decided to make a maze
with much finer detail so that hopefully they’d finally
get lost in there. I ran a wire through the maze to help me
track which way to get through it. And the first one in
is once again the shrew. who is little bit tight in there
but doesn’t seem to have difficulty getting around it too much and is
losing no time exploring that maze Ta da.
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. This is playing back at about
12 times actual speed but still that shrew is able to
get through there amazingly fast. And that shrew just kept going back and forth he just totally owned that maze. It might be politically correct to
call him a he but I’ll just assume he’s a he. Okay, now it’s the mouse’s turn. What, that’s it?
Come on, try a little harder. And here comes the shrew again who
by now is just an old hand at this maze. Come on little mouse, you can do it.
Ahhh. So I’m changing the maze
so the proper path is actually where the most kept checking
not where the Shrew always goes and I’m also gonna
make it a little bit tighter so that hopefully the Shrew will get stuck. Whoa, I didn’t expect it to
make it through that gap. I guess I didn’t make
that maze nearly tight enough. This was a narrowest gap
I had the shrew go through last time I still have this gap but I closed it off and I made a lot of other narrow gaps all through the maze
just to make it more fun and I’ve also made the path a bit longer like it has to snake around here now,
so let’s see what happens next. Well it seems those tight spots are not enough to deter that shrew cause it makes it through all of them
it sure is determined. Oh, it’s stuck on the final gap
so near and yet so far. To all the PETA and SJW folks out there
I should point out that the actions of the Shrew
are fairly voluntary I’m not to making it do anything. And once again it turned around. Wow, it’s finally made it through. Now most of these clips have been
playing much faster than real life, but this clip is showing actual speed It takes about 30 seconds
to go through the maze and considering all the contortions
that’s actually amazingly fast.
It takes about 30 seconds
to go through the maze and considering all the contortions
that’s actually amazingly fast. And here’s the little mouse again.
Come on. But the shrew just keeps
plugging away at it back and forth and back and forth. Come on mouse,
you can do it.

100 thoughts on “Bigger, tighter mouse maze experiments”

  1. Mice actually have something called muscle memory so they can remember patterns suck as maxes and routes so much faster with out thinking, like you driving to the same store for a year, you know for example turn left, right then left, or walking your dog, they have this at a extremely higher pace, they would pick up with just one time.

  2. It's your light-source. You have it coming from the direction that the entrance and exit is at. I believe that is how they are figuring out the maze so quickly. Try having four light-sources on each face of the maze.

  3. Random fact: I dissected an owl pellet that had 5 shrew skulls and must of their other bones, so basically this owl ate an entire family at once

  4. You have to wonder just how big the maze would have to be for the mice to not be able to remember the correct turns…. Or do they smell their scent… I understand the drip urine all the time

  5. rodents lay a trail of scent down on the path — they follow that. that is how they find their way out of places; they just trace their own scent backwards. some shrews live in mazes underground right? plus they maybe have a better sense of smell. I think the advantage that the shrew has over the rodent is their sense of echolocation. they can find the openings a lot faster because of that. i think the mouse did not want to continue because they are so careful. he did not want to get stuck. he will use his whiskers to measure, and i think he decided that "nope, too tight. too dangerous." rodents are curious, but won't take uncalculated risks. shrews eat 2X their weight per day. shrew is going to try and get that food no matter what.

  6. "the actions of this shrew are completely voluntary. im not making it do anything". lmfao.. omg im literally laughing out loud at that. lmao..

  7. Interesting that the author talks about reducing view numbers, and say therefore next mouse videos is not a priority… yet this and other mouse videos appear to be his best viewed, and he continues to make non mouse maze videos.

    Weird – but this is one of best videos of mice (and voles) in mazes

  8. Make a cubic maze
    Like a maze on top of a maze with stairs between them and the floor is made out of glass/transparent plastic

  9. We need it bigger… Tighter… And more complex…

    I'm looking forward to that day.

    I really want a mouse to get stuck in that maze for about an hour.

  10. You should put another glass layer on top with small stairs so that the mice discover the maze from above to see if they can learn it that way.

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