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Blind Rescue Dog Feels Sand for the First Time | The Dodo Destination: Firsts

Blind Rescue Dog Feels Sand for the First Time | The Dodo Destination: Firsts

Pudding was a rescue. Her previous owners had the
animal control call them in for a dog that the
neighbors had noticed look like it was really sick. By the time that they had
gotten Pudding situated, her eyes had
essentially rotted out. My first semester of grad
school was hard for me. I was feeling really alone
and kind of depressed. And having Pudding
there with me has just really impacted my life. He just opened his
heart, and took her in. And I honestly think– I know she made his life better. So today, me, and my mom,
and Angelica, my best friend, we’re all going to take
Pudding to the sand dunes. And I am so pumped. I think it’s going to be such a
sensory overload that she’s not going to know what to do. Come here. Let’s go. So this is her first road
trip, her first vacation, her first feeling sand. She’s never been to the beach. Baby’s first vacation. Aw. You know, in her
day-to-day life, it’s not really a
big thing at all. She is still a dog, and she
still enjoys dog things. So we just try to treat
her just like a normal dog. We’re here. Welcome to White Sands. Thank you. Please read the
safety information. Your receipt is good
for six days, OK? Pudding, I’m so excited for you. You’re going to
have so much fun. Let’s go. There’s literally
mountains of sand. The sand was like nothing
like I felt before. It was lighter than sand,
a lot more fine than sand. It’s very cool and very soft. I think she really liked
the texture because she does a lot with feel. You are so– look
how far she’s dug. She’s covered in sand. She’s a very independent
dog, but she’s just loves us so much. And she shows it. Nothing slows her down. It’s amazing to me to see how
much love for life she has. She just lives life to
the full all the time.

40 thoughts on “Blind Rescue Dog Feels Sand for the First Time | The Dodo Destination: Firsts”

  1. Shes beautiful she loves the sand I'm so happy for her she loves you guys so much and I know you all love her just as much

  2. This video has touch my ❤. Such a beautiful bond👨💞🐕. Dodo thank you for making my night 😊❤. Blessings to the family 💞

  3. She is so beautiful. Her gorgeous, little upturned nose is so adorable. Bless her wonderful humans for giving her a great life. All animals deserve a long, happy life. I love them all. Xxx

  4. I'm glad your there for her, she makes me cry but I know I shouldn't. ..I'm thankful she has a great Dad and loving family..

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  6. That's a really nice & kind young man plus he has a great friend. AND his dog is super cool. I'm sure his Mom is so proud of him.

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