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Braving the Tides for Goose Barnacles on Spain’s Rocky Coast

Braving the Tides for Goose Barnacles on Spain’s Rocky Coast

(dramatic music) (waves crashing) – [Narrator] The Galician coast
line in Northern Spain is home to one of the most expensive
delicacies in the world. Percebes, or goose barnacles,
grow on the sides of rocks in the treacherous waters
of the Atlantic ocean. Barnacle hunting has long
been considered a man’s job but in Baiona, a town along the
coast where hundreds of families make a living off the ocean, some of the best barnacle
hunters or percebeiros are women. – [Narrator] Percebes hunting
is not for the faint of heart. Every year there are hundreds
of accidents along the coast, but, for the González sisters,
the risk is worth it. – [Narrator] Part of Xosé’s
job is to keep watch over the percebeiros while they are working. There have been numerous
fatal accidents in Baiona over the past decade but
Xosé has been able to save the lives of 10 percebeiros. – [Narrator] Three years ago,
Belén González had a career ending accident when she
slipped on a patch of seaweed and fell into the rocks. And recently, Lala, the youngest,
was forced to take a leave from the sea after going
through cancer treatments. So for now, it’s just Susana
and Isabel who hunt together keeping the family tradition alive. – [Narrator] To keep the
number of percebes at a healthy level and to prevent over-
fishing, quotas have been imposed on the hunters. – [Narrator] The sisters
sell their haul at a seafood auction that takes place at
Baiona fish market every day. – [Narrator] These market
auctions have become a hot spot for local chefs and restaurateurs like Bernardo Alvarez Miniño
who frequents the market every week looking for perfect percebes. – [Narrator] Despite the
risks that come with their profession, the González sisters take pride in carrying on their family’s tradition and commitment to working with the sea. (dramatic music)

50 thoughts on “Braving the Tides for Goose Barnacles on Spain’s Rocky Coast”

  1. I really enjoyed this video. It is heart warming to see these women working such an intriguing job that isn't the safest, but seems to bring happiness and enjoyment to them.

    Not to mention it's done by the sea. So alluring and beautiful.

  2. you guys are KILLING IT lately! please keep documenting more amazing stories and congrats on the 1 million subs!

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  4. This reminds me of the Haenyeo, female divers in korea. I think great big story did a video on them too.

  5. Wow grats on 1 million I remember when I first subscribed and thought this channel will be for a short population but look how nuch its grown!

  6. Can they wear lifejackets while barnacle hunting?

    Also, saying that the average per kilo is $90, and they bring in 3 kilos a day, they would make $27,000 a month!!!

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  8. How do you guys find these amazing people and their stories? Like mikey's ice cream, the accordion player and the sisters of sea. Their stories are amazingly brilliant and you learn more about the world and other people's lives.

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