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Bull Red Fishing with Popping Corks on the Neuse River North Carolina

Bull Red Fishing with Popping Corks on the Neuse River North Carolina

Come on fish. There is a fish.>>Yes sir. What’s he doing? What the heck
is it? It’s a sail cat He’s fixing to wake up No he aint a baby that aint no baby look
at that pig Great Day! Let’s go thenPogey just flipped right there.That sun is gonna come out they might
come up and get going>>Mike what are they in here doing now, they’re
doing their spawn?>>Well they are suppose to spawn on the full
moon and that is gonna be tonight so… It looked pretty full to me last night so it
could have been last night>>It was the last super moon of the year was
what they said. Well welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing, we are fishing We are
fishing way north of my home town, we are in North Carolina and we got Captain Mike
Lundy with us. This is the home of the largest redfish in the world. This is where the world
record comes from so we are going to try to show you one of these big fifty pounders that
old Mike has been on this past week. We are using the poppys today, new little technique
I’ve never used the airhead underneath the poppy but we are going to see if it works,
hopefully a big fifty pound redfish There’s a fish>>Yes sir>>That would be a redfish there>>Let me cast
back out there that would be a redfish right there brother. I think it’s a good one too,
that or its a great big old sail cat.>>A sail cat? There you go.>>He didn’t even explode on it that hard>>No
he didn’t I think he just sucked it right down Come on, come on. Oh yeah that’s a good
one right there.>>Good. I wanted a double>>He ain’t happy about it I know that.>>I’ll put this away so I can help you.>>Oh, I’d like for him to wake up and turn
into one of them fifty pounders>>Yeah>>He’s not fighting like he is all that big
though. Ohh ho>>What’s he doing?>>What the heck is it?>>It’s a sail cat.>>It’s not a sail cat.>>It’s a red It’s just a baby.>>He’s fixing to wake up.>>No he ain’t a baby that ain’t no baby, look
at that pig.>>That ain’t no baby. Great day! That’s what
you call a grown one right there.>>Son!>>He’s fixing to wake up I think.>>He’s mad now.>>There you go, into the wind. That’s one
like we get in the Indian River I want one like we don’t get in the Indian River. Look
at the spots on that thing.>>I believe this one has spawned out>>You got him?>>Yeah I got him.>>Lay him up here, right up here on the deck.
It’s still damp from the rain so we are alright.>>Look at the spots.>>That is a beautiful fish. How is that for
a North Carolina redfish? In Pamlico Sound. It’s September right now and they are doing
their spawn and this one looks to be…>>Spawned out.>>All spawned out so I’m gonna get her back
into the water, ugh long as I don’t go with her. You know one thing with these fish just
like in the Indian River where I’m from, they will get lactic acid build up in here. A lot
of times people want to go back and fourth like this with them but, if you get them in
a swimming motion and just keep that lactic acid from building up, they wont cramp up.
A lot of times they will go right to the bottom and turn belly up. Come on baby One more time
for you guys out there. Carry on. Off she goes, that’s the way you like to see them
swim off huh?>>Absolutely, that was awesome>>Not quite the fifty pounder we are looking
for but you know we are here in the Pamlico Sound where they live And I’ve heard many
stories about this place when I was guiding back on the Indian River there are some true
Mogans that live right here in North Carolina. Y’all stay tuned, we are gonna be right back
with Captain Mike Lundy. Right here in a beautiful sound. [play it]Addictive Fishing is brought
to you by, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Every season starts at Dick’s. Skeeter Boats. Eat, sleep,
fish. Minn Kota. Anywhere, anytime. Humminbird. Simply, clearly, better. And by, Trokar. The
world’s sharpest fish hook.Well this is what, this is the mouth
of the Neuse right here?Yeah this is the mouth of the Neuse
River. This is the Pamlico Sound, the intracoastal waterway runs down from Adam’ Creek to wherever
in the world it goes>>Just way north, it’s a big big sound. Now
I was doing some reading about the Neuse River and they said that it’s the largest river
mouth that dumps into the saltwater in the United States. It’s two million years old,
it was named after the Neusiok Indians that use to be here back in 1585 something like
that.>>yeah.>>So it’s been here a long time, it’s a neat
place. I think what we ought to do right here, just to give it a shot, I’m gonna put that
DOA out and just drag it out the back and see what happens.>>Yeah, I think that would
be a good thing.>>No oysters? What the shrimpers have taken
care of that?>>Yeah there are no oysters, I promise you.>>It’s showing a bunch of bait down there.
The Humminbird be lit up. Said you so fine that I really want to make
you mine. [drag screaming] Oh oh the one on the back,
the one on the back, it worked Here reel that Ok, I’ll get it. Oh, ha ha ha. Oh man. You think I need to get in the trolling
motor and chase him down?>>Nah not yet.>>You got enough line? Great day, there he
goes.>>We didn’t know if we were going to get on
the poppys or not so I just said hey throw one of those DOA Swimming Mullet out the back
and lets just drag it we were going through a bunch of bait that was showing up on the
Humminbird, so I decided to just to put one out the back and drag it along and… Look
what happened! Woo, that’s a biggan there brother, and it’s
a mad one.>>Yes sir.>>You know I think on the next drift or after
we land this one we will put two DOA Mullet out there. Come on baby. Look at that golden
fish.>>Oh that’s nice!>>That’s the Mogan we are looking for Ohh,
come on baby. Ohh, come on baby. Oh beautiful fish. Beautiful fish.>>Want me to get him?>>You can grab him, go ahead. Gah he’s just
fat! Nice! Let me try to get that DOA out. He was hooked perfect with that. There we
go. DOA Swimming Mullet, works everywhere I’ve ever been.>>Oh he crunched my thrumb. He got me good
didn’t he.>>That is a true Mogan there brother.>>That’s beautiful. That is beautiful!>>Nice fish. Tell you what, lets see how long
he is here. I did this with a Snook the other day and the Snook was 48 inches. This one
is about the same as that so that’s about a 48 inch redfish. That is a nice one.>>He was mad.>>Oh yeah he was a lot thicker than that other
one, that other one was just skinny. And off she goes. Well that’s one way to do it huh.>>Yes sir, now that’s amazing.>>We are going to get re rigged, and hopefully
catch ya another redfish right here in the beautiful Pamlico Sound with Mike Lundy. Y’all
stay tuned, we’ll be right back.I figured after they spawned they ought
to really be hungry you know?After I’m spawning all night, I usually
like to eat good in the mornings. Sun finally popped out well welcome back folks the sun
is coming out, we got some beautiful weather coming up so hopefully it’s gonna bring these
redfish and all this bait up It definitely gets pretty here when the sun comes out.>>Yes it does.>>What’s the best time to get up in here and
get these guys?>>Well you can count on the middle of August
into September. Right now is the second week of September and it’s on pretty good.>>I’d say it is, they’re here. They are definitely
here.>>And you know, they spawn. This is the time
of year they spawn, they get up on the full moon spawn and that’s what’s going on right
now. You know, it’s pretty good.>>Back when I was guiding, I use to have a
lot of clients that would come down from North Carolina the Pamlico Sound here, and they
like doing the redfish down there on the Indian River cause it’s almost the same size fish.
But it’s crystal clear water there where you are catching them.>>Yeah this water is a little a little brown.
You know, a lot of rivers dumping into the Pamlico Sound makes it rich These fish are
exciting to catch when you cant see them coming.>>That’s for sure. There we go boys! Right
there next to the boat brother! When’s he gonna take off?>>Yeah baby! Yeah!>>That’s what we are looking for huh?>>That’s what we were looking for!>>Right there next to the boat.>>Woo baby! GO!>>Let’s see if he’s got one following him
there.>>Go! Go honey, go! Hot dog! What a biggan.>>I think the Indian River is the only other
place I’ve ever had to chase a redfish. I wont hook you.>>Oh look at that back, look at that back.>>I saw him.>>No he ain’t got a buddy with him.>>Oh he’s mad! Doggone.>>I said no matter I catch a redfish, I always
love them because they pull.>>Boy, don’t they?>>Oh yeah.>>Oh yeah that’s pretty.>>That’s a beautiful fish. They get in this
tannic water and get stained up like an Easter egg.>>Here he comes.>>Oh yeah. I bet that one has spawned out
too, she didn’t do too much of a run did she?>>She did a pretty good run. Look at that
fat belly.>>Beautiful fish, there we go, come here baby.
There you go.>>Woo, hot dog.>>Mikey got him one on camera now.>>That’s a pretty fish.>>That is a pretty one, not many spots.>>Listen to her.>>A little slack. Once again, the Airhead.
Switched up to the black and gold because the bluefish have ate all the white and red
ones. But uh, there’s ya a fat little redfish. Beautiful. From the Pamlico Sound. You know
what, I think we got time for maybe one more.>>Well let’s get it done.>>Listen to that fish go. Listen to her. That’s
a pretty spot.>>Yeah it is. Check this spot out. Nice pretty
fish, you know what I’ve noticed about these fish here is they don’t have any parasites
on them. All those fish in the Indian River they have that sea lice stuff on them. Especially
when they get up about that size. Gah that’s a pretty fish.>>Man that’s beautiful.>>And what’s the size
limits here in North Carolina?>>18 to 27, I get them mixed up because I
go from state to state, so I get them mixed up>>18 to 27, you are allowed to keep one?>>One fish per person.>>That’s the same limits Florida has>>I don’t think folks realize what we have
here.>>Well, I think it’s about ready Mike.>>Yeah, let her go.>>Get on.>>There she goes, oh that’s beautiful, that
is absolutely beautiful.>>Good job brother!>>Thank you man, thank you.>>Well what we did, we were offshore a little
ways and we saw some birds in here working, and not seeing anything out there work, so
we came where the life was and sure enough there was a redfish. Well uh, what do you
say we get rigged back up and do it again?>>Yes sir, lets go.>>I think we got time for one more fish. Y’all
stay tuned, we are going to be right back with some more Addictive Fishing, Mike Lundy,
right here in the Pamlico Sound. We’ll be right back.Addictive fishing is brought
to you by Starbrite. The world wide leader in marine automotive and rv care products.
Wright and McGill. Never compromise. Engel. The original high performance cooler company.
DOA lures. The unfair advantage. And by… Seaguar. Trust Seaguar when everything is
on the line.What can I say, I’ve known Mike Lundy
now for quite a few years. He was the Weighmaster on the FLW tour when we won the championship
and just throughout the whole FLW tournament series and he always kept trying to get me
to come up to Pamlico Sound up there where those big fish live and catch them. He finally
said hey Blair I got a new way to catch these fish, you got to come up with me now. The
key factor to catch these fish, up there, as y’all are seeing, we are popping the heck
out of these DOA deadly combos. And what it is it’s weighted perfect and when you pop
it through the water it makes a sound like another fish hitting. And when they see a
soft plastic hanging underneath it, whether it be something like this DOA Baitbuster or
we were using Airheads at the time, they eat it. But that was the big factor in us catching
the fish that day. Other than we kind of got lucky it was rough out there that morning
and I said hey, it’s rough enough, let’s put a DOA Swimming Mullet out the back and just
you know, up on top of the T-top up there we got those rod holders and it was just popping
it off the bottom just perfect with how rough it was. And sure enough it produced a fish.
Like I said if you ever get a chance to go to Pamlico Sound, awesome place to catch redfish.
But remember one thing though, Every season starts right here at Dick’s.Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.Poppy, poppy. I got many many reasons
why I like using these guys. Cause they work about everywhere you throw them.Yes
they do. I got to get me another one tied on, that one destroyed it.>>Let’s see if I can reach out and touch one
here. How do you like them Lazer Sharps?>>That one is a 5/0 swim bait hook Lazer Sharp
makes.>>It lays in here really pretty, makes the
bait swim pretty.>>Pretty enough to catch a redfish. There’s
a fish right there. Mercy! How about that brother!>>I was getting baited up from the last one
that was what, thirty seconds now?>>I told you I said all we needed was one
more.>>Great day!>>I think this is a good fish. They’re all
good but some are just better than the others. he’s coming right to us.>>Man, he’s burning it up. Nose into the wind
ain’t he.>>Yeah, he’s coming right into us.>>There he goes!>>Oh that head shake, I just saw him three
feet down so you know he’s a good one. [drag screaming]>>Music baby music. [heavy breathing] Well I think I’m gonna be
thankful I got the eight footer on this one. The only other time I use the eight footer
is usually when I’m out doing the flounder in 72 foot of water off Canaveral.>>yeah, it’s always nice to have it right
now isn’t it?>>It sure is nice to have it right now.>>I saw him when he went by the boat. He took
off a bit that way then ran that way, he had to get it right out from under the trolling
motor.>>Right into the wind didn’t he? It is so
weird. We are working popping corks in fifteen feet of water. Something I have never done
before.>>Oh look at him look at him. Oh boy he’s
thick!>>That’s a grown one.>>That’s a dang good one right there, that’s
a good one. Look how red he is.>>Nice fish!>>Oh man!>>That’s a grown one.>>That’s the one we’ve been looking for there
Blair. Look at that, that’s beautiful.>>Well it has turned out to be one beautiful
day here. on the Pamlico Sound and I’ll tell you what brother, they dont get much better
than that anywhere in the world right there>>I’ll tell ya, that’s beautiful>>Not much better than that anywhere, look
at the size of that fish. Woo hoo!>>Boy he ate it too didn’t he?>>Yeah he did. Here you go, I’ll grab him.
Let me grab that fish. Ugh, yeah.>>Oh, ho>>That is a big fish. That classifies as a
true Mogan there.>>That is definitely a Mogan. Gah he had my
whole hand in his mouth. Mmm, what do you think? That’s a good forty-eight inch fish.
Wouldn’t you say?>>Absolutely, at least.>>Gah, look at his whole body shake when he
drums. Ok he ain’t gonna drum.>>That’s a deep drum sound too isn’t it?>>I think we’ll get him back in the water
here. Woo!>>Boy it never ceases to amaze me, look at
that! That’s awesome!>>I love redfish, absolutely love them. I
got about two hundred thousand reasons why I like these guys.>>Look at him go, oh ho ho ho.>>That was a pretty one Mike.>>That was beautiful.
Boy that was quick.>>Dude, I appreciate you inviting me down
here to come and do this, or up here from Florida.>>I’ll take you anytime.>>Absolutely incredible fishery that y’all
got here in North Carolina. And if y’all do get around to banning the nets, it’s going
to explode. Absolutely explode. If y’all ever get a chance to come down here, simple simple
redfish fishing. All we are doing is using the deadly combo from DOA putting an Airhead
underneath it, we are in fifteen feet of water and you can see we got about forty inches
of fluorocarbon the good Seaguar fluorocarbon it’s sixty pound test, the water is a little
bit dirty and just using the Airhead underneath it. Pop,pop, pop that’s all we are doing.
…but uh, I have had a blast.>>I’ll tell you what.>>Who would you recommend
coming up here and if they wanted to get a guide to come up here and do this?>>Friend of mine, Captain Dave Stewart he
knows everything about this place.>>Oh and he’s Mr. DOA here too isn’t he?>>Yes sir. He is all DOA. So he knows how
to do it and he knows how to put folks on>>If y’all come here and catch these giant
redfish if you want to. Also want to say thanks to the guys there at Oriental Marina and Inn.
Tom and Joe. Great place to stay, they got boat slips there, the Skeeter fit in there
great, and heck we were on the water like that this morning.>>Absolutely,plugged the battery chargers
up right there at the dock.>>Killer place. Don’t forget about the website
Addictive Fishing dot com and we’ll see you next week.I said I was
walking down the street.Check out more footage from this show
by logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for out takes and bloopers.>>Look it’s a blonde Airhead, imagine that.>>There’s ya a fat little red fish. Also,
want to say thanks to Tom and who?Eating a tuna fish sammich.>>Appreciate it!>>Thank you thank you very

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