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Butchy Boy the Goose Is Rescued!

Butchy Boy the Goose Is Rescued!

[Music Playing]
[Misty] It�s really amazing when they see the big
white van pull up, they see us and they know it�s going to be a good day. I work for
PETA�s community animal project, we reach out to of South Eastern Virginia and North
Eastern Carolina. [Talking to the dog] Would you like one too?
[Misty] We provide dog houses.
They�re going to get totally tangled up if we don�t move them.
We replace heavy chains for chained dogs that are forced to live outside, we replace those
with lightweight cables. Now that�s its warm, you don�t want to
use straw because it retains heat. We assist them with spay and neuter, that�s
so we can cut down on the over population of the shelters full of dogs. We provide veterinary
care at free and low costs. [Misty to owner]
Is he eating and drinking ok? [Owner]
Yes [Misty]
Ok. I have some for little man and I�ll put
some on itchy too. Can I come in there buddy?
I�m going to get him a new water container. I mean his cough is getting bad too and the
heart worms so� [Man]
You think he has heart worms? [Misty]
Yeah, I have no doubt� no doubt. Itchy is the only one I didn�t know as a
puppy. [Man]
Right [Misty] But I�ve grown pretty attached to
him myself [laughs] [Music Playing]

42 thoughts on “Butchy Boy the Goose Is Rescued!”

  1. hello,i love the fact that you take care of animals.
    How can i be a member of Peta?
    i want to be a volunteer.
    I am and i live in Greece thought.

  2. Thankyou so much Peta for doing these wonderful things, I would love to get involved but I live in Newcastle in England are there any of these projects where I live?

  3. Awww he's soo cute! I wish I rescued a Goose. Animal Rescue has to be the #1 real heroes of this country.

  4. I saw a helpless pigeon stuck in a pit and I learned it had a dislocated wing. I rescued it from that hell hole and brought it home. I called someone to take care of him/her.

    It's so easy to call them rats with wings, but when you see a helpless one, if you truly have a heart, all you can do is feel sorry for it and try to help it.

  5. I agree w/Jimmy Jeen if U could get this on TV like cops, & B able 2 name & shame these farms, that treat their animals inhumanely,even if U can't get folks 2 go vegan, @ least Pressure would B put on farms 2 B humane, till death, would B something, back 2 living in fields.

  6. First I was watching a vid and I found an advertisement and I found out how cruel it is so I quickly posted it on Facebook I'm glad to be supporting you

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