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Castor and Pollux – Random Space Fact 27

Castor and Pollux – Random Space Fact 27

We are here at the Roman forum, and as you can see in the distance those three columns are the ruins of a temple to the twins Castor and Pollux. Even farther in the distance, are the stars, Castor and Pollux the twin stars of Gemini named after this Castor and Pollux. And even farther off maybe, perhaps, just possibly, in another dimension is my evil twin Ecurb. I am Ecurb hahahahaha. Join me next time for another episode of Orderly Space Myth Mwah hahahahahahahahaha Orderly Space Myth

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  1. RSF 27 – Castor and Pollux… and Ecurb
    Meanwhile, back in Rome, twins are the subject of temples and constellations far off in the distant night sky.

    Starring Dr. Bruce Betts | Video by Merc Boyan | Music by Jim McKeever
    Watch more RSF episodes at

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