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Castor-Test 3: Gasexplosion

Castor-Test 3: Gasexplosion

Gas explosion next to CASTOR-Container
Berlin 1999 This is the test site of the Federal Office for Materials Research and Testing in Horstwalde, south of Berlin A CASTOR container weighing 22 tons is supposed to be exposed to the direct explosion of a LPG tank wagon. The tank car is partially filled with about five tons of propane Next to it, with the lid side to the tank car, the CASTOR container stands over another fire pan As a fuel, heating oil is being filled into the tubs The experiment is being started by remote ignition After about two minutes, the first pressure increase in the tank car has been recorded About 20 minutes after the start of the test, the pressure has reached 363 psi The liquid gas evaporates abruptly and burns in a fireball of a hundred meters in diameter Parts of the tank car are within a radius of up to 200 meters The CASTOR container overturned and drilled into the ground after seven meters But … The Castor container has remained tightly closed and sealed. No damages.

94 thoughts on “Castor-Test 3: Gasexplosion”

  1. No entendí nada en el idioma pero por lo que entiendo de lo que se realizó fue una prueba fallida lo bueno es que no paso a mallores 🐗

  2. I don't speak nor understand your language, but Ka-BOOM translates very well. Kaput, that i understand.
    Heres one "Oops". See? Building community.

  3. The test is so thurough, the guys at 0:39 are actually in that wagon, so they can experience the explosion first hand.

  4. Wait , wait , wait , wait , wait , WTF !!! Were those fools inside that stupid round metal container waiting to see is if they would be harmed by the explosion ????? WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS !!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💥💥💥🐒😅😅😅
    AND NOW THERE IN THE SHADOW REALM , perfect and successful test there gents . LoL

  5. Kinda dumb to think a propane car would magically appear in the middle of a forest then blow up. Relax I am being deliberately obtuse ( for a change).

  6. The explosion was actually just pressure build up of heat.. The propane just made a dosy fireball afterward

  7. А я переживаю! Вырезать ли катализатор или нет! Вот кто атмосферу то загрезняет! Черти бл…!

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