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CHRISTIAN KIDS VIDEOS,Full kids videos, SELFISHNESS,Christian kids BIBLE stories,Selfishness.

CHRISTIAN KIDS VIDEOS,Full kids videos, SELFISHNESS,Christian kids BIBLE stories,Selfishness.

lalalala lalalala wake up wake up wake
up Mr Bon- Hovis! goodness me early bird what time is it?
look at your watch Mr Bon-hovis, what does it say? well would you look at that,
it says it’s a brand-new day! hey everybody Fabo Stickle-abo to see
you glad you came back you know where the good stuff is you know what I mean
well we’ve been busy since you lot were last here haven’t we a what we’ve been
up to guys? learning the art of sweet making! not candy… no sweets as in desserts
pastry that sort of thing. yeah it’s been fun hasn’t it
and there’s been high demand word has got around boys and girls that jovis
bon- Hovis and the creation crew are baking to a very high standard isn’t
that right guys – too right! even if you do say so yourself!
oh yeah well thanks woody I think ok phones ringing I wonder who that could
be hello hello mrs. bosanti-crayco, it’s mrs bosanti-crayco everybody yeah what can I do for you yes… oh so you mean…. what we’re….
ready this afternoon… yes extra special topping… whipped cream…
so thank …what was…. it… and I could yep see…well…and there’s…okay bye mrs. bosanti-crayco! Phew!
she can talk can’t she? yeah yeah she can monkey yeah you know from what I gather
she’s asked me if I can make her a chocolate cream sponge cake. Oh lovely
word’s getting around eh? when does she want it for? oh just this afternoon.
this afternoon?! yeah this afternoon! Aargh! Aargh! Aargh! Aargh!
I’d better put the proverbial ‘Wiggle’ on it! then it’s gonna be gorgeous…that’s not right either!
ah ah now we’re talking oh it’s gonna be gorgeous okay hmm a little taste…yuck! Ooh I’m an artist. just get this down here… look at this it’s gonna be gorgeous and
now la piece de resistance squirty cream and sprinkles here we go more ahh what do you reckon
I reckon more we didn’t get our reputation for luxury by skimping…MORE! look at that
oh he’s delicious he’s absolutely gorgeous it’s wonderful I can’t believe
we’ve made such a masterpiece, la la la, la de da… beautiful you know what? that looks Jolly lovely
doesn’t it? be strong mr. bon-hovis! I can’t resist I’m gonna have to… jovis
no… it’s just too gorgeous om nom nom! I’m sorry I couldn’t resist I must have
it all for me! mr. Bon- Hovis what were you thinking! hey hang on a minute I
nearly forgot it’s time to go and see what Betty Bella and Flossie you’re up
to let’s go and have a look shall we? through the window today we’re going to run-up a sweet shop! we are making the sign for our sweet
shop we all love painting it is very fun! my favorite color is purple we are going to get nice and messy with
the paint! spot spot spots our sweet shop’s almost ready! that’s my sister Bella she’s going to be
the shop lady first! I like the red circle ones! I am paying for the sweets now it’s Flossie’s turn! now it is my turn to be the shopkeeper Bella gets to eat some sweets now in goes the money Ooh! Dropped some! lots lots of pennies bye-bye oh it was
so nice to see those girls playing together so nicely like that wasn’t it I
love to see people sharing like that don’t you? they’re so thoughtful and
generous and giving just like me! oh yeah right! you’re will mixed-up you are!
I think you need some help sometimes mr. bon-hovis! Oh, thanks monkey! help with the
dishes you mean? you can finish off those for me then! Eh? what?! oh! and now we’re going
to make a jovis. cake now whatever you do don’t try this at home
this requires immense skill years of practice and a very adult outlook on
life. Eh? What! Ha ha ha! (phone rings) Hello? Oh! Mrs. bosanti-crayco! Yes, ooh, erm, oh. Your cake. yes well I’m afraid… yes… well I ate it.
hmm well I just couldn’t resist you see because it was far too delicious and
creamy …yes… the children… the fete… yes…but…see…the…Ok bye mrs bosanti-crayco. I take it mrs bosanti-crayco
wasn’t too impressed? I don’t know what she’s got to be so upset about I did it
for her for free! did what? made a cake and then ate it yourself? uh yeah…
Mr bon-hovis? what do you want bookie worm? you don’t want anything of
mine do you? I haven’t got anything. you want you can’t have it it’s mine it’s
all mine don’t touch my stuff what on earth? what a bizarre rant
Jovis! I haven’t come to take anything from you
in fact it’s time for today’s story and I have selected just the right book for
you. ahem, I mean, for the children at home. right oh yeah what’s this then is it
down here? nothing about cake I hope. thanks bookie see you later mate
what have we got? Oh piggy tubster and the party of the century
huh the party of the century Wow! there was a problem with piggy tubster. piggy tubster was a rocket ship captain and he worked at a place
called the intergalactic ministry for masses of fun in space! they called it immofis for short and because it sounded quite cool. the best place to work in the
universe was in a fest as this was the place where fun was made! if there was a
Fabo firework display the intergalactic ministry for masses of fun in space were
the ones who made sure it went off with a bang! the new round the Sun and back again
rollercoaster: immofis designed it and they built it just for a giggle! picnics
on the moon? immofis organized it all and sent out the invites you see
everyone at immofis just worked together for one thing: to make sure there was
plenty of fun in the galaxy every one but one that is! this was the
problem with piggy tubster. Piggy tubster wanted all the fun for himself. one
day the grand chancellor of great giggles announced to all the little
piggies that a shipment of multicolored hyper joy boxes would soon be arriving
at platform three piggy tubster thought to himself if I get there first and
unload the shipment I could have all the joy boxes for myself then I’d be the
happiest pig in the galaxy! monkey that’s what he did! when the grand
chancellor found out that all the joy boxes were missing he was in despair!
those little packets of wacky fun were going to all the piglets at cracklings
orphanage they’d be so disappointed and so sad! they were supposed to be
celebrating happy day! when the word got out there was an uproar I can tell you
nobody could quite believe that anyone would do such a thing, and so every
little piggy in the ministry began searching high and low behind every tree
in every Locker under every bed and in every garden shed of course they found
him. piggy tubster was there in his lounge
surrounded by tons of wrapping paper and little half-used happy packs all over
his floor. he looked so frightened and sorry and miserable and certainly not
like the happiest pig in the galaxy piggy tubster had to replace all the
wacky joy fun and carefully pack it all back into the hyper joy boxes and wrap
them all up again. then he had to scrub dishes at the orphanage for six whole
months to make up for what he did but piggy tubster wasn’t all bad.
he understood that he’d done a rotten thing and he certainly learned that he
didn’t have more fun by keeping everything to himself! so you can imagine
how delighted he was when his invitation came… oh yes, his invitation to the party
of the century! biggie tubster was so excited this
was his chance to show everybody how sorry he wasn’t how he changed when the
night of the party of the century finally arrived
piggy tubster waited until everybody was already there having a great time!
they were dancing the wacky hoopla and having awesome fun and just when it was
really kicking in he burst through the doors and shouted out loud and clear: hey
everybody look over here look! they all shouted hey look it’s piggy tubster and
what’s all that he’s got with him? piggy tubster called to them all to settle
down and shouted across the party in his biggest jolliest voice: when I had to
replace all the wacky joy fun and carefully pack it all back into the
hyper joy boxes I got very good at it! I decided there and then that I needed to
show you all how much better it is to share my fun with you!
so look everybody I’ve made happy wacky boom-boom bags for everyone filled with
everything we need for a great party! a huge cheer went up and with that he
emptied a massive bag out for everyone to share in all the hard work he’d done
there was more than enough to go around and everyone had so much fun with what
was inside! there were sparkle wigs, trumpets, silly string everything you can think of
for a great party! but best of all he’d prayed for a great party for everyone
over every single bag! the end. Oh fun story I love it when it all comes
together nicely like that because he chose to be a kind loving person like
me instead of a greedy selfish person very uplifting. it’s funny though bookie
worm often picks a story that relates to me in some way. and it it’s nice that he
hasn’t done that today, there certainly wasn’t anyone in that story who was
anything like me! Mr Bon-hovis can I talk to you please
hello there my sweet little dora mouse what can I do for you
I was wondering Mr Bon-hovis was there anything in that story that you
could relate to in any way? ah what do you mean Dora? you don’t think that Piggy
Tubster was a little like you? certainly
not that’s a horrible thing to say Dora how could you think such a thing?
well I’ve just had a telephone call from mrs. Bosanti-crayco. she seems to think
she won’t be getting a cake for the fete today, because you wanted to eat it all
for yourself! Oh no… so there will be no cake for the
children this afternoon. Dora it’s true! I’m just like piggy tubster! oh no, what a Rotter I am dora I’ve done it again! right that’s it I need to crack
on! I can’t let those kiddly winkles go without a cake on fete day there’d
be a riot I’ll make another one I’ll make an even
better one yes and I’ll ring mrs. bosanti-crayco and I’ll apologize to her. I’ll I’ll do it right now I tell you what you guys why don’t you have a song
while I whip it up go on yeah you have song time! burp burp! who ate all the cake? you know
the cake that I didn’t help you make moan groan my tummy’s twice the size
groan moan cuz I all the pies! I don’t want to share cuz it’s less for me go
and get your own these are my sweeties if you don’t give me yours
I won’t be a friend don’t people like that just drive you round the bend! burp burp,
who ate all the cake you know the cake that I didn’t help you make! Moan, groan! my
tummy’s twice the size groan moan cuz I ate all the pies oh you can’t touch
these toys these toys are mine those toys are mine and but all the toys are
mine if you don’t give me yours I won’t be a friend! don’t people like that just
drive you round the bend? I don’t want to share cuz it’s less for
me, go and get your own these are my sweeties! if you don’t give me yours I
won’t be your friend! Don’t people like that just drive you round the bend! burp, burp, who
ate all the cake? you know the cake that they didn’t help you make. moan
groan my tummy’s twice the size groan moan cuz I ate all the pies! no you can’t
touch these toys these toys are mine and those toys are mine in fact all the
toys are mine! if you don’t give me yours I won’t be a friend! don’t people like that
just drive you round the bend yes mrs bosan…yeah fresh new cake…ready now…yes…for the fete…kiddies, yeah… well… okay …yeah we… phewee! goodness me!
I’ll take it over to her this afternoon you know it seems to me giving things
away and sharing is such a joy and a pleasure making other people happy makes
us happy. you know we wouldn’t built that way! still don’t believe everything I
tell ya! I can tell you anything I can tell you if you get all your teddy bears
bury them in the back garden and water them with honey you’ll get a teddy bear
tree in the spring with all teddy bears growing on it! sounds great but is it in
the Bible? let’s have a look shall we yes Scripture time get your get your get
your get your Bible out get it out whip Scripture time! let’s
have a look shall we teddy bears here we go planting them in the garden
makes a trea… hmm lovely teddy bears on it… it’s not in here!
what about sharing being important? let’s have a look for that shall we
Luke 3 verses 10 to 12 the people asked John what should we do? well he answered
if you have two shirts share with someone who does not have one if you
have food share that too even even the tax collectors came to John they wanted
to be baptized and they said to him teacher what should we do? well there you
go kids it’s in the Bible and once again I’m a
div! Oh oh dear me I think I want to do
something different now something fun make me feel better hey monkey what is
it? what’s what? what is it monkey, what is it? what’s what what’s what what’s what?
I’ll tell you shall I? I think you’d better! It’s arty crafty time! right well we’re
gonna have some fun today boys and girls I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do we’re
gonna make a balloon belly man just to show you what mr. Bon-Hovis would have
looked like if I carried on eating all that cake. first thing that you’re going
to need is a pen and a piece of paper okay we’re gonna do it nice and quickly
and I want you to draw a person on your piece of paper but with a really long
body watch this keep it nice and simple a long body and then feet sticking out
the bottom like so feet sticking out the bottom like so and then again a really
silly long body and you’ll find out why I’m doing this in a minute. now I want
his arms to be shooting up in the air like he’s terribly surprised hmm
he looks down at his big belly! where’s his big fat belly you might well say?
you’ll see that in a minute okay so I want some long arms sticking out the top
with his fingers all surprised and spread out like that ah same for the
other arm like so and then for his head just draw your favorite style of cartoon
I’m gonna do a big round head like that with some spiky shooting up hair like
he’s really surprised and this is quite important to make it funny I want his
eyes to be looking down. two big eyes and his eyes are looking downwards okay and
then a big wide open surprised mouth like that monkey will you help me out
you just blow this up for me mate I’ve got one here that I cut out earlier
save me a bit of time okay now I’m gonna do something terribly sad to him now I’m
gonna get my big sharp scissors make sure you get an adult to help you with
this yeah and I’m gonna cut the poor fella
right in half like this look! Aargh! now maybe that’s why you look so upset but this is
why he’s got a long body you see this half of his body here is gonna be used
as a tag to stick him onto the balloon so I’m gonna fold him just there and I’m
gonna fold him just there hey monkey have you got that balloon blown up for
me? There you go! that’s fab thank you so you get your balloon tie a knot in it like
this you might need a grown-up to help you with this as well cuz it’s quite
tricky I’ve got the knack okay tie a knot in your balloon it’s all
coming together now I need you to get some sticky tape which I’ve got down
here or make sure your balloon doesn’t escape yeah well pin it down get
yourself a couple of pieces of sticky tape. two should do it nice and long
plenty long enough to go over the back of the tags that you’ve just cut out one
one two two like so. okay now this is Mr Bon-hovis’s big round belly from
when he ate too many cakes! so you put the top of your man on there like this
tape him on. in the bottom of your man on here like this and you tape him
on like so and then get your marker pen and draw him on line down the middle and
a line across there a belt buckle and some buttons
hey how’s yours getting on there monkey okay?
I’m being extremely careful today! and there you have it your own big round Mr Bon-hovis who
ate all mrs. Bosanti-Crayco’s cake! ha ha ha right monkey
are you finished let’s have a look at yours I can’t wait to see it! I made it
just for you Mr Bon-hovis! oh thank you monkey I think I’ve seen enough cake
today to last me a lifetime I wouldn’t care if I never saw another
creamy sponge again, yeugh! well that’s all we’ve got time for today kids don’t
forget to come back again and we’ll see you next time with me jovis Bon-hovis and these guys the creation crew and don’t ever forget Jesus loves you!
bye! you you

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